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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Summer In The City — The Dress Edit

So, summer seemed to arrive in full force this week. Now, it obviously got  ‘too hot’ for some of us delicate ladies living in the city, but I’m staying positive and trying not to complain. Some of the tubes even have air-conditioning now you know. I started going the longer route to work just to make use of the District Line and all it’s mod cons. But when temperatures do reach sweaty-bum-and-legs-sticking-together-hot it’s hard to know what to wear to work. I wrote about this on one of my first blog posts back in July last year, but after the week we’ve had I think we need to revisit this topic!

Now, I love me some shorts and a vest in the comfort of my own garden, or on the beach in my ‘happy’ place on the sun lounger with a Mojito in hand. Everyone has a ‘holiday drawer’ under the bed don’t they? That place where you stash your denim cut-offs and emergency-buy holiday sun dresses from Primark that only ever get worn abroad, but that won’t cut it for work. Even in my office, where there is no dress code at all, going to work in the heat brings a whole new world of challenges. Personally I don’t believe anyone should be wearing a flip-flop and a hot pant in the work place. Especially the men…This week I saw a lady in the canteen queue sporting boob tube. She’s a repeat offender as I remember that same boob tube from last year. It’s been indelibly burned into my retinas. Live and let live I know, but too much flesh on show around the photocopier sets my teeth on edge.

I think your best bet in this heat is a good dress and some sandals. I declared this past week ‘dress week’ and have worn one almost every day to put my theory into practise. Well, I managed 4 days at least. Check out the ‘Shop My Instagram’ pages for more details on the ones I wore. There’s a lot of great dresses out there right now, I think there are 4 styles of summer dress to focus on that can take you almost anywhere. Let’s have a look at what I have found…


This is my personal favourite, ideally with some kind of sleeve, loose fitting to let some air in,  and not in a colour that will show up the inevitable sweat patches after a brisk walk. A pattern helps with that I find…

summer dress midi

1. Stella McCartney Gold Tone Sunglasses (on sale)
2. Top Shop Round Sunglasses
3. New Look Floral Wrap Dress
4. & Other Stories Print Midi Dress
5. Vans Yellow Old School Trainers (on sale)
6. Veja V 10 Trainers 


Nothing too short if you are going armless I’d say. There are some really lovely strappy dresses around that are not too revealing. Great for holidays but I think you can get away with them in the city too if you ditch the flip flops and wear trainers or a decent sturdy pair of sandals. Love this one with Bows at the shoulders from M&S…

Summer dress 1. M.i.H Jeans denim jacket (on sale)
2. By Malene Birger Dress (on sale)
3. M&S Cold Shoulder Dress
4. & Other Stories Heeled Sandals 


I do stand my the old adage , ‘Legs or tits, not both’, so if you’re getting the pins out then keep the girls contained. Here’s a couple of reasonably modest minis…

Summer dress mini

1. Isabel Marant Ruffle Dress (on sale)
2. Whistles Stripe Dress (on sale)
3. The Outnet Jerome Dreyfuss Bag
4. The Outnet Vanessa Seward Bag
5. & Other Stories Strap Sandals
6. & Other Stories Suede Espadrilles


I was never a ‘boho’ girl until this summer, not sure what changed my mind, but I’ve totally bought into a bit of flounce and embroidery these days. Perfect for wafting about in. Don’t go the full see-through beach Kaftan though, unless you want the boys in I.T. to get an eyeful. Love this red dress from Monsoon, yes, Monsoon of all places! Not a shop I often frequent to be honest, but they have some really nice bits in at the moment. Always good to keep your options open on the high street…

summer dress boho

1. Monsoon Print Midi Dress
2. Sea Printed Silk Dress
3. See by Chloe Leather Bag
4. Converse All Star Trainers
5. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots 

How did you cope with dressing the heat? I’d love to know what you chose to wear when you actually had to leave the house.

K x

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