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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


I think my emotions over the last nearly 2 months can be summed up in the seven stages of Lockdown dressing. What are we on now? Week 8? Hands up who’s been riding the Coronacoaster of emotions over this time? One minute you’re all “Ok, this is fine, I can deal with this”, the next minute it’s “I can’t cope anymore, I want my real life back”. For me it’s the uncertainty of the future that’s the most unsettling. And the knowledge that there really isn’t anything you can do to change things.

I like to think I am generally a fairly calm and positive person, but I can have massive temper explosions sometimes too. It doesn’t happen very often, but during this time there’s been a few more than usual. I’m also quite ‘spur of the moment’ too, and I just can’t be that way when the furthest I can go is only as far as I can walk to and from.

I can control my outfits though, so that’s something. A small thing, but one that often helps the mood. Here are my seven stages of dressing and how they have related to my emotions. I hope I’m not alone in this, please tell me you’ve been through these phases too…


This was definitely a novelty of week one, possibly a bit of week 2.  It was all ‘Ooh, we don’t have to go to the office, we can wear tracksuits all day everyday, or maybe just not get dressed at all. Isn’t it great’. It was kind of great for about 10 days. Then it wore thin for me. I actually like getting dressed and working out what to wear. I don’t get much joy out of wearing trackies day in and day out. Of course I always used to like to put mine on when I got home at the end of the day, but when you’re still AT home at the end of the day because you never left, it doesn’t quite have the same effect. BUT if you are still a loungewear kind of a girl. I can highly recommend Hush joggers and I’ve heard great things about Les Girls, Les Boys tracksuit sets.

1. Les Girls Les Boys Tiger Print Sweatshirt 
2. Les Girls Les Boys Tiger Print Joggers 
3. Nike Air Max 90 Pink and Grey Trainers
4. Anine Bing Reed Cropped Logo Sweatshirt 
5. Hush Grey Leopard Joggers 
6. New Balance 574 Super Core Trainers 


And to be fair, I think I am a bit fitter. I haven’t lost any weight at all as every bit of exercise is counterbalanced by cake and wine. I’m the first to tell you I’m not a fan of ‘working out’, I shall never be a runner or jogger, don’t like getting out of breath, not keen on sweating either. BUT since this lockdown I have become obsessed with achieving my daily goals on my new Apple Watch. I poo pooed the whole Apple watch thing for years, but my husband bought a new one so I inherited his old one and once I started, I realised they are actually quite useful. Seriously, I need something like that to MAKE me do it.

I have been doing the Joe Wicks PE thing every day for 7 weeks now (is it 7? I think it is). Say what you like about him, but he doesn’t annoy me and it’s really made me get up and do it. Combine that with the daily walk and it’s more exercise than I’ve done in years. I will never be a fitness bore, I’ll do the exact amount that makes me feel Ok. I obviously feel like I’m an actual athlete because I do 20 minutes of jumping jacks and an hour walk every day.  Note, I only wear workout gear for actual workouts. I’m not down with wearing it all day.

1. Sweaty Betty Stamina Work Out Bra 
2. Cos Seamless Performance Leggings 
3. H&M Seamless Sports Bralette
4. Sweaty Betty Boyfriend Workout T Shirt 
5. Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Workout Leggings 


This was a fun incentive to dress up fancy that I totally got on board with at the start as it was a nice distraction for the continuous depressing news. If I’m honest it wore a bit thin after a few weeks, but it is still nice to wear your dresses even if you’re not going anywhere. I’ve moved from #dressupfriday to just #wearadressonfriday so I’m not dollying up as if I’m out on the town, or wearing a ballgown to take the bins out. I’ll leave that nonsense to Amanda Holden and co.  But now I’m wearing my dresses more, and always on a Friday. If nothing else, it signifies we’ve reached the end of another lockdown week and that’s something worth celebrating. P.S. I have this Ganni dress in 2 colours from a few years back. It’s now on sale at The Outnet. A great dress.

