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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Uniqlo coat compendium

This post is sponsored by Uniqlo. Last month we had a look at their knitwear and we all agreed it’s some of the best on the high street. Pure wool that doesn’t itch AND cashmere that doesn’t need shaving every other week. This time we are going to focus on something else that Uniqlo does so well and that’s coats and jackets. With particular focus on those of a down variety. If you’re in the market for a puffer jacket of some sort, Uniqlo should really be your first port of call.

Mens long down coat. Now in its 3rd year of use.

I have three Uniqlo down coats. Actually, no, I have four if you include the ultra light down vest that I pack into my snack bag when I go to the football in the winter. It gives that extra layer of warmth that you might need after half time. If you’ve ever sat on the terraces in the bleak midwinter you will know that an extra layer is almost always needed halfway through, especially if the scoreline is not going your way and the adrenaline is not pumping.

Cream fleece windproof jacket. Surprisingly warm too.

My favourite is an old, short puffer jacket from a previous JW Anderson collaboration – I LOVE that one the most but they don’t make it anymore sadly. Then in 2019 I bought the men’s seamless down long coat (I take a medium in men’s Uniqlo coats, same as the jumpers) which is the BEST football coat as it’s super warm and covers more of your body that your regular puffer jacket. This year I picked out a check short jacket to finish off my Uniqlo down jacket collection (see main photo). I also got a fleece windproof button up for less rainy days. Fleece is totally back in this winter. In fact, as I type this I am wearing a fleece gilet and my new Uniqlo baggy jeans and my 15-year-old just came home from school and said my outfit was ‘fire’. That literally never happens. Ever.

Here are my top outerwear picks along with a few wintery accessories…

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