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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Post Lockdown Weekend Dreams

So, we’re heading into week 5 of lockdown with no real end in sight. I find weekends the hardest and I think it’s the ‘no end in sight’ part that gets to me. I work best with a deadline, an endgame, something to aim for, something to look forward to. This constant limbo is difficult for us al. Like most of you I have good days, bad days and days when I cry in the shower.

But, I don’t want to get all maudlin on you, because that’s not my jam, and one day this WILL end. I know it won’t go back to normal right away, but one day it might. It got me thinking about the things I miss the most and the things I want to do the most once we are able to do them. Of course I want to travel, I want to go on exciting adventures in other places and meet new people, but what I want the most, is to do the things I totally took for granted in the City that I live in.

I love London. I love living where lots of other people live. I like crowds, I like pubs, restaurants, bars, gigs, noise, and I even like getting on the bus. Maybe that’s why this lockdown has got to me this week. If you choose to live in the quiet splendour of the Countryside then is the silence is easier? Anyway, this blog is basically about what I like to do, the places I like to go, and inevitably, as this is a fashion blog, the things I like to wear when I’m doing it.…


Friday is my day off from my real job. It’s the day I do any blog related things. The day I get to catch up with friends, go for a nice breakfast or lunch in town. Maybe have scoot around Liberty. Breathe in the scents of the flower stand and the Le Labo counter, maybe lightly finger some clothes I can’t afford to buy. If I was to choose my favourite place to have breakfast it would be wither Nopi or the Wolseley, both very different but equally delicious. Lunch would be at The Shed in Nottinghill, unless it’s a fancy Christmas do, then it’s the Beef Welly at Balthazar all the way.

If I was to go out for lunch right now, I’d wear my Ganni shirt, that I bought pre lockdown, intending to wear with jeans in the Spring, but have since only worn once for a zoom meeting inside my own house.

ganni collar shirt

1. Wild Swans Ganni Large Collar Cotton Shirt 
2. Mango Lattice Design Bag 
3. H&M Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt 
4. Mango Regina Slouchy Jeans 
5. Veja B Mesh Suede Trainers 


My go to party outfit is a Ganni Leopard print dress. I would get the bus there, top deck, front right ideally, and an Uber home. Depending on my post party mood I would be engaging in totally random conversation with the driver or scrolling the phone with nothing more than the sweet sounds of Magic FM transporting me to my bed. I’m just glad that the last party I went to was a good one to remember. I was my friend Sorcha’s plus one to Aljaz from Strictly’s 30th Birthday Party. What fun we had! Ain’t no Party like a Strictly Party, and let me tell you, Fern Britton is great company and she knows a good time when she sees one.

leopard print Ganni dress

1. Ganni Cotton and Silk Maxi Dress 
2. And/Or Leather Biker Jacket 
3. Ganni Leopard Silk and Linen Dress 
4. Esska Valerie Gold Platform Sandals 


Going to Griffin Park on a Saturday afternoon is the thing I miss the most about this situation. it’s the best part of the weekend. I love everything about it. I love that it’s just me and the boys, I love the banter, the singing, the half time snack situation and of course, the absolute unbridled joy when ‘we’ score. What makes it even more heartbreaking is that our beloved Brentford were doing so well. Play off position no less. Also, the last ever ever game of the season at the ground they’ve been in forever was to be on May 2nd, which is also my youngest sons 13th birthday. To say we were looking forward to that would be an understatement.

I wear my favourite Anine Bing sweatshirts and jeans to the football. I also have a ‘lucky’ coat, but it would be too warm for that now. These Gap jeans have come highly recommended by my friend Arlene who says they are best jeans she’s ever owned. That’s high praise indeed.

what to wear to the football

1. Anine Bing Logo Ramona Sweatshirt 
2. Brentford FC Enamel Badge 
3. Hush Nellie Quilted Jacket 
4. Gap High Rise Distressed Straight Leg Jeans
5. Kin Canvas Hi Top Trainers 


After football on Saturday (and a quick change of clothes), we like to meet our old next door neighbours/great friends at the Red Lion in Ealing. It’s right next to Santa Maria Pizzeria and serves their food, rightfully billed as ‘Londons Best Pizza’. They’ve got a few branches now and it really is the best pizza outside of Italy that I’ve ever tasted. In fact, if I’m honest, it’s better than most of the pizza I’ve had in Italy. They do one with a WHOLE burrata on the top, and don’t even get me started on their meatballs. I’m salivating just thinking about it. Thankfully they are still doing takeaways, but nothing beats a happy evening in their beer garden in the summer and rolling home after too many Pinot Noirs.

polka dot dresses denim jacket

1. Mango Light Denim Jacket 
2. TH Jewellery Candy Cosmic Ring 
3. New Look White Spot Puff Sleeve Dress 
4. Never Fully Dressed Multi Coloured Spot Print Dress
5. Nike Blazer 77 Hi Top Trainers 


Sunday used to fill me with dread, but you know, since I started writing this blog, I love Sundays. I love to see all your comments (on Instagram, as I still haven’t figured out how to not get a million spam comments on here from Russian Viagra pushers), I love to look at Google Analytics and see how many people are reading. When I first started I would be excited at 50 viewers, now it’s in the thousands. A massive thank you to those who have stuck with me since the start and Hello and thanks for reading to anyone new.

My perfect Sunday would usually be spent at home, with maybe a pub lunch. But for the post lockdown Sunday, perhaps we’ll go into town. Do a walk along the Southbank from Waterloo to Tower Bridge, Take in the Tate Modern, amble past the Tower of London, go up to the Sky Garden, Have a cocktail, Maybe a late lunch at Joe Allens in Covent Garden. That’s our go-to family lunch venue. It’s so old school, they have a piano player doing old show tunes and there’s a good chance you might see a few Theatre Luvvies in there. I still live in hope of a Christopher Biggins or a Lesley Joseph. We did get Alma off of Corrie once though, that was good enough for me. On Sundays I like to wear boilersuits. For no reason. I just like them.

boiler suit weekend and other stories

1. & Stories Green Denim Workwear Jumpsuit
2. Louise Wade Crescent Moon Signet Ring 
3. H&M Denim Boiler Suit 
4. Nike Air Force One Trainers 
5. John Lewis & Partners Edna Trainers 

Sorry, this is has been a rather self indulgent post about things I like to do. Thanks for sticking with it. Next week, I think we’ll get into Sandals, or Shorts and the best T Shirts? What do you reckon?

K x

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