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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Last week we were getting all concerned about what to wear to the office. This week we are told not to bother going into the office after all. Next week we will probably be told never to leave the house again so I’ll preempt that by giving you some clothes that are high on the comfort factor. As I get older, comfort has become king. I can’t bear to feel a dig of bra strap or a pinch of the waistband anymore. This is basically what I wear to work from home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up when I am actually going out, even more so now that I don’t go out much. I did actually go for 2 lunches this past week though (I know! push the boat out!) and you could have mistaken me for someone off to the races or a royal wedding. Hair, Make-up, dresses! I stopped short at a fascinator, but only just. But, this week I’m concentrating on ‘At Home Outfits That You Could Go Out In If You Wanted To’. I don’t mean ‘Out Out’, I mean like you could have a Zoom meeting, go to the bakery, run to the post office or pick the kids up from school in these.

I’ve also had a request for ‘What can I wear to work from home that means I don’t have to turn the heating on so high because now I have to pay for it during the day?’, so I’ve included soft jumpers and coats that would be comfortable enough to put on if you’re feeling scrooge-like with the thermostat. I fall in to the camp, of ‘fuck it, just turn it up’, but unfortunately my husband is more of the ‘no way, put a jumper on, it’s not that cold and we’re not made of money’. Central heating must be the cause of many a marital row…maybe not quite in the realm of the ‘Going to Ikea’ arguments, but it probably runs a close second.


Joggers, yes we never really got out of them from the first lockdown, apart from when we wore our shorts, but a smarter pair is perhaps the way forward. Look for a bit of detail, a side stripe, a zip, a nice turn up. This is the outfit that can take you through the whole day with high comfort values yet doesn’t make you look like you just can’t be arsed. I’m also including some undergarments. No underwires, no tight straps, try a lightweight sports top. Something that will hold you in but not dig in.

This coat from Hush is like a thin sleeping bag, so good if you fancy a quick sofa nap at lunchtime, you can use it as a blanket. I love a sofa nap. Did you know the optimum time for a day nap is 12 minutes. It really works too. That’s just the right amount of time to give you a quick refresh without feeling at all groggy afterwards. One of the MAJOR perks of not being in an office has to be the afternoon nap.

1. The Outnet Claudie Pierlot Printed Sweatshirt 
2. & Other Stories Halter Yoga Bra
3. Hush Daxton Khaki Quilted Jacket 
4. Top Shop Side Stripe Joggers 
5. Golden Goose Shearling Lined Trainers 


I freely admit to being one of those freaks who wears jeans in the house. I love jeans and if you find the right pair then they really can be a comfort item. Look for pairs that have a slightly higher elastane content. Not too high or they will just be jeggings and truly, no-one needs jeggings these days. We might still be in a pandemic but we must keep our standards up. If not then we’d all be in jeggings, crocs and a longline cardigan. Try an oversized jumper with your stretch jeans and if you’re looking for the world’s most comfortable trainers* then go for the Adidas Ozweegos.

*completely unsubstantiated, but I think they are super comfy

1. Mango V Neck Oversized Sweater 
2. Sloggi Zero Feel Crop Top 
3. Monki Herringbone Wool Blend Coat 
4. H&M Embrace High Ankle Jeans 
5. Adidas Ozweego Khaki Trainers 


Somewhere in between a trouser and a jogger is the Khakis. Easy to wear out, even easier to wear in. Team with cashmere socks and fluffy slippers. The QUEEN of the fluffy slipper family is the sheepskin lined Birkenstock. The Lady Di to your Megan Markle, The Princess Grace to your Sarah Ferguson. They are hard to come by but worth the search and the money. One of the best buys I made last year and hands down my most worn item of footwear this year. Clearly that’s because we didn’t leave the house for 3 months, but you get the idea. Find a coat that’s basically a blanket too and you’re all set for Lockdown Part 2: The Covid Strikes Back…

1. ME + EM Waffle Knit Sweatshirt 
2. Weekday Oversized Wool Blend Coat 
3. Anthropologie Theo Utility Joggers 
4. M&S Pure Cashmere Ankle Socks 
5. Birkenstock Shearling Lined Arizona Sandals 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE Cords. I know for some, Corduroy strikes fear into your hearts. But can there be a better Autumnal fabric? They are soft, durable and you can wear them with a flannel shirt and a good cardigan.

Both my Grandpas would wear Cords and Cardigans. That was the only similarity between them. One was a vegetarian who only really ate vegetables covered in a cheese sauce, the other would teach us how to pluck a chicken in his garage and then retire inside to smoke a pipe. I used to love the smell of his tobacco box. If I close my eyes I can still smell it. I wish someone would invent a scented candle that smelt of that. I would probably be the only person who’d buy it though so perhaps a slightly niche product.

1. Everlane Lightweight Flannel Shirt 
2. All Saints Vika Cardigan 
3. Cos Organic Cotton Cord Trousers 
4. Arket Quilted Insulator Jacket 
5. Converse All Star Hi Top Trainers 


Finally, the classic WFH combo, joggers and a sweat. Up your game by seeking out a good slogan sweat or a retro print. There are plenty of great small brands making cool sweats too. Try Bob The Brand, Pickle London, Wild Hearts Wonder or By Pollyanna. I’m sure there are many others I’ve forgotten too. For my money, Hush make the best joggers. They seem to hold their shape and wash well, plus the range is vast so there’s a shade and style for everyone.

1. Domino Style Newtone Sweatshirt 
2. Top Shop California Eagle Sweatshirt 
3. Hush Tora Soft Charcoal Joggers 
4. Gilly Hicks Ribbed Loungelette 
5. New Balance 565 Trainers 

Next week will probably be dresses and boots. I thought dresses might be low on your agenda but I’ve had many pleas this week to do another dress blog soon. Your wish is my command.

Kate x

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