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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

White Blouses and Basket Bags

Dare we dream that the weather is finally taking a turn for the better? Well, it was nice yesterday so that’s a start. The sun, and the thought of potential summer, got me thinking about lightweight white blouses and basket bags. Yes, I really am that shallow. Now, I’m not actually sure what makes a blouse different to a shirt, I’m guessing maybe not needing to be the standard collar and button-up? Or it is just an old word for a  ‘lady’ version of a shirt? Before the days when we could wear whatever we liked, including manly shirts.

Either way, I’m focussing on some lovely white blouses, mostly loose fitting as I don’t like anything that clings to the mid-section. Really not sure how you get rid of that excess fat on the mid-section. It’s where I put on weight these days. I finally got around to putting new batteries in the scales last week. Big mistake. I knew I’d put on weight but I didn’t think it would be so much. Scales are the devils work, but so, it seems, are eclairs, cakes and the 48 Wispas I bought in Costco last month. I’m in no way going on a crash diet, but I am going to try and walk more, restart the Pilates classes and maybe not eat chunks of Parmesan as a ‘snack’…

The perfect accompaniment to a white blouse in the summer would be a basket bag. Something that is lacking in my wardrobe thus far, unless you count the one I got in Jamaica last year, but that’s currently being used to hold toilet rolls, so I’m thinking I might need another. Let’s take a look at what I’ve found for you this week…


Let’s get this party started with the classic, ‘jeans and a nice top’ combination. I mentioned before, but if you are in the market for a designer pair of jeans always try The Outnet. I think I’ve bought most of my high-end pairs from there and all at a bargain basement price. Watch out for their extra money off days too. This pair from J Brand are currently 50% off. Wear with a cute embroidered blouse from Boden and a classic French Market Style Basket Bag. Can we also take a minute to appreciate these J Crew Liberty Print Sandals too?

1. Boden Kelsey Embroidered Blouse 
2. Next Woven Natural Straw Basket 
3. La Redoute Cropped Utility Jacket 
4. The Outnet J Brand Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans 
5. J Crew Liberty Print Fabric Tie Sandals 


Is it time to start thinking about shorts? It might well be, especially if you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday anytime soon. In my humble opinion M&S do the best shorts. They usually have a good range and make the classic linen pleat front ones I swear by. Get in there quick though as annoyingly they tend to sell out quickly. You’d think they’d know this by now and get more in. I found this Straw bag on Amazon after lusting after the Loewe one but not having the funds to buy. I’ve ordered it, coming live and direct from China, so it’s anyone’s guess what it will look like and when it will actually turn up! I shall keep you posted.

1. Maje Lace Trim Bouse
2. AooPoo Woven Straw Bag with Leather Trim 
3. M&S Pleated Front Linen Shorts
4. H&M Linen Mix Jacket 
5. Next White and Gold Star Lace Up Trainers 
6. Dune Leopard Leather Sandals 


I know, I know, you’re probably like ‘Stop banging on about Dungarees woman, you’re 46, not 9’, but I can’t help it, I still love them. To me, they are the most comfortable thing to wear of a weekend. Recently I bought these pale blue ones from Gap to add to my collection. Limited sizes left online but there were lots in the shop. Usually I size up with dungarees but didn’t need to with these, they are already nice and loose. Adding a ruffle blouse will add a touch of girly to your overalls. I bought these sunglasses last weekend in Harvey Nics, mainly because I liked the brand name. They are by Crap Eyewear. I can assure you they aren’t crap, but much fun to be had by proclaiming ‘Have you seen my crap sunglasses?’.

1. Gap Relaxed Light Denim Dungarees
2. Crap Square Frame Tortoiseshell Sunglasses 
3. H&M Broderie Anglaise Trim Blouse 
4. La Redoute Woven Basket Box Bag 
5. Converse All Star High Tops 


Lightweight Khaki trousers are a summer staple for me. I have a linen pair from Gap that I’ve had for about 10 years and still wear every summer. Mainly I wear with an old denim jacket and sandals. They don’t really do the same ones anymore in Gap , it’s gone all ‘slim-leg’ now, and they just aren’t as nice, but these ones from Top Shop would be my pick if I wanted to upgrade to a newer model of Khakis.

1. M&S Linen Rich Button Up Blouse 
2. Muun Canvas and Straw Woven Bag 
3. Topshop Khaki Casual Mensy Trousers 
4. All Saints Hay Bleach Denim Jacket 
5. Topshop Flora Black Leather Anklet Sandals 


Finally the old classic denim skirt. Denim skirts I find only really work in the summer as they look rubbish when paired with your 80 deniers. You need the bare legs out, ideally with a bit of a tan. As I never really get a bit of a tan, I use Vita Liberata Body Blur to give the illusion of one. I cannot believe I’ve only just discovered this product. It’s like make-up for legs, you rub it on and off you go. It doesn’t transfer on to clothes and it doesn’t come off in the rain. You have to wash it off with soap and a flannel. Unlike fake tan, it’s instant and there’s none of that ‘What colour am I going to wake up with? and how much of it is just going to be clagged around my ankles’. Buy it, you will thank me. I got mine from John Lewis, but it also sells in Boots and various other places.

1. New Look White Broderie Tie Front Blouse 
2. & Other Stories Puka Shell Hoop Earrings 
3. Topshop Blue Split Front Denim Midi Skirt 
4. H&M Small Straw Basket Bag 
5. Arizona Love Bandana Wrapped Sandals 
6. Teva White Universal Original Sandals 

Fingers crossed we get some good weather this week so our basket bags won’t get all soggy in the rain!

K x

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