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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares). They are one of the big trends for this year. I’m fully on board with this. They are way more flattering than skinnies, plus you don’t have to do yourself an injury trying to get them on. They will also work well into summer as an easy, breezy denim style. This isn’t a flash in the pan, ladies: these are here to stay.

That’s not to say that other jeans are not available. I will not be getting rid of my boyfriends or my straight legs any time soon, but I already know what to wear with those. It’s wide-leg jeans that I needed inspiration for, so I thought you might too. Footwear-wise, it’s a different ball game when you have a lower hem and a wider leg. I would say, as a guide, steer yourself away from chunky boots or trainers with these. Go for a more slimline retro sneaker style, and a round-toe boot with a bit of a heel. Stilettos are also a ‘no’ for me, but to be honest they are a ‘no’ with anything as far as I’m concerned, so that’s not a surprise.

Quick note for those of a shorter stature: wide legs are easily tailored by your local alterations person. If you don’t have one of these yet, get one. For a small fee they can make your jeans actually fall at the right length for you. Flares admittedly are tricker due to the shape of the leg. Check out M&S, Boden, ME+EM, River Island and the Gap who all do their jeans in various lengths. OR, you could look at cropped flare styles that would be full length on you if you’re under about 5’3”. It’s not so easy if you’re tall, to be honest, as it’s harder to add fabric than it is to take it away, but I find the Oasis and Uniqlo jeans come up quite long.

Let’s have a look as some ways we can style our wide-leg jeans…

70’s VIBES

I’m feeling a bit of a ‘Kramer vs Kramer’ vibe with this one, or Ali MacGraw in ‘Love Story’. I can imagine wandering around Central Park in the springtime with a young Dustin Hoffman in this get-up. I’ll leave the terrible divorce and the incurable disease out if it though. A long trench goes great with a wide-leg jean as the hem falls lower down the body and doesn’t add width. Personally, I’d steer clear of any jacket that hits mid thigh as, for me, that doesn’t work too well with this silhouette.

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. Albaray cotton block print blouse 

2. & Other Stories classic relaxed trench coat 

3. H&M flared high waisted jeans 

4. Sezane Milo classic tan leather bag 

5. La Redoute suede block heel boots 


A cropped wide leg is actually okay with a chunkier boot, so long as the hem of your jeans hits the top of your boots. You don’t really want a load of gaping calves going on if you can help it. I also think a good pair of chunky loafers and a knee-high sock would work here for now, and some chunky sandals later in the year when it’s warm enough for toes out. By the way, this puffer jacket is on sale for £20. It looks designer. It isn’t.

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. Hush checkerboard edge to edge cardigan 

2. River Island black puffer jacket 

3. Arket Fern cropped flare stretch jeans 

4. Prada leather shoulder bag 

5. Arket heeled Chelsea boots 


Whether you like it or not, the 90s are back. I’m quite happy actually. I loved the 90s. I loved Blur v Oasis, I loved going to the Atlantic Bar and drinking overpriced Cosmopolitans, I loved my Motorola flip phone, I loved smoking Vogues in nightclub toilets and telling all my deepest thoughts to girls I’d never met before and never would again. I also loved wearing baggy jeans and super-cropped crop tops. This time round I will wear my baggy jeans with a sweatshirt and a bomber jacket and I might throw in a bum bag for good measure.

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. River Island graphic print sweatshirt 

2. Cos red leather crossbody bag 

3. & Other Stories oversized satin bomber jacket 

4. Hush Remy straight slouchy jeans 

5. H&M cotton graphic print t shirt 

6. Nike Blazer low platform trainers 


This one is just for me as I already have this blouse, these jeans and I bought that waistcoat in the sale from John Lewis this week and I immediately wore it out for lunch. I think it’s a cute addition to the classic white blouse and jeans look. I’ll wear it with my Converse and I’ll dig out that knock-off Loewe basket bag I got on Amazon a few years ago. Be quick if you want a similar style as M&S have brought back their sell-out basket bag again this year. By the way, these flared jeans from & Other Stories are SO flattering: they are good and stretchy and make your legs look really long as evidenced above. I’m a 12 and 5’7 for reference, I bought a size 38. 

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. AND/OR Sabina floral cotton gilet 

2. Pascale Monvoisin rose gold diamond and bakelite ring 

3. Oasis cotton dobby lace trim blouse 

4. & Other Stories flared patch pocket jeans 

5. M&S straw drawstring tote bag 

6. Converse hi top trainers 


Channelling Chanel but on a budget. Block-heel shoes are another footwear style that works a treat with a wide leg. Add a neat, waist-length jacket and a bag with a chain on it for extra Coco points.

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. ME + EM hand crochet trim bouclé jacket 

2. Mango cotton crop openwork jumper 

3. Notte Baby Porcini pendant necklace 

4. Karen Millen mid rise wide leg jeans 

5. Hopeful London black suede and leather pouch

6. M&S leather block heel slingbacks 


I’m waiting patiently for some kind of discount code on this Isabel Marant denim shirt. I pride myself on rarely ever paying full price for designer items. Sooner or later there will be a money-off offer. But for a similar double-denim look I like this one from AND/OR and this one from M&S. Wear with your simple white canvas trainers and a ‘jazzy’ jacket.

What to wear with your wide leg jeans (or flares)

1. AND/OR Doris ruffle denim shirt 

2. Rachel Jackson electric love huggie hoop earrings 

3. ME + EM high rise subtle kick flare jeans 

4. M&S reversible cotton quilted jacket 

5. Hereu Espiga mini plaited shoulder bag 

6. Superga white flatform trainers 

Seeing as we will be in March next weekend, I think an overall look at the new season might be a good idea. I know I have to do an event-dressing blog soon, plus spring jackets, and I’ve had a few requests for bags, so I might do a couple of mid-week specials soon too. If you’ve got any requests, do let me know.


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