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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Super Seasonal Sweaters

I’m not saying I’m NOT a fan of the Christmas sweater, I am to some extent, but I don’t like being tied down to a wearing something just a few days in the year. My knitwear should be socially acceptable in January and February too, so let’s call this a ‘Seasonal Sweaters’ post. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become a little bit obsessed with knitwear. This was basically brought on by the cold snap and seeing this amazing jumper (above) from Anya Hindmarch. It’s way out my price range, but it’s such a beauty isn’t it? I’ve not found an exact high street replica as yet, but I will continue the search and in the meantime,  if anyone has a family member that’s a whizz with the knitting needles, let me know!

In my quest for knitwear I have so far bought a vintage Nordic sweater that was too small, so it went back. Another Fair Isle from eBay that was too big, so that also went back. I tried on one in Arket that was too thick. Then I saw one in Sainsburys of all places, but that was too thin. I’m telling you this quest is not as easy as I thought it would be, but big thanks to everyone that sent me their suggestions!

There’s a chance I have finally found one sort of seasonal sweater that I really like, this one above from Zara. It’s not as colourful as I might have liked, but it is yellow and I don’t think I own anything yellow, so that’s a justified purchase in my books. As a side note, I’ve not been too impressed with Zara of late, but I am happy that they seem to have finally sorted their sizing out. Overnight I seem to have gone from being a size Large to a size Medium, which will go some way into making me more inclined to shop there once more!

Let’s take a look at some other seasonal (ish) sweaters that I have found on the high street.


Gap does a colourful stripe sweater every year. This is the first year I have actually bought one. I’m not ashamed to admit I was totally swayed by advertising. Tons of the bloggers I follow on Instagram were paid to wear them, and it worked for me. I felt the need to go and get my own, so well done Gap for hitting your target market! Obviously I bought it at 50% off. You’d be a fool to buy anything in The Gap at full price, they have more sales than Allied Carpets*. There are many other seasonal stripe sweaters out there too, here are a few, most of which are also on sale. Talking of sales, I have searched to see if my Givenchy Boots are discounted anywhere. No joy as yet I’m afraid, so I’m featuring these Top Shop ones again because they are the absolute best High Street alternative I have found.

*80’s joke, I suppose the millennial equivalent could be DFS

Colourful stripe sweaters, mango tulle beaded skirt

1. Jardin des Orangers Stripe Cashmere Jumper
2. Madeleine Thompson Striped Wool & Cashmere sweater
3. Mango Bead Tulle Skirt
4. Sara Battaglia Textured Leather Bucket Bag
5. Top Shop Alfie Buckle Boots 


Obviously the Anya Hindmarch beauty is the holy grail, but there’s quite a few more affordable variations. My favourite one so far is the Red one from Next and another yellow one from Zara but I’d still like someone to knit one for me. I gave my mum the pattern to make me the one Sarah Lund from the Killing wore. That was 4 years ago, I’m still waiting. Mother, get on with it! Don’t you miss The Killing? how good was that show? The Danish version obvs. I was obsessed. Also, I *may* have just ordered these Ganni boots, they are on sale (40% off!) and look like the perfect weekend / football boots.

fairisle nordic sweaters, corduroy dungarees

1. Zara Sweater with Shimmer Details
2. Next Red Fairisle Sweater
3. Topshop Black Slim Corduroy Dungarees
4. Zign Lace-up Boots
5. Ganni Edna Leather Boots 


I absolutely love cashmere, who doesn’t? Yes, I know it’s pricey, but what price warmth and comfort? I wash all mine in the washing machine too — on a very low wool wash temperature — and so far, I’ve not come a cropper with any shrinkage. The sales have fully started now so grab yourself a colourful cashmere bargain before they sell out! P.S. As my favourite navy H&M coat seems to have  sold out in quite a few sizes now but I’ve found this Mango one that is very similar.

Wyse London Rainbow Breton, Mango overcoat, Madeleine Thompson jumper

1. Wyse London Cashmere ‘Ines ‘Breton Rainbow Jumper
2. Mango Wool Coat
3. Mango Red Suede Chain Bag
4. The Outnet Madeleine Thompson Cashmere Sweater
5. Joshua Sanders Lurex Glitter Bow Trainers


Ok, so this one isn’t really that seasonal, then again neither is cashmere come to think about it,  but I love a cable knit so I’m adding some here for my own benefit, along with the latest  Gucci Bag I’m lusting after. I’ve tried to pick more colourful cable knits rather than my default navy, grey or black. These babies should keep you warm from now until spring.

Cable knit sweaters cable knit jumper gucci supreme bag

1. Topshop Cropped Cable Knit Jumper
2. Next Cable Knit Roll Neck Jumper
3. Frame Le Original High Waist Cropped Jeans
4. Gucci GG Supreme Shoulder Bag
5. Mango Double Breasted Check Jacket 

Hope you find a suitably seasonal sweater to keep you warm over Christmas. I’ll be back next week with a round up of my favourite sales picks.

K x

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