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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Love a Good Stripe

I love a good stripe. If in doubt, get the Breton out could be my motto. Not so much in the bleak midwinter, I grant you, but with longer, warmer days on the horizon (please please please), thoughts turn to Spring dressing, and Spring means Stripes. It also means Daffodils that smell like wee, Trees coming back to life, a new crop of ducklings to spot along walks down the canal and a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR of this shit…

This week it really felt like the wheels had come off lockdown. Not that we are disobeying the rules, just that a lot of us (myself included) have really felt like giving up. My procrastination levels when it comes to work are off the scale. Some days this week I didn’t even open the laptop until 5pm, and we know that 6pm is clock-off wine time. My youngest teen has not got dressed all week. In fact he’s worn his Christmas Pyjamas so much he’s already worn a big hole in the crotch. Does this stop him wearing then? No, no it does not.

I’ve heard tales of friends drinking prosecco out of a mug during 10am Zoom meetings, others who have added a shot of Baileys to their afternoon coffee just to get through the day. There’s only so much of this we can endure. Now they tell us not to even book UK Holidays. We need something to look forward too FFS. I have resigned myself to the fact we won’t be going abroad again this year, But FU Grant Shapps, you’re stop stopping us at least having a break here, so I’ve booked a week in Norfolk and another in Northumberland. Literally I have covered every inch of the area we live in. I NEED castles and Beaches to look forward to in the summer.

Apologies my rants have got out of hand a little this week. I’m sure a lot of you are only here for the pictures, so let’s get back on track with some Stripes…


If it was good enough Audrey and Bridgette, then damn, it’s good enough for the rest of us for the rest of time. This could be seen as your ‘basic mum’ outfit, but you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we just need basic. We need an outfit that we know just works. At one point I owned 18 Striped tops. Since then I have thinned out my wardrobe and pared it down to about 6. Still potentially too many, but all in varying fabrics, styles and stripe thickness. These things matter. If you want to add a bit of interest got for a bit of day glo. A bright beanie or a splash of pink neon on your trainers. Also, I have these Raey jeans from about 3 years ago and rediscovered them this week. Really good baggy style. Not cheap, but definitely a classic.

classic Stripe and Jeans

1. H&M Fine Knit Stripe Jumper 
2. Le Bonnet Acid Yellow Beanie Hat 
3. Monki Long Quilted Coat 
4. Raey Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans 
5. D.A.T.E Low Top Leather Trainers 


Use your classic long sleeved Stripe T Shirt as a layering piece while the weather is still cold. and boy was it cold this week. I have to say I wasn’t sad about that. The frost meant the mud hardened and that was actually a joy.  Down here in the West London environs we even had some of those really great bright crisp cold sunny days. Perfect days for a podcast walk. I can’t wear headphones when I’m out with Thomas Frank so I’ve defied the government again this week by doing 2 walks a day.  I highly recommend the Louis Theroux and Rob Lowe Podcasts if you want a break from true crime mysteries.

Layer up your stripes under jumpsuits, dresses and tank tops. Or layer them over shirts like the stylish Ines De La Fressange above. I’ll be doing a Spring Jackets post soon but the Khaki Quilted Liner jacket is definitely one to watch this year. a stop gap between the full on puffer in Winter and the Shacket for summer.

Stripe Jumper and Jumpsuit

1. Oliver Bonas Chambray Denim Jumpsuit 
2. & Other Stories Braided Square Leather Bag 
3. Monki Soft Long Sleeve T Shirt
4. ASOS Tall Quilted Fleece Lined Jacket 
5. White Stuff Leather & Suede Hi Top Trainers 


Another blog post I’ve been asked to do is ‘trousers that aren’t’ jeans or joggers’. I will crack on with that soon. I now refuse to wear loungewear during the day. I’m sick of joggers and tracksuits. I know it’s comfortable, but it’s so BORING now. I want to go out somewhere and wear real shoes, a dress and have reason to take a handbag out. You don’t need a handbag over the back field. Just a pocket full of tissues and dog treats and a phone to take pictures of good trees. I’ve become so obsessed with trees that I have a whole folder of photos on my phone under the title ‘Good Trees’. I mean, I used to go to parties, nice restaurants, awards shows and hang out amongst the rich and famous. Now I take photos of trees. Central London is 7 miles away but for the past year it may as well not have existed. One day. Please, one day soon.

I have these balloon trousers from Kin in Beige from last year and they are very good. This photo doesn’t really do then justice, but they are a great shape, and if I didn’t already have 3 pairs of Khakis I’d be buying them.

Stripe Jumper and Khaki trousers

1. APC Stripe Wool Blend Sweater 
2. Honey & Toast Edie Leather Shoulder Bag 
3. Toast Twill Quilted Jacket 
4. Kin Khaki Balloon Trousers
5. Converse Cream Embroidered Hi Tops 


I know this feels tricky but it does actually work. Think of your stripe top as a basic that you can mix with other patterns. particularly good with florals and with leopard print. Don’t be afraid to do a little clashing. For a better overview how to do Print clashing check out this article by Emily Jane Johnson (pictured above) at Fashion Fois Gras. I love this little floral quilted jacket from Vero Moda. In fact they have nice range of jackets at good prices if you’re looking for a little pre-Spring pick-me-up. I’m also looking forward to wearing trainers with secret socks again instead of hiking socks and wellies. These new New Balance look like a nice change.

Breton and Florals

1. Boden Puff Sleeve Breton 
2. Vero Moda Floral Quilted Bomber Jacket 
3. JW Anderson Logo Tote Bag 
4. M&S High Waisted Balloon Jeans
5. New Balance 327 Trainers 


Finishing up with a few wider stripes.I should mention at this point that I think it’s an absolute myth that horizontal stripes make you look larger and vertical stripes make you look thinner. Vertical Stripes just make you look like Beetlejuice. Horizontal Stripes are good for everyone. They only thing that makes me look thinner is black. So let’s end this on an outfit I would wear right now, and I probably will be wearing something very similar to this today. Love this Ami Paris jumper . I coveted it last time I was in Liberty. Oh Liberty, we shall be back together soon and I can finally spent those gift coins that have been lingering in my (unused) handbag since August!

Thick Stripe Jumper 1. Ami De Coeur Striped Sweater
2. Arket Down Puffer Jacket
3. H&M Printed Tiger T Shirt 
4. H&M Shaping High Jeans 
5. Sorel Lennox Black Leather Hiker Boots 

I’ve got a list of topics to cover over the comings weeks, Spring Knitwear, Spring Coats and Jacket, Trouser that aren’t jeans, Shoes that aren’t trainers or boots and DRESSES!

K x

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