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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Seasonal Party Dressing Without The Dress

After saying last week I wasn’t in the mood to do a party outfit post, I did have a few people say something along the lines of, ‘Come on, you selfish cow, it’s not all about you, what about the rest of us who ARE looking for party outfits?’ So just for those people and anyone else who’s looking for something to wear on a seasonal night out, I’ve done a bit of research on your behalf. Let it be known right now that I am NOT advocating sequins, especially sequin jackets. I have made that mistake in the past. “Ooh, I know, I’ll just buy a sequin jacket and throw it over some jeans, I’ll look great”. STOP! you will not look great, you will look like Auntie Muriel who has decided to don something crazy and wild on a big night out at Yates’ Wine Lodge in Hayes. Step away from the sequin jackets ladies, I repeat, step away from the sequin jackets. You are better than that.

I’ve come up with a few items that you CAN add to your usual wardrobe that hopefully will work for a party and not make you look like Liz MacDonald. So let’s leave the obvious party dresses to one side for now and have a look at Velvet Jackets, Statement Skirts, Fancy Shoes and Embellished Jeans. If you are lucky I might throw in a few dresses at the end. By the way that Warehouse dress I was on about last week arrived and it’s definitely a keeper. I shall be wearing that to a Christmas event near me soon.


I have one of these that I got in the sale last year from Zadig and Voltaire, it’s just a simple Velvet jacket with no buttons and tiny skull on the collar. Keep an eye out for the Zadig sales, they do hefty discounts which make them much more affordable. I would wear my velvet with a simple white blouse or shirt and either a fancy flat or a simple pointy stiletto. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t wear heels, but I am remembering that this post is not all about me, I know many other ladies out there are perfectly capable of walking in heels…

monsoon velvet jacket, victorian blouse

1. Monsoon Green Velvet Blazer
2. Monsoon Victorian Maris Blouse
3. & Other Stories Tuxedo Trousers
4. Mango Velvet Coffer Bag
5. & Other Stories Glitter Star Pumps 


This is a great alternative to a LBD, how about a fancy skirt instead? you can team it with a simple knit and some bold earrings, or do the full Jenna Lyons and wear with your khaki shacket. I love this look. I *may* have just ordered the Top Shop Shacket, it has embellsihement goddamit, I NEED IT! Add a tiny impractical bag for good measure. My friend Sarah from Little Spree (check out her blog, it’s brilliant) has this cute Mango bag in black, so tempted to get it too. If you’ve gone for maxi skirt then you can definitely get away with pretty flats

Get the Jenna Lyons look, tulle skirt, embellished shacket, cashmere roll neck

1. & Other Stories Cashmere Roll Neck
2. Top Shop Embellished Khaki Shacket
3. Needle and Thread Embellished Maxi Skirt
4. Mango Red Coffer Bag
5. KG Kurt Geiger Embellished Velvet Flats 


For me, most outfits start with the shoes. It’s what the bulk of my clothing budgets go on. As a rule with shoes, I think you get what you pay for. Expensive shoes should last for years, they should make you feel good and be a classic design. I am all in favour of less expensive clothes, you can pick up gems for peanuts, but cheap shoes, not so much. Team your expensive fancy footwear with pretty much anything you like..


This is a new one on me for 2017, and something you don’t need to spend too much on. My favourites are the sparkly ones I have from H&M, which for some reason are only online in the larger sizes, but this past week I have seen them in all sizes in 3 H&M stores, so check out your local one. A Festive jean is perfect for a more casual gathering, keep it plain up top and maybe team with your fancy shoes (or even trainers) and your velvet blazer.

etoile isabek marant embellished jeans, Iris fashion velvet top, Gucci bee trainers

1. Iris Fashion Lola Velvet Top
2. & Other Stories Red Silk Shirt
3. Etoile Isabel Marant Embellished Boyfriend Jeans
4. H&M Crystal Embellished Jeans
5. The Outnet Jimmy Choo Kami Satin Sandals
6. Gucci Ace Bee Trainers 

Finally, here’s some party dresses for you, as I know you all like party dresses…

K x

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