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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The January Buffet Dress

It’s January, the longest and most joyless of all the months. The month when you feel like you have to get fit, eat less, not drink and be the dullest you there ever was. This is made even more miserable for me as it’s my birthday on Friday. A day I would relish if it were in, say June, or September, but no, it comes at the time of year when everyone is hibernating, has zero money, and absolutely NO intention of leaving the house past 7pm. 

I’m not going to dwell on this. Instead I’m going to give you what you REALLY need in January, No, not a winning lottery ticket, I can’t do that, but I can give you DRESSES WITH NO WAISTBANDS! which is almost as good? If, like me you have been living on a diet of Ferrero Rocher, Fizzy wine, Baked Camembert and Matchmakers for the past month, you need a Buffet Dress in your life right now.

A Buffet dress will hide all your sins while you try to do something about them. It will make you feel vaguely glamorous without having to be constricted in any way. I SWEAR by them these days. I put on 6lbs in 7 days over Christmas and being middle-aged, it’s probably going to take me 7 months to shift it, so I’m stocking up on my Buffet Dresses to get me through until I can be bothered to do some proper exercise. My youngest child has said he wants to go jogging with me. Let’s see if that ever happens! Anyway, enough waffle, let’s have a look at the tent dresses I love… 


Have I already bought this? why yes I have. Every bloody week, almost without fail, when I am researching my blog post, there is one thing I have to buy. This dress is by Yas at ASOS . I thought it would work now with some thermals and a nice cardi, but will also be perfect for spring with secret leggings and a pair of white trainers. I’m pairing all my dresses with boots right now. I’d add a good fluffy coat to the mix with this one. 

  1. Yas Blue Geometric Print Dress 
  2. H&M Wool Blend Cardigan 
  3. Sorel Ainsley Boots 
  4. H&M Blue Knitted Coat 


I say Earth Mother, I don’t really mean it. It’s just because this dress is brown and looks a little bit hippy-ish. This is an absolute classic buffet dress, long sleeves, zero waist, frill at the bottom. You couldn’t ask for anything more. Wear now with a nice warm fisherman’s jumper and a big faux fur coat. Wear in the summer with strappy flat sandals and a basket bag. A winner.

  1. Mango Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress 
  2. Arket Crew Neck Fishermans Style Jumper 
  3. Office Block Heel Boots 
  4. Dorothy Perkins Longline Teddy Coat 


We’ve all got a lot of leopard in our lives right? But do we have any RED leopard? Something a bit brighter for January, the most miserable month of the year. The Monday of Months, the Croc of Months, the longest month known to man. We don’t need to stop drinking, if anything we need to start just to get through it. Why not try a bright colour to cheer yourself up? This M&S dress has a nice high waist that will skim over your cheese-loaded stomach. Be quick with these M&S boots, they went back in stock this week, hopefully they’ve got enough in this time. I have them in burgundy, but I think I actually prefer the black. 

  1. Marks and Spencer Animal Print Tea Dress 
  2. Cos Cashmere Scarf 
  3. Marks and Spencer Leather Buckle Boots 
  4. Arket Classic Wool Boucle Overcoat 


I LOVE this dress! It’s by Zadig et Voltaire and is on sale. It’s only 30% off currently. I’m holding out for a 2nd markdown. Playing a dangerous game I know. Especially as I did contemplate it at full price when I saw it in Harvey Nics before Christmas. I’m going to hold my nerve and see if I get a better price. I’d wear now with some thermals and a big coat, and in the Spring with my favourite leather biker jacket. It’s definitely thermals weather right now. I go for either Uniqlo Heatech or M&S extra warm Heatgen plus.

  1. Zadig Et Voltaire Pirate Tattoo Print Maxi Dress 
  2. M&S Heatgen Plus Long Sleeve Thermal Top 
  3. Vans Skate-Hi MTE Platform Trainers 
  4. H&M Brushed Weave Pink Coat 


I have this dress. It’s a blatant copy of a much more expensive Baum und Pferdgarten one that my friend Arlene has. I totally ripped off her look and bought this one from ASOS. I will wear with my new favourite Shoe The Bear Agda boots. They are SO Comfortable and I love the crepe soles. They also sell them in black but seem to be mostly sold out. I’m into the navy though as I’ve got black hiking boots covered with the Grenson Nanettes. Maybe add a pop of red again with this fluffy coat from Boden — currently on sale. 

  1. YAS Green Printed Maxi Dress 
  2. Zadig et Volatire Bubble Leather Rocky Bag (40% off) 
  3. Shoe The Bear Agda Navy Crepe Sole Boots 
  4. Boden Hereford Red Teddy Coat 

Back to work tomorrow. It’s going to be a shock to the system, that’s for sure. I’ll also be a year older by Friday. Did I mention I hate January? pass me that drink…

K x

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