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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Six ways I’m wearing my white jeans this month

I think it’s the law now that when someone asks ‘How was your summer?’ the correct response is to roll your eyes and say, ‘Did we even get one?’ I know I’ve got a couple of sad summer items that have been woefully underworn this year. It’s too early to pack them away just yet though, as you never know what September will bring. (especially looking at the weather forecast next week). One of those items is a pair of white jeans. Actually, it’s two pairs: because you know I can’t do things by halves. This summer I bought this pair from Jigsaw and this pair at an amazing sale price from a department store in Florence on holiday. I WILL write that Italy blog soon, I promise. 

Now, this is not to say that white jeans are necessarily a summer item. I think we can wear our lighter denim all year round. Just make sure you have a pot of Vanish Oxi Action in your cupboard to help with any potential mishaps. I’ve done some extensive research* on keeping whites white, and my go-to whites wash-day routine is now to add a spoon of the Vanish along with a sachet of Glowhite to the machine. It’s working pretty well for me so far. 

*I googled it. 

Let’s now have a look at six ways that I plan on wearing my white jeans this month, and hopefully further into the autumn/winter months. Is it a bit sad that I’m genuinely excited to wear all these? I don’t own every one of these exact items, obviously, but I do have similar in my wardrobe so I will attempt to create all these looks this month and make the most of my white jeans. 


Loafer lovers, rejoice: they are definitely still a big trend this season. September is the perfect month for loafers: it’s not so hot that you feel the need for a sandal, but it’s also warm enough to go sans socks. They look best with a bit of ankle showing, so if your white jeans are full length just roll the hem up a bit. Pair with black and white stripes, because we all love a good stripe. 

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. Uniqlo black rib vest top 
  2. COS mini leather crescent bag 
  3. Celine square frame sunglasses
  4. Daphine flora hoop earrings
  5. Abercrombie Ultra high rise 90’s straight leg jeans 
  6. Mango black and white stripe cardigan
  7. Gucci Jordaan leather loafers


Are we still doing the ‘coastal grandma’ look? Or, as I like to term it, the ‘beachside Brenda’. Think comfort but with an edge of cool. Birkenstock Bostons are also still ‘in’. They are in my book, anyway. Anything that comfortable is not going anywhere. Even MORE comfortable when worn with a slouchy sock. I love the blue denim worn with the white denim. Add an oversized cardigan. Look at men’s departments for the best ones. 

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. John Lewis  patch pocket denim shirt 
  2. COS knitted silk blend cardigan
  3. & Other Stories leather trim denim tote bag 
  4. H&M 90s regular baggy jeans 
  5. Birkenstock Latte suede Boston clogs


One for the brave, and possibly only on the days when you are not coming into contact with sticky small children or dirty dogs. My only advice here would be to add a belt to break up the one-colour look. Don’t worry if your whites don’t match, either. One of my favourite jumpers by Slow Love is now available in a monochrome design. Such a great jumper to throw on at this time of year as it’s made of cotton, not wool. Also good for those of us suffering from the curse of the hot flush. I can’t do anything next to my skin that’s not natural and breathable anymore. 

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. Slow Love monochrome hand knit Feel Good jumper 
  2. Scream Pretty smiley charm earrings
  3. A.P.C Rosette leather belt 
  4. Maison Kitsuné handwriting T Shirt 
  5. Jigsaw Tyne wide leg crop jeans 
  6. Autry medallist leather and suede trainers (use code KATE15 for 15% off)


Yes, black leather jackets are still something for this season. Even more so if they’re in a slightly 70s style. Look for something collared with front pockets if you’re in the market for a new bit of leather. This style works so well with your high-waisted jeans. And for your cropped jeans, the sock boot would be a great option when it gets cooler and we need boots again. I’m even thinking of doing a small block heel this year. I know! Who even am I?

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. Ted Baker removable shearling collar leather jacket 
  2. Liberty London gold and diamond initial ring 
  3. Bella Freud print cotton t shirt
  4. A.P.C Ninon leather tote bag 
  5. Paige Harper distressed high rise wide leg crop jeans 
  6. By Far Sophia leather boots (use code KATE15 for 15% off)


A more casual one here. I think the muted tones will work well with the white jeans. Congratulations if you bought a khaki bomber jacket or quilted jacket last year, you made a good choice. Get that sucker dry cleaned (or put it on a gentle wash, as I insist everything I own can go in the machine) and ready for next season as it’s not going anywhere, style-wise. By the way, my code at Coggles has been upped to 25% off this month. Use code KATE25 on this Anine Bing sweatshirt and everything on this list here. 

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. Anine Bing Ramona organic cotton sweatshirt (use code KATE25 for 25% off this month)
  2. With Nothing Underneath washed khaki cap
  3. Mango oversized bomber jacket 
  4. Hush relaxed boyfriend jeans
  5. Uniqlo dark orange corduroy bag 
  6. Adidas Gazelle bold trainers 


I bought this M&S blazer this week. I can confirm it’s a good one. I think pinstripes are having a bit of a moment again. I went up a size because I wanted it with a bit of room, but I’d say it’s true to size. This actually looks like an outfit straight out of the Next Directory circa 1985, but I’m OK with that. Some things never really go out of style. 

white jeans outfit ideas

  1. Boden straight cut cotton shirt 
  2. M&S wool pinstripe blazer 
  3. Isabel Marant Zap  tan leather belt 
  4. COS column straight leg jeans 
  5. Gucci jumbo print tote bag
  6. John Lewis Harper leather pointed flat Mary Jane shoes 

I hope this has given you a few ideas about how to wear your white jeans well into the autumn. Which one was your favourite? Of course I don’t have a comments section for you to answer that here. I have tried but it keeps getting spammed with Russian ads for sex aids, so I took it off. Feel free to answer on my Instagram instead.

K x

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