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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Staples: The Pleated Skirt

Oh, I do love a pleated skirt.  It has become quite a staple in my wardrobe over the past 18 months or so. As I am nothing if not predictable, I don’t have just one, I have about 5, but all just *slightly* different you understand, so in my head, that’s entirely justified…

I will assume you all have at least one of these skirts as they were so ubiquitous on the high street last year. They also look like they are definitely here to stay for this coming year and beyond. If you don’t own one, get one immediately. Easy to wear right now with nice thick tights, even better in the coming months when we can brave a bare leg and a secret sock once more. If you are on the short side go to Top Shop and buy one from the petite range. If you’re the opposite, check out their ‘Tall’ range for a longer length.

One of my favourite buys from last year was that gold velvet pleated beauty from Toppers, (sadly now gone in that colour, but still available in a lovely mauve colour)  It works on every level, great fit, great colour, looks way more expensive than it was and always garners a bit of a ‘Oooh, where did you get that?’ comment whenever it’s worn. (As a side note, it also features in a piece I wrote this week about my best buys of 2016 over on one of my favourite blogs; WhereDidUGetThat). If you’re going to get just one pleated skirt, I would go for that one, or a nice metallic number, you could also play save with a black one. One can never have too many black clothes. Here’s a few ideas how to style up your box pleats…


Black on Black is such a classic easy option. I don’t even care if my blacks don’t match, in fact I prefer it if they don’t, so throw it all on, add a leather jacket and pretend like it’s 1990 and you’re a Suburban Goth off to a Cure gig at the Hammersmith Odeon. The look below is basically the exact same one I wore on Friday. If you need one scarf in your life, make it the Acne Canada Wool scarf. It’s the perfect width and thickness and is super warm. Watch out for the moths though, they have nibbled a few holes in mine over the past 2 winters. Little bastards.

acne Canada scarf, Mango leather jacket, Black pleated Skirt, Black Polo neck, &Other Stories boots

1. Warehouse Ruffle Polo Neck
2. Mango Leather Biker Jacket
3. H&M Pleated Skirt
4. Acne Studios Canada Wool Scarf
5. & Other Stories Pointed Leather Boots 


Doesn’t necessarily have to be gold, you could try silver, bronze, or any other metallic colour. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, you want to dazzle with your Bacofoil skirt but not over-power. Too much shiny stuff and you might end up being barked at by small dogs. We used to have a Westie that would always bark every time we got any tin-foil out. Is that normal? New Look have done a great version of the Gucci Embroidered Cardigan. We all need a cardigan in our lives. I predict a cardi comeback this year!

gold pleated Skirt, Embroidered Cardigan, Gucci Trainers, Alex Monroe Bee Earrings

1. New Look Embroidered Cardigan
2. Etre Cecile T Shirt
3. Top Shop Gold Skirt
4. Alex Monroe Bee Earrings
5. Gucci Embroidered Trainers


I love a nice big chunky jumper for the darkest days of winter. Handily they look great over a nice pleated midi. Also, they hide any unsightly bulges, which is a must in January. I’m not doing a diet and I’m still drinking wine, so those bulges are here to stay until I can be arsed to move about a bit more, which is not happening until the weather improves. Also when the wether improves I plan on wearing my old & Other Stories chunky sandals with these embellished socks that I got for Christmas.

Chunky Jumper, Pleated Blue Skirt, Diamante Socks, Black Sandals

1. La Redoute Chunky Jumper
2. Mango Denim Jacket
3. Shein Blue Pleated Skirt
4. & Other Stories Embellished Socks
5. & Other Stories Leather Sandals


Another one of my favourites, They call it colour-blocking, I call it a perfect lazy girls way of getting dressed in the morning. Just scan the wardrobe for all things of a similar hue and throw them all on at once. for some reason it makes you look all pulled together. Works particularly well with grey or navy. Job done.

topshop velvet pleat skirt, posh totty airplane necklace

1. & Other Stories Grey Wool Jumper
2. Top Shop T‑Shirt
3. Top Shop Velvet Pleated Skirt
4. Posh Totty Silver Airplane Personalised Necklace
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

So that’s pleated skirts for you. Hope you like. My not buying new things Dry January failed spectacularly this week. It was those damn sales that got me. I’ll try and start again after my birthday. Still won’t work.

K x

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