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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Midweek Treat — What I Bought This Week (June 21)

Again, using artistic license as some of these things I bought a couple of weeks ago, but no-one seemed to mind last time, so I’m going to roll with this from now on. There have been quite a few things I’ve bought on a whim online due to the heat, but realised the error of my ways as soon as they arrived. Hello ridiculously short dress from ASOS, you were more suited to me as a teenager, not me as a fully grown mother of 2 with a belly in serious need of some kind of ‘core’ work and a bikini line that needs due care and attention. Here’s what I have purchased that I’m keeping…

Adidas Pool slides. I went to get these because my youngest son wanted a pair. Of course I couldn’t help but buy a pair for myself too. I’m thinking good for weekends, around the house and, eventually the beach or pool once we go on holidays. The ‘kids’ wear them with socks don’t you know…

Along with the dress I sent back, I got these White jeans from ASOS White. They are a keeper. I love them, they are a great fit. I wanted a pair of white jeans but I didn’t feel I could rock a tight ‘Liz Hurley’ style. These totally fit the bill, plus they were on sale. Bonus.

I popped out for lunch on Monday and came back with this Lemon Dress from H&M. It was there in the shop calling for me. The sizing is spot on, (for once H&M have got it right) unfortunately it’s not online, but maybe keep an eye on the midi dress section it might come back. Or even go out an have a look in-store, just in case there are any lingering at the back.

Hot weather calls for legs out. Legs out calls for fake tan. I still am yet to find one that I can get on with more than The Original Fake Bake . Yes, it does come off on the sheets a bit, but it doesn’t streak or smell horrible once you wash off in the morning. That will do for me.

I bought this Top and the matching trousers from the Whistles sale. Sent the trousers back, didn’t think they were as nice as the ones I already have from Mango, but kept the top. Good with jeans, or on holiday, with denim cut-offs.

Finally, this M&S Dress. I bought it a while ago, but wore for the first time last week. I love it. I think it looks way more expensive than it is. Comes up true to size, very loose fitting though. Hides all my sins!

That’s all for now. Happy Shopping!

K x

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