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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

5 Easy Outfits To Wear With Your Green Quilted Jacket

If there is one item that I’m massively drawn to right now, and have been for a while, then it’s the green quilted jacket. It’s not going anywhere, ladies: this very useful item is here to stay. I’m guessing many of you already have one of these. Unfortunately, the one I have and wear all the time is now sold out, but I thought I’d have a look through the old internet and source a few more options if you’re still looking for your perfect one.

Very much like last week’s stripes, khaki is a neutral. It’s a colour that goes with almost any other. Apart from more khaki. We want to look fresh and cool, not like we’re Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin. Although, come to think about it, she looked amazing in that film, so maybe that’s not the best example, but too much khaki looks like you’re about to invade Russia, so keep it to an absolute maximum of two items per outfit, just to be on the safe side.

We are currently in that fashion-wasteland period between the dregs of sales and the start of the new season, so there’s nothing groundbreaking for you this week, just five easy outfits to wear with your green quilted jacket.


Currently my daily uniform of choice. I do wonder sometimes why I buy so many dresses when I practically live in jeans. I think it’s often wishful shopping. If one has a new dress, does that mean one will make more of an effort to go somewhere nice to wear it? That’s going to be my aim for this year. But maybe not to buy more dresses, just to go to nice places and wear the ones I already have. I’m still feeling sorry for last year’s summer dresses that never got worn, but they are nestled safely in their airless plastic vacuum bag under the bed. They shall have their time in the sun this year. She says hopefully. 

In the meantime, I’ll wear my green quilted jacket with jeans, boots and a chunky knit. FYI, if you go for these Raey jeans, go down at least one size. Ignore what it says on the website. Thank me later. 

1. & Other Stories boxy wave quilted jacket 
2. Hades Wool Alphabet scarf (all letters available!) 
3. Rotate navy chunky knit logo jumper 
4. Raey organic cotton Dad jeans 
5. Sandro Elton quilted leather boots (on sale) 


There’s something about a good pair of black trousers that makes me feel a little bit more grown up. I got told to ‘grow up’ this week by someone who slid into my DMs. That’s Instagram messages, not boots, that would be even more annoying. It took me months to wear those bastards in; if someone else just slid into them without so much as a by-your-leave, I would be even crosser. I don’t think we should ever really ‘grow up’. How boring would that be? I’m quite capable of organising pensions and home insurance whilst also still laughing at farts.

Talking of grown-ups, apparently baseball caps are back in this season. Maybe just don’t wear them back to front. 

1. Ted Baker Leeonie quilted jacket 
2. Anine Bing Jeremy baseball cap 
3. Ami de Couer stripe polo neck jumper (on sale) 
4. H&M ankle length pleat trousers 
5. Nike Blazer low 77 trainers 


I’ve been getting so many targeted ads for this Marfa Stance jacket that I feel like I MUST have it now. Unfortunately it’s VERY expensive, so I would need to sell a lot of clothes (or a kidney) to justify it. It got me thinking about what was the most expensive item of clothing I’ve ever bought. You have to discount bags and shoes here as they are classed as accessories, and you can’t include your wedding dress. I think mine is actually a jacket. A wool and leather bomber jacket from APC that I got in the sale about six years ago, and it was still around £450. So in today’s money that’s even more. I still have it and I still wear it though. 

If, by any chance, I scraped the cash together to buy this jacket, I might wear it with white jeans, because, well, why not?

1. Marfa Stance colour block quilted jacket 
2. Forest Bound Escape canvas bag 
3. Cos wool mix knitted jumper
4. M&S cotton rich balloon leg trousers 
5. Converse recycled cotton high top trainers 


Talking of grown-up things, ME + EM is fast becoming one of those brands that I turn to for clothes that really work for those of us who are a bit sick of trawling through crop tops at Zara or ASOS to find something suitable. It’s not cheap – reassuringly expensive, even – but I find that everything I have bought from there over the years, I’m still wearing now, so cost-per-wear is very good.  They’ve recently launched a denim range and these dark denim barrel-leg jeans are definitely a new favourite of mine. 

Also, FYI, this Hush coat is now half price. I have it from 2020 and it’s a really useful, lightweight number that can take you into spring easily. 

1. Isabel Marant Yenky denim tote bag 
2. H&M graphic sweatshirt 
3. Hush Daxton lightweight quilted coat 
4. ME + EM adjustable high waist barrel jeans 
5. New Balance 327 trainers 


I’m slightly obsessed with hi-top trainers. I need to step away from the Nike website as I eagerly await the latest drop of Air Jordans. Maybe more proof that I haven’t grown up. I still like to wear some of  what the youth wear. Crop tops and Crocs notwithstanding. Crocs have taken over my house lately. Both teens now sport them on a daily basis, and they’ve even started ‘Jibbitz trading’, where other teens come over with those stupid Croc decorations and swap them with each other. Pretty sure they are only doing this to annoy me. 

1. Fat Face Layla quilted khaki jacket 
2. Roka small orange rucksack 
3. Anine Bing Tyler sweatshirt 
4. ME + EM puppy tooth slim leg side stripe jogger trousers 
5. Veja V15 suede high top trainers 

I’ve been asked a few times this week to do a smart edit as lots of people are heading back to the office soon. So I shall do that for you next week.

K x

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