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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

What I Wore on My Holiday

Firstly, I apologise, if you follow me on Instagram you will be sick of my holiday snaps, but as I only got home yesterday lunchtime I haven’t had time to construct a ‘proper’ blog post, so I’m just going to have to run with this for now. We went to Jamaica for 9 days. It cost an arm and leg compared to our regular Easter excursions to Norfolk or the Canary Islands BUT I just fancied it, and sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind. That’s exactly what I did one rainy lunchtime back in January when I popped into the Virgin Holidays shop round the corner from work…

It cost about £1500 per person and the lovely travel agent man got us a sweet upgrade to business class all the way home for an extra £150 each! Even he was shocked at this deal, so I’d have been foolish not to take it. We did all-inclusive at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay. It has everything we needed. Sun, Sea, Cocktails, A Waterpark for the boys, 6 restaurants and a SWIM UP BAR! Who doesn’t love a swim up bar??  The weather was amazing, the people that worked there were so so nice, the food was hit and miss, but you can’t have it all! In short, we loved it and I would highly recommend to anyone with kids of an age where they don’t need supervision anymore. I would definitely go back, once I’ve paid off this holiday! This post is in no way sponsored by Virgin Holidays, but I REALLY wish it was!

But enough of that, here’s what I wore. Terrible fashion blogger that I am, most of the clothes I took were from last summer, but I have tried to find some alternatives for you. Plus, the weather here this week is supposed to get up into the 20’s! So maybe it is time to get the legs out and the sandals on? Might be a bit previous, but we can live in hope.…


This sweatshirt by A Finer Thread is the ultimate going on holiday sweat. I wish I could wear it more often, but you can’t exactly wear an ‘Out of Office’ sweater to work can you? I also took my trusty denim jacket but never wore it once, not even on the way there or the way back. It was 100% a ‘Phil Collins’ holiday — No Jacket Required…

Sweatshirt — A Finer Thread
Joggers — New Look
Trainers — Stella McCartney
Luggage — (His) M&S (Mine was cheap shit from TK Maxx and the zip broke!)


I love love this Lily and Lionel leopard print shirt. It’s made from silk so it’s nice and light and great for hot weather. The Trousers are from Top Shop. I love a khaki trouser in the summer. You need a bare ankle, they don’t do it for me with socks. Tan Sandals are a also a favourite. Mine are last years from ASOS, but they seem to do a similar pair this year. Super cheap too !

Shirt — Lily and Lionel
Trousers — Top Shop
Sandals — ASOS
Clutch — Hermosa London 

More Leopard shirts and Khaki Trousers here…


Those of a nervous disposition should look away now. I’m not in the habit of posting photos of myself in a bathing suit on the internet, but just this once in the interests of clarity and to show you the Boden Santorini costume, which I have mentioned a few times now. It was the only new swimsuit I bought for the holiday. I tried on about 6 from various shops and this was the only one I kept. I found a few old ones loitering in the bottom of the holiday drawer, so I only really needed one new one. This one ticked all boxes. It has the suck-it-all-in structure I need. Not too high cut and you can pull the strap down for good tanning.

Swimming Costume — Boden
Head scarf — Liberty London


You cannot beat a good white dress. Especially when you have some semblance of a tan. I actually do have a bit of a tan now, but I really have to work at it and I made the schoolboy error of getting burnt on the last day. My chest is currently so red you could roast marshmallows on it. My dress was from & Other Stories last year. I’m sure they will do another version soon, they seem to do a good white dress every year. I will keep you posted if I spot it. In the meantime, this one  above is from Great Plains at John Lewis ticks all my white dress boxes, and it has the broderie details which I love. 

Dress (old) & Other Stories
Bag — Say What You C
Sandals — Birkenstock

More White Dresses here…


This is definitely not something I would dream of wearing at home in London, but on holiday it feels perfectly acceptable for a 45 year old mother of two to be wearing something usually seen on 6 year old girls. I bought mine a couple of years ago when we were in Vancouver. From Forever 21 of all places. A shop not aimed at me I grant you, but it’s about what you buy, not where you buy in from. I’m not a shopping snob, I can find something I like pretty much anywhere! I like this Warehouse playsuit as it’s made of linen and it looks loose enough to be suitable for most.

Playsuit — (old) Similar here
Bag — Zara
Sliders — Adidas

More playsuits here…


This skirt was just made for sunshine. I love it! I mean I love pretty much all of Olivia Rubins’ designs right now, but this one I really had to have. It makes me happy just to wear it. Perfect with a printed T shirt, or a light grey sweatshirt in this country, my T shirt was cheap as chips from H&M. I’m all about the high/low…

Skirt  — Olivia Rubin
T Shirt — H&M
Bag — Zara
Vans Slip on Trainers


When returning home I like to have some warmth available to me. God forbid you’d be like one of those fools I see on the Piccadilly line wearing flip flops and short shorts in the depths of winter. yes, you may have just flown in from holiday Bali love, but Hounslow is not known for it’s sub-tropical climate last time I looked. No, what you need is some light Cashmere to throw on when you arrive and to help with the cold air on the plane. I got my excellent cardigan from 27Miles Malibu when I was in LA. The last one on sale in Saks! I also love this and this for cashmere comfort. Shout out to the Uniqlo Girlfriend Jeans which are back in stock and available in white. Size down if you buy, they come up big.

Cardigan — 27Miles Malibu
Jeans — Uniqlo
Trainers — Stella McCartney
Bag — Hermosa London

That’s all for now, I need to sleep. Normal service will be resumed next Sunday I promise.

K x

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