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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Spring Jackets

We’ve now had my birthday, Valentines day AND Pancake day so that signals for me that Spring is now on it’s way. Out of these 3, I think I enjoyed Pancake day best. It always makes me wonder why we don’t make pancakes more often. So so easy to make, and the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner option depending on your fillings. I shall make a concerted effort this year to remind myself that the humble pancake is a cheaper and healthier option than a drive through Mcdonalds when you can’t think of anything to make for teeangers lunch. Macdonalds I know is the devil but sometimes it’s just the answer. Usually when hungover.

Hangovers remind me of another thing that usually happens in February, The Brit Awards. Always a highlight of the musical calender and the only night of the year I ever go to bed past midnight. I have so many memories of working at that event. From helping organise the production of Geri Halliwell’s giant opening legs, to arranging a giant staircase, a rocket, 12 prams, 24 Blackberries, 32 dancers and 18 pink machine guns for Lily Allen (and accosting her on the way out as she tried to leave the venue wearing my beloved leopard print coat)

Then there was the time Brandon Flowers performed with the Pet Shop Boys, but came alone and didn’t know anyone other than them, and by the end of the 2 days, me. Yes, ladies he really is that handsome and a very nice man. The Pet Shop Boys are also the nicest men in Pop, I think that’s actually trademarked. I don’t miss the last minute panics of the tantrums over the size of dressing room or the catering. But I miss the energy and I miss being around SO MANY people!

Talking of people, last week a lady wrote to me appalled that I would book a holiday in the countryside for this summer, because people in London shouldn’t come and ruin her rural idyll. Fair enough, but as a Londoner I would welcome anyone from anywhere to our fair city. As much as I’ve enjoyed being outside in my local nature, I love crowds, I miss crowds, I miss all the people and noises and the exciting things that happen here. Once it’s safe to do so, come COME! fill up the tubes, the pavements and restaurants. And if you ever need any London tips, just ask me. I have loads.

And when you do come, you might need a nice new Spring Jacket to waft down the Kings Road in. See that segway… seamless. I’ve picked out the 5 styles that could be an option below. If you’re looking for waterproof jacket, I would really ONLY recommend something from Protected Species. 100% waterproof but also stylish enough to wear everyday.


Classic liner jacket, this one was from Etsy, always a good place to start

I have to start with this style as it’s probably my current favourite of the Spring Jacket crop. I’m not talking about anything too thick, that would be your puffer jacket, but something thinner, yet still warm enough to get you through to the summer. Also known as a ‘liner’ jacket as the inspiration for these comes from the double layer zip-in quilted linings of industrial strength winter parkas. You can do this yourself by wearing your quilted jacket under your winter coats or your overshirts for now. I love a good layer. During this time of life it’s also essential. I can’t be doing with just one thick item,  I need the ability to peel off clothing as the temperature sees fit.

Special mention at this point to Wild Folk Studio, a small company that makes Quilted Jackets out of actual old quilts (as in photo above). You can even send them your own blanket or quilt and they will fashion it into a jacket for you to wear. I love that idea.

spring jacket required quilted jacket

1. Arket Navy Quilted Jacket 
2. Whistles Suri Mini Croc Cross Body Bag 
3. Mango Embossed Contrast Knit Jumper 
4. Whistles Authentic Barrel Leg Jeans
5. John Lewis & Partners Green and White Trainers 


The trench coat seems to be quite the divisive item. I know a lot of people can’t get to grips with it. maybe it’s the dirty old flasher connotations? You don’t get that many dirty old flashers these days do you? Back in the day you could barely leave the house without hearing tales of your local one. I’ve been flashed twice, both in the early 90s. It was obviously popular at that time. Pre-internet I suppose. Once on the Northern Line when he was trying to disguise himself with a copy of the Evening Standard, and once down the back of the Ealing Broadway shopping Centre. At first glance I thought he was pumping up his bicycle tyres. Turns out he was pumping up something else entirely…

But please don’t let this stop you from trying a trench! I know I’ve featured this White Stuff colour block trench before, but I’ve just taken delivery of it and I can confirm it’s very good.

Spring Jacket required trench coat

1. M&S Animal Print Cross Body Bag 
2. Matalan Puff Sleeve Denim Shirt
3. White Stuff Colour Block Trench Coat 
4. Cos High Waisted Pleated Trousers 
5. M&S Wide Fit Leopard Print Loafers 


the ever stylish Donna Wallace from Vogue wearing deep blue denim jacket

Strictly speaking, I’d say the Denim jacket is more of a summer number, but also very good for Spring as, like the liner jacket, you can wear underneath something else until the weather heats up a bit. Although, here in London, we are promised up to 17 degrees this week. That’s close to barbeque and sun lounger weather in my books. It won’t be long before we might have to start the ‘downstairs’ tidy in readiness for potential shorts wearing. The thought of wearing shorts again genuinely excites me.

Maybe look at a slightly different style of Denim Jacket this year. I like the look of this more ‘blouson’ style from And/Or at John Lewis. I’d wear it over my buffet dress with maybe a tank top for extra warmth. I will do a Spring dress blog soon, I’m just waiting for my favourite independents  to get their Spring stock in.

Spring Jacket required Denim Jacket

1. AND/OR Adele Denim Jacket 
2. Gucci Black Leather Disco Bag 
3. Monki Seersucker Maxi Dress 
4. & Other Stories Relaxed Wool Knit Tank Top 
5. Veja White Leather & Khaki Trainers 


I love a reversible jacket or coat. I mean, who wouldn’t want 2 for 1? My ideal ones are when they have printed one side and plain on the other as that opens up a raft of outfit ideas. The jacket from Scotch and Soda below would work both ways with this navy Cos boiler suit. Would also go perfectly with any of you striped tops and jeans. After my Jewellery post the other week, along with small brands, I have become slightly obsessed with Vintage sellers on Instagram. Have a look at my highlight there to find all the ones that have been recommended. Be careful though, you are likely to fall down a rabbit hole of gold,

Spring Jacket Requited, reversible Khaki Jacket

1. Kirstie Le Marque Diamond And Gold Apple Necklace
2. Cos Collarless Long Sleeve Jumpsuit 
3. Scotch & Soda Reversible Quilted Liner Jacket 
4. Axel Arigato Clean 90 Leather Leopard Trainers 
5. A.P.C Betty Hazelnut Leather Bag 


Finally, the overshirt, or the ‘Shacket’ if you will. I’m not that keen on made up words like Shacket though, ‘Skorts’ is another that annoys me. but I know that they do accurately describe these items so I’ll let it slide. The Overshirt isn’t going anywhere, like the hiking boot, it’s here to to stay. You can go checked, you can go plain or you can go quilted like this one from H&M. Where with your (slightly more stylish) joggers and sweatshirt to help with that move from being permanently at home to (hopefully) a move back into society. Webe really go to hope that’s coming soon. I JUST WANT TO GO OUT WITH PEOPLE I DON“T LIVE WITH.

spring Jacket quilted overshirt

1. H&M Navy Quilted Overshirt Jacket 
2. Amelia Rose Small Orange Leather Bag 
3. Wild Hearts Wonder Double Leopard Sweatshirt 
4. M&S Utility Drawstring Tapered Joggers 
5. Nike Orange & Navy Trainers 

I hope there’s some inspiration here for your Spring jacket. Fingers crossed by next week we’ll have an idea about when we might be able to go outside again and have a reason to wear real clothes.

K x

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