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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

A Touch of Red — Canada Day Style

This is tenuous link at best, but it was Canada Day yesterday. I am married to a Canadian. We did some celebrating in Trafalgar Square, I have 4 giant Foam Fingers to prove it. The Canadian Flag is Red and White. I like the colour Red. Is that enough for you? It will have to be, because I’m totally running with it as this weeks theme.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on Canada. It’s like America. Yet totally different. There’s lots of space, the people are lovely, they like the outdoors and they end sentences as if asking a question, which can be confusing at first but you get used to it, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Canadian that I couldn’t get on with. I’ve never met Justin Bieber though, he could be the exception to the rule, but look at all the famous Canadians;
Ryan Gosling, nice and a phwoar.
Ryan Reynolds, nice, funny and good looking.
Drake, nice and good at weird dancing.
Michael Buble , So nice and very good at singing.
Kiefer Sutherland, nice and saves the world a lot.
Kim Cattral, nice, still sexy
Pamela Anderson, nice, likes animals
I could go on, but I may come up against Avril Lavigne and Nickelback and that’s where my theory flounders somewhat, But hey, look at their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, he’s also nice and seems normal and is a dish with good hair. I can’t name a single one of our politicians that have any of those traits.

As I mentioned, my husband is from Canada, so we go back to Vancouver a lot, which is wonderful place, except in the months between October — April when it pretty much never stops raining. If you go, go in July or August, it’s at its absolute best in the summer. Unless you favour snow, then go in January and take your snowboard. The exchange rate is still good, so the shopping is cheaper than here. Go to Sephora, stock up on all manner of make-up treats, go to Aritzia and buy cheap designer jeans — especially in August when the sales are on. Go to Gastown and eat pulled pork in a trendy restaurant and then buy novelty socks. Walk along the seawall, you might even see a stray Whale. We did, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I am digressing again. We are not even going this summer, we are changing it up and going to New York. In August. I might not have thought this through properly…

Let’s get on with my tenuous theme. Basically Red and White clothes, maybe some Black thrown in for good measure too. This is also a good way of packing for your holidays, have a colour theme, that way you know you can mix and match all your clothes, therefore having to take less. All well and good in theory, but always end up over-packing. Here’s some outfits I’ve put together for you…


Perfect everyday outfit. Elevated with a designer sweatshirt and Gucci trainers, because, why not. I really want this sweat now…

Isabel Marant Red Sweatshirt, Gucci Trainers , Marc Jacobs Black Leather Bag

1. Isabel Marant Etoile Sweatshirt
2. Monica Vinader Garnet Ring (on sale)
3. Marc Jacobs Leather Cross Body Bag
4. Stella McCartney Lips I phone cover (on sale)
5. Gucci Ace Heart Trainers
6. Next Wide Leg Cropped Jeans


This Comme Des Garcons Play T‑shirt has been on my wishlist for ages. One day I will purchase! Bag is from a new company I have discovered called Hermosa London who make great Tote bags out of neoprene. Perfect for travelling as so light!

Comme Des Garcons Stripe T Shirt, Neoprene Bag, Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

1. Comme Des Garcons Play T Shirt
2. & Other Stories Floral Print Blouse
3. River Island Denim Midi Skirt
4. Hermosa Neoprene Tote Bag
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers


Mix and match the red and the white. Don’t let anyone tell you that Birkenstocks are not cool. They are still my go-to sandals every summer…

White sundress, Red Sundress, White Birkenstocks, Red Saltwater Sandals

1. ASOS Raen Sunglasses
2. Illesteva Round Frame Sunglasses
3. M&S Lace Trim Maxi Dress
4. & Other Stories Tie Strap Dress
5. Saltwater Leather Sandals
6. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals


I can’t tell you how much I love these ASOS WHITE jeans. The shape is so good. I bought mine a few weeks ago and will wear them all summer. I’m also now torn between this Ganni Sweatshirt and the Isabel Marant one! Must. Not Buy. Both. Also, like Birkenstocks, Nike Air Max will also always be in my wardrobe, for the comfort factor alone.

Red Ganni Cherry Bomb Sweatshirt , Nike air Max Trainers

1. Ganni ‘Cherry Bomb’ Sweatshirt 
2. Top Shop ‘Future’ T- Shirt
3. ASOS White Jeans (on sale) 
4. Davina Mulford Leather Hobo Bag 
5. Nike Air Max Ultra 1 Trainers


Ending on a smarter look. I still love my little Red Gucci Disco bag. It’s just big enough to fit all my essentials in. I do  sometimes have to make a choice between my umbrella OR my sunglasses though. It’s squeeze to fit in both, along with Wallet, Travel Card, Lipstick, Keys, Pen, Phone and packet of Fruit Gums — just for emergencies…

red t shirt, black M&S trousers, Red Sandals, Red Gucci Disco Bag

1. & Other Stories Red T‑shirt 
2. Gucci Red Leather ‘Disco’ Bag
3. M&S Tapered Leg Cotton Trousers
4. New Look Contrast Trim Duster Coat 
5. New Look Red Ankle Strap Sandals

I hope I’ve inspired you to either add a touch of red to your life OR go on holiday to Vancouver. Maybe you’ll just spent the rest of the day listening to Nickelback and Avril Lavigne. I won’t judge you. Actually I will, but only silently.

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