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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

T Shirt Weather

I did a little poll on Instagram this week about what you’d like this Sundays blog post to be about. The overwhelming response was for T Shirts, so here we are. Although, personally I was gunning for shorts, as the only pair of denim cut offs I have are literally falling apart. Usually I would ignore you lot and do what I want, but in these unprecedented times I’m trying to be a nicer person. Sort of. I have included some denim shorts here for my own benefit.

How is your lockdown going? Have you got used to it now? or are you absolutely sick to the back teeth of it. I hope your teeth are OK actually, as god help you if you need a dentist appointment any time soon. I’m finding that the initial novelty of ‘Ooh, let’s all Face Time each other and do Zoom parties and Friday Pub Quizzes’ is massively wearing off. Most people in work meetings are now turning their cameras off and we’re going back to actual phone calls again more, which is a bit of relief. I need at least some notice if I’m going to have my face on screen. Facetime is a bit like someone just turning up unannounced at your front door when you least expect them.

Plus, I should add that we have less and less to talk about now. “So, what’s new?”, “Well, nothing. I went for a walk, made some food, watched some telly.” Although during a recent work meeting we spoke about our favourite way to cook eggs for a good 15 minutes. I vote poached, but a good pancake can work for any meal. Frankly the most exciting thing I’ve done this week is go to the Post Office. I got fully dressed, made up, wore a jacket, real shoes, took a bag. It was thrilling. But, enough about my week, let’s have a look at some good T Shirts, for all this great weather we’ve been having.


I know I said I was a little bit bored with Joggers, but I have to say I’m LOVING this outfit! I haven’t worn it yet but I am excited to once my trainers arrive. Did you know that you can design your own trainers on the Nike website? I did it once before about 7 years ago, but thought it was time I did it again. You can spend hours deciding on colours and trims and, and MONOGRAMS! These are the Nike Blazers I’ve designed and ordered as a lockdown present to myself.

With regards to the best plain white T Shirts, Arket do a very good heavyweight cotton one and Baukjen do a good boyfriend style. I swear by both of those in terms of quality.  A new label on me is Les Girls, Les Boys. Their T Shirts are also very good, nice and thick (I can’t abide a thin T) and good shape.

1. Les Girls Les Boys Logo T Shirt 
2. Loel & Co Chain Link Bracelet
3. Arket Heavyweight Cotton T Shirt 
4. Adidas Tracksuit Bottoms 
5. Nike by You Blazer Hi Tops 


Once a rock chick, always a rock chick. My love of Hairy Rock Behemoths began back in around 1988 with Guns N’ Roses. How I loved them so. Especially Axl Rose. I recall I even ‘got off’ with the boy who was the chef at Pizza Land because he had long ginger hair and wore a bandana. That’s pretty much where the resemblance ended, but who cared. I loved them all, Jon Bon Jovi, Nikki Sixx, Brett Michaels… I even spent 4 years back in the mid 90s working for a Heavy Metal Record Company and still have the tattoos to prove it and I still love to wear the T Shirts.

Of course you don’t have to wear specific band T Shirts, there are plenty of  ‘Rock Style’ ones out there, which means you don’t have to pin your musical allegiance to your chest. Anine Bing (yes her again) makes a great range. Size DOWN in Bing and same if you’re thinking of this H&M AC/DC T Shirt, both come up big.

1. H&M Oversized AC/DC T Shirt 
2. Gap Denim Worker Jacket 
3. The Outnet Ganni Leopard Wrap Skirt 
4. Anine Bing Revolution T Shirt 
5. Whistles Soft Knotted Leather Sliders 


I love a good logo T Shirt. I don’t especially love shorts, it’s very hard to find the exact style I’m after. That exact style is the denim cut off type variety shorts, but not too high cut, and not too tight. Ideally also with a reasonably high waist in order to suck in all the cake I’ve been eating on lockdown. My activity and exercise levels may have gone up (thank you, but also F‑U Joe Wicks for that 30 minutes every morning), but my cake and wine levels have also increased to cancel out any good deeds.

I’ve ordered both these shorts and am hopeful they will fit the bill. I’m wearing more shorts than ever before because, A. The weather is great and B. No one can actually see my lower half much. Best new T shirt brand on the block is Newtone, who make excellent quality retro T’s. Also check out this Isolate T Shirt from Notjustclothing, £5 from every purchase goes to a food bank charity

1. Newtone Rockin In LA T Shirt 
2. Not Just Clothing Isolate T Shirt 
3. Topshop Denim Balloon Roll Hem Shorts 
4. Gap High Rise Curvy Denim Shorts 
5. John Lewis Flatform Trainers 
6. The Outnet Sandro Mesh Trainers 


If this isn’t the basic Spring uniform for pretty much everyone, then I don’t know what is. A good Stripe T shirt and pair of Khaki trousers will see you through years of Spring weather when you can’t be bothered to really think about what to wear. Worth spending a tiny bit more on a good Stripe T. I like Maison Labiche and Petite Bateau for good quality Bretons, but you can also get decent ones from the likes of Weekday and H&M.

Add a pair of Birkenstocks to complete the look. Another item that will never date and will last until they literally fall apart. The white ones I bought back in 2011 finally fell apart last year. I reckon 8 summers is not bad going really. I’m thinking that these Black Velcro ones might be nice for a bit of change this year.

1. Weekday Kate Stripe  Long Sleeve T Shirt 
2. ASOS Cats Eye Sunglasses 
3. Maison Labiche Amour Stripe T Shirt 
4. New Look Balloon Leg Khaki Trousers 
5. Birkenstock Arizona 2 Strap Sandals 
6. Birkestock Delft Sport Sandals 


Finally, the ‘fun’ T Shirt and jeans. Something cheap and cheerful to give you a bit of mood lift? Check out Etsy. I’m telling you, you can buy a T Shirt or a sweatshirt there with pretty much anything you like on it. Be careful though, It’s very easy to lose hours on there putting a load of nonsensical items into your virtual basket. I currently have Liberty Print Face Masks residing in mine. Although, I have to say, I’m tempted. If we are to wear them when we’re finally allowed out then may as well go for a decent print.…

1. Rev Apparel Joe Exotic T Shirt 
2. Monki Green Utility Jacket 
3. Gap Distressed Barrel Leg Jeans 
4. H&M Mickey Mouse T Shirt 
5. Boden Emily Trainers 

One of the things that concerned me this week was the rumour that hairdressers won’t be allowed to open for another 6 months. I know it’s shallow and frivolous in the grand scheme of things but by God I’d love to have my hair done right now.

Next week I think it’s either Sandals or maybe all the beauty products that I rate and am using on lockdown? The choice is yours. I feel another poll coming on.

Stay Safe

Kate x

P.S. Thanks for all your lovely messages after last weeks post, it was so nice to know you liked it

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