1. The Outnet Ganni Floral Wrap Dress 
2. H&M Linen Blend Dress 
3. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Trainers 
4. Grenson Willa Sandals 


Zoom Calls? Teams Meetings? Google Hangouts? House Parties? God how I’m sick of them and how I want real face ‑to-face life back. BUT they were a novelty to start off with AND they do mean you can wear your shorts to the ‘office’ without fear of ridicule as no-one can see your bottom half. Plus if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can go for quick sunbathe in between these meetings. All you need is a nice top to wear so it looks likes you’ve made a bit of an effort. I’ve banged on about these TopShop shorts a fair bit, but honestly they are the best shorts I have ever bought. They keep coming in and out of stock, so keep an eye on them. If they’ve totally gone by the time I publish this, then I found these H&M alternatives, they look good (I’d ditch the tie belt though).

1. Nanuska Cotton Animal Print Shirt 
2. New Look Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Blouse 
3. TopShop Balloon Black Denim Shorts 
4. H&M Paperbag Denim Shorts 
5. Nike Daybreak Beige and Yellow Trainers
6. Kin Black Leap Sandals 


I think this was around the time the weather changed, the mood darkened and there didn’t seem to be any hope at all. I’m sure we’ve all been through those dark days during this time. During those days where you can’t see any light at the end of the never ending Corona tunnel, and just think, I’m never leaving the house again, I’m not bothered about washing my hair, I’m just going to sit here in this black boiler suit that I picked off the floor and have worn for the past 3 days. Thankfully this mood didn’t last long. You can’t wallow in self pity when there’s 2 teenage boys who NEED you to do penalty shootouts with them on a daily basis. But, I do love a good boiler suit. Plus, I’m going to need a good bucket hat soon to cover my grey roots.

1. Hush Washed Linen Jumpsuit
2. Gucci Logo Bucket Hat 
3. New Look Black Denim Zip Up Jumpsuit
4. Birkenstock Delft Sport Sandals 


I am actually one of those freaks who likes to wear jeans to lounge around in. I love jeans. You should know that by now. Whenever I think I have enough pairs, one pops up that I have to try because it’s a new shape, or good fit. My latest pair are these ones from Gap, and I’m also wearing my White Levis 501s a lot at the moment. If there is an appetite I will do another full ‘best jeans around’ post in the coming weeks. Also, I get a lot of questions asking whether there’s any difference between the Arizona Love and Nanou Beachwear Sandals. My answer is not much. The Arizona Love ones have a slightly thicker sole and an elevated instep which I think makes them slightly more comfortable, but they are also £50 more expensive. The choice is yours.

1. TopShop Black Rock Skull T Shirt 
2. H&M Boxy Stripe Sweatshirt
3. Gap High Rise Distressed Cheeky Jeans 
4. Levis White Cropped 501 Jeans 
5. Nanou Beachwear Leopard Sandals
6. Arizona Love Bandana Sandals 


Maybe? At the very least we might be able to go out more than once a day. We might be able to see our friends at a distance soon? I’ve said before that I really don’t want the ‘new normal’, but I’m not sure how much I want the old normal either. I look forward to the day we are allowed to hug again, cheer on our teams again, go on the top deck of the bus again. I know that might not be for a while, but hey, at least it’s nearly summer. Can you imagine if this had all happened in the bleak midwinter in the pissing rain. To that end, I’m looking at monochrome summer dresses that I can wear with my Birks to waft around the garden centre in. Hopefully.

1. Selected Femme Valentina Dress 
2. & Other Stories Voluminous Puff Sleeve Midi Dress 
3. Birkenstock Milano Sandals 
4. Birkenstock Arizona 2 Strap Sandals 

Thanks for reading. Again. I know I keep saying this, but writing this blog has really got me through this time and I am so happy that you’ve continuously supported it and are still reading!

Next week, I’m thinking classic Khaki trousers, something practical that we can all wear.

K x

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