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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Call me an optimist, but this week has just felt a bit better than most. Not in any way normal or that much different to previous weeks, but a feeling of ‘things might actually get better’ came over me. Maybe a fresh start? New beginnings? Don’t come at me with your ‘New Normal’ Bullshit though, I hate that phrase, I heard someone refer to it as ‘Temporary Normal’ recently, that’s a MUCH better way of looking at things.

This week, I’m getting back into the ‘Wardrobe Staples’ series with Khaki Trousers. I say ‘series’, I haven’t actually done one for over 2 years! I can’t believe I’ve been so remiss. You can read the others in the ‘Wardrobe Staples’ section on the homepage. I really need to have little re-jig of this blog, maybe to make it easier to find old articles etc? If you have any thoughts, or if you’d rather it just stayed the same, slightly slapdash, effort, let me know.

But, onto The Khaki Trousers. An item that everyone should own. Especially for the summer when you want an alternative to jeans. Inevitably I have quite a few pairs, as is my apparently typical Capricorn trait of buying things I like over and over again, just in slightly different shapes or shades. Khaki trousers are always in fashion, I’m assuming most you already have a pair, so let’s see some ideas how you can style them…


If this isn’t the classic uniform of pretty much every reasonably-fashionable-but-can’t-really-think-of-what-to-wear-today woman I know then I don’t know what is. If you don’t own a striped t shirt and a pair of classic Khaki trousers already then who even ARE you? Next you’ll be telling me you don’t own a pair of Stan Smiths or a Denim Jacket... Don’t tell me that. If you do I know you’re lying. Although I don’t tend to wear my Stan Smiths much anymore, they don’t age well do they? Once they get all worn and creased they lose their appeal. Unlike Converse or Vans that get better with age.

As we’ve all got this outfit, then why not add a Leopard jacket and some cool Sandals to beef it up. As I said last week, the bucket hat could be my only feasible route through to July when the hairdressers might finally open .

1. H&M Striped Jersey Top 
2. & Other Stories Straw Bucket Hat 
3. Whistles Khaki Barrel Leg Jeans 
4. Anine Bing Leo Flynn Jacket 
5. Office Maya Flatform Wedges 


What can I say? This combo is just simply made for each other. Like Beer and Pork Scratchings, like Gin and Tonic, like Red Wine and Cheese. Sorry, I’m thinking about Pubs again. Oh how I long for a refreshing ale in a pub garden and a packet of unbelievably salty Salt and Vinegar crisps that you rip apart and make into a crisp plate for sharing. Maybe in July… This H&M Shirt is a winner. I have one from years ago. They sell it every summer, less than a tenner, goes with everything. Every house should have one.

1. H&M Cotton Stripe Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Cropped Denim Jacket 
3. White Stuff Slim Leg Chino Trousers 
4. Boden Embroidered Linen Shirt 
5. Nike Air Force 1 Trainers 


The way things are going there will always be a home for joggers in our lives. It’s also now socially acceptable to wear them all day long no matter where you are. Although, likely you’re only at the supermarket or, out for your second walk of the day. Note, it will NEVER be socially acceptable in my eyes to wear your actual pyjamas to Londis. Yes, I’m talking direct to the lady I saw this week who had Hello Kitty  ‘Sleepy time’ bottoms on. Don’t try to pretend they are a fashion statement, you literally were too lazy to even put joggers on. I think the ‘Jens Ibiza Babes 2017’ Pink glittery T Shirt was a nice touch though…

Those of us who do still have standards shall be pairing our Khaki joggers with a decent T Shirt, sweatshirt and a pair of hi- tops. My Nike by You Blazers arrived this week. Love them! best Lockdown purchase so far I reckon.

1. Newtone Trucker Rockin’ T Shirt 
2. Dandy Star Peace Sign Sweatshirt 
3. Mango Pocket Joggers 
4. Quattrorish American Vintage Khaki Joggers 
5. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Hi Tops 


This look reminds me of my friend Sarah, she loves a basket bag, blouse and a pair of tan leather sandals. She also writes an excellent blog called ‘Little Spree’ — check it out if you haven’t before. I feel like this would be a great outfit for socially distanced picnic. It’s all well and good that we are now allowed to do things like this and potentially drive to somewhere further away to do it, but I hear there won’t be be any toilet facilities open anywhere. I don’t know about you, but at my age, knowing there’s a place to pee is one of my top priorities in life. Basically ‘Can I sit down and is there a toilet nearby?” are two of my main concerns when I go anywhere. I’ll be keeping my picnics close to home for now.

1. Mango Double Baby Collar Shirt 
2. Mango Jute Basket Bag 
3. John Lewis Weekend Patch Pocket Chinos 
4. & Other Stories Cropped Waffle Cardigan 
5. Mango Leather Strap Sandals 


I have this Anine Bing Blazer. Love it. I got it from Black White Denim on the last trip I made outside of London on March 13th. It was the last time I was in close proximity to anyone who isn’t a member of my own family. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about the future now. I’m hoping I get to wear my sort-of-smart blazer again soon and go and meet other people. This week I went for a walk with a friend and to talk to someone in real life was the best. It really made me appreciate how simple things like a chat and a walk can really make your week better.

1. Bob The Brand Better Together NHS Charity T Shirt 
2. Mango Straw Braided Handbag
3. Hush Girlfriend Chino Trousers 
4. Anine Bing Madeleine Blazer 
5. Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons 

I have no idea what next week’s post will be about. I’m veering towards frivolous fun spring/summer dresses. I feel we need something nice to look at. Something that may not be practical but will brighten us up a bit.

K x

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