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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

SIX SUMMER JACKETS (something for all weathers)

This has been the most requested subject of late, so I’m listening to you, my lovely readers, this week and giving you all the summer jackets you could ever need. Possibly. It may be July but here in the UK, that doesn’t always mean wall to wall sunshine and hot weather. Oh no, it can mean torrential rain, gale force winds, thunderstorms and a 50/50 chance you’ll be putting the heating back on, and that was just last Wednesday.

We need to cover all bases here. Jackets are going to be more important for most of us this summer, as, I’m guessing, many of you will not be jetting off to sunnier climes. I’d love to know if any of you actually ARE considering a foreign holiday now that the government has decreed you can. I guess I could imagine driving to France or something, but the thought of getting on a plane to the Costa Del Sol in full PPE isn’t so appealing.

While we’re talking lock down ease, has anyone booked a table at a restaurant? Are you all rushing into town for plate of noodles or a pint at the Dog and Duck? No? Me neither. But I think I will dip my toe in soon. I don’t like to be the first anyway, I’d rather let fools rush in and sit back for a while and watch the results. That said, our local pub by the canal has had a full on garden makeover with individual booths, bunting and festoon lighting. It looks very inviting and I will be stopping by after one of my daily walks (yes I’m still doing that, remember, I AM an athlete now) this week for a cheeky lager and lime and a packet of pork scratchings. I shall report back next week.

But, until then, let’s take a tour of the six summer jackets I can recommend to you all…


I had to start with the perennial classic, the Denim Jacket. Someone asked me this week if Denim Jackets are still Ok to wear. Of course they are! In my mind they are an absolute wardrobe staple. Proven by the fact that the oldest item in my wardrobe is a vintage Wrangler denim jacket that I bought the first week I moved to London at the Stables Market in Camden. (August 1992 since you’re asking).

I still wear that jacket now. I only wish I had also kept the green graffiti print jersey tube skirt/crop top set I bought in Hyper Hyper that same week. There’s no way I’d still fit into it, but it was so fucking cool. I remember wearing that outfit to the Milk Bar club and getting picked out of the queue for entry by the fearsome door lady. For a 19 year old just moved up from the suburbs, it was, and frankly still is, one of the coolest things that had ever happened to me.

1. Jerome Dreyfuss Leather Flap Bag 
2. Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses 
3. Mango Light Denim Jacket 
4. Louise Wade Jewellery Rocka Signet Ring 
5. Ganni Tiered Leopard Dress (on sale)


Here’s something I get asked about a LOT. It’s really difficult to find a proper waterproof that is actually also something nice enough to wear all the time. Step away from the cheap pac-a-mac or the oversized Berghaus you bought in an emergency prior to Glastonbury 2011 and let me introduce you to Protected Species. This small independent brand makes fully waterproof jackets that are actually cool. My favourite is the City Walker as I like the boxy style, but they also do parkas and trench coats. Not cheap, but you only need to ever really buy one waterproof jacket. They currently have 25% off with the code RAIN25.

1. Regatta Laurenza Waterproof Jacket 
2. Ganni Striped Cotton T Shirt 
3. H&M Mom Jeans 
4. Protected Species City Walker Jacket 
5. New Balance 574 Trainers 


Another wardrobe staple here. I would assume most of you already have one of these jackets. Call them utility/ shacket/ whatever, basically it’s a khaki, or similarly neutral coloured, cotton jacket with pockets. The perfect accompaniment to a white summer dress and tan sandals. There is still hope that we shall still get some more summer days to wear our white dresses. I featured this Monsoon one in black a few weeks ago, sadly mostly sold out, but now it’s available in white and I think it’s even nicer in white. I have this style in Gingham and it’s hugely flattering AND it has pockets. You all know how I feel about pockets.

1. Mango Ring Flap Bag 
2. A. Kjaerbede Square Sunglasses 
3. Mango Multi Pocket Cotton Jacket 
4. Monsoon Dolly Schiffli Midi Dress 
5. ASOS Tan Leather Strappy Sandals 


I touched on this last weeks neutrals post. Apologies for the site crash last week. I still don’t know exactly what happened there, but it was very annoying for everyone. Particularly for my IT manager/ husband who got me asking every 5 minutes, “Is it working yet”, “Have you fixed it yet”, “Why wont it work?”, “Can you make it work”. I’m thinking we might need to do a little rejig soon. Make it look a bit nicer. Not to mess with the layout too much, but maybe a little bit of a facelift?

But summer blazers, great with jeans and a white shirt. Pep it up a bit with some animal print converse maybe. These ones are on sale at Net-A-Porter. They’ve got some great things in their sale right now. Good time to buy for Autumn, but more of that later.

1. Monki Single Breasted Blazer 
2. Whistles Snake Print Cross Body Bag 
3. H&M Mom Fit High Waist Jeans 
4. Ganni Cotton Poplin Shirt (on sale) 
5. Converse Animal Print Trainers


Basically just an excuse to show you this jacket from Monsoon that’s an excellent homage to the classic reversible Isabel Marant quilted jacket but for only £35. If you’re going to go all out and get a loud patten jacket then I would err on the side of keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Pair with the perfect plain black linen T from Cos. Cos are back on form right now. They tend to be a bit hit and miss, but of late, definite hit. Pull on silk trousers from & Other Stories, so good for summer, and these ‘Sporty’ Birkenstocks that I bought early on in lockdown and are absolute winners, oh and the ONLY thing I’ve bought from an actual shop since March 13th are these hair ribbon elastics. I know I bet I could have made them myself, but I didn’t. They are pretty and I like them a lot.

1. Monsoon Quilted Cotton Jacket 
2. Anthropologie Ribbon Hair Bands 
3. Cos Black Linen T Shirt 
4. & Other Stories Relaxed Silk Trousers 
5. Birkenstock Delft Sports Sandals 

BARBOUR JACKETS  (just because I think I need one)

This is what happens when you look outside at the shitty weather and fall down a Net-a-Porter sale rabbit hole. You discover that all the Barbour x Alexa Chung range is on sale. What do I think? I think, ‘Hey, I’m 47 and I don’t own a Barbour, maybe it’s time to fix that’. So I’ve thrown caution (and cash) to the wind and ordered this one. If It fits, I feel it will last me a lifetime. Apparently you can even send them off to Barbour to get re-waxed if you really batter them. Good to know. Also to note, there are a few Grenson Nanettes on sale at good prices. Just thinking ahead for you.

1. Barbour x Alexa Chung Corduroy Trim Wax Jacket (on sale) 
2. Mango Bucked Flap Bag 
3. River Island Blair High Rise Jeans
4. A.P.C Navy Peace Sweatshirt (on sale)
5. Grenson Nanette Brown Suede Boots (on sale) 

I hope there’s been some jacket inspiration for you here. Let’s reconvene same time next week.

K x

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