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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Animal Magic

Now, I’ve written about this before on more than one occasion, but frankly there’s nothing wrong with repetition when it comes to something like Animal Print. I’m going broader this time and not just focussing on my love of leopard, because there’s some new kids in town called Zebra and Snake.

I don’t even know what it is that appeals to me so much about animal print. It’s not like I’ve ever been on a real safari or anything. I did go to nature reserve once in South Africa with Tinie Tempah and Joey from Friends, where we saw Giraffes, Zebras and lots of those skippy hoppy Deer type things. That wasn’t even a dream it is a true fact. It was filming for Top Gear for 6 days about three years ago. We went off-roading to the highest pub in Africa. When I say ‘we’, I mean I was in the ‘Managers’ support car not doing much, but obviously it was business critical that I was there…

I’m not even sure our love of leopard print stems from liking leopards, I think it’s just a print that works on so many levels. It is both trashy and expensive, loud and neutral, fierce and feminine. It’s a very contradictory print indeed, but one fact remains: a leopard never changes its spots. (Sorry I had to get that in there somewhere, but better than talking about Zebra Crossings and Snake Skins).


Let us begin with your trusty leopard print dress. I assume you all have at least one? No? Why not? Ok, I know it’s not for everyone. Prints are just not everyone’s bag. If it’s not for you, possibly stop reading now and go and catch up on Love Island. Although to be fair, if you don’t like leopard print, I can’t imagine you’re going to be into Love Island either. By the way I AM watching. I enjoy seeing semi-naked, young pretty boys and girls trying to get off with each other. I really am that shallow. It is what it is.

1. River Island Crop Denim Jacket 
2. & Other Stories Leopard Print Maxi Kaftan Dress
3. Next Short Leopard Print Drawstring Dress
4. Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Trainers 


If you’re not ready to go fully wild with your animal prints why not ease in gently with a nice shirt or a pair of shoes? I’m very keen on this outfit set, but you could just wear one or the other if you’re not into too much matchy matchy. Leopard print shoes, particularly trainers, add just a little something special to your regular jeans and T Shirt day. Talking of jeans, River Island have come up trumps once again with these high waisted ‘Mom’ Jeans. I ordered them ‘just to see’. They are not going back. I love them. Who’d have thought 3 of my favourite ever pairs of jeans would have come from River Island.

1. Next Short Sleeve Zebra Print Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Snake Print Sheer Shirt 
3. River Island High Waisted Mom Jeans 
4. Golden Goose Superstar Leopard Print Trainers 
5. Next Leather Double Buckle Sandals 
6. Air & Grace Leopard Alto High Tops 


This is a new one for me. I bought a great Zebra Print dress in the sale at Harvey Nics a couple of weeks back and I’m now a total convert. I bought this one, but it was 40% off. Sorry It’s sold out on sale now but maybe you can try one of the alternatives I’ve found instead. Next are doing a lot of great dresses right now, not a place I usually look it has to be said, but this one and the short leopard one from the first outfit set are both great. Or should I say ‘Grrrrreat!’ no, sorry, that’s Tigers, not Zebras isn’t it.

1. Next Red Tiger Print Shirt Dress 
2. JW Anderson Mini Leather Bag 
3. M&S Linen Blend Zebra Print Shirt Dress 
4. & Other Stories Leather Strap Sandals 


An animal print skirt is something you can wear with things already in your wardrobe. You should all have a perfect plain white T Shirt and maybe some of you also have the only Black Leather Biker Jacket you will ever need.  I would always dress it down with white trainers or Sturdy Sandals, but if you were on a fancy night night, you’d only need to add heels and couple of layered gold chain necklaces to this outfit and you’d be all set. I love layering necklaces right now, the only issue is the tangle. It’s inevitable unfortunately.

1. Set Black Leather Biker Jacket 
2. Arket Classic White T Shir
3. H&M Satin Print Midi Skirt
4. Lily and Lionel Grace Cougar Skirt 
5. Teva Midform Sandals 
6. Nike Air Force 1 07 Trainers 


Keep an eye out for the sales. A lot of the big online sites will be starting soon. I think next week. This is the time to pick up a great animal print dress for less. Ganni obviously do a great line in leopard print and Rixo have Zebra (or is it tiger?) in many colours. This Hofmann dress is still available at the time of writing and it’s 40% off. One for the brave, but I love the clash of prints on it.

1. Hofmann Riva Patchwork Midi Dress (on sale)
2. Ganni Shirred Leopard Maxi Dress 
3. Calvin Klein Jeans Maya Trainers 
4. Boden Black Suede Henrietta Flats

Just out of interest, how many of you do actually love Leopard Print as much as I do? I’m not alone in this am I?

K x

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