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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Basics: & Other Stories Sale

Although I am attempting a ‘Dry January*’ (but for clothes buying), that doesn’t stop all the sales emails that flood my in-box on an almost hourly basis. For most of them I am trying to shut my eyes and press delete before I’m sucked into another impulsively frivolous purchase, but when an email about the  & Other Stories sale came through today I just had to take a small look. Not for myself you understand, purely for research purposes only. & Other Stories is one of my favourite shops. I  quite like the fact that they are not in every single town in England just yet, although I know they are expanding and have stores in Leeds and Manchester now as well as London. It’s a great shop for classic items and wardrobe basics, it also does excellent footwear and bag and the quality and design is excellent for the prices. They’ve also just added a load of new things to their sale this week. We are veering into dangerous territory but, fear not, I’m steering you well clear of all the spangly dresses that obviously didn’t sell in time for New Years Eve and pointing you in the direction of classic items that should last through the whole year. Here are my top sale picks…

*This doesn’t include underwear as I am in desperate need of some better fitting bras, plus it’s never going to work. I have zero will power and am very easily persuaded. It’s a personality trait that got me into all kinds of trouble as a teenager, although to be fair, I was usually the instigator…

K x

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