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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My Favourite (and most comfortable) Trainers

Firstly, as you probably know, I’m a big fan of trainers. I can’t even tell you how many pairs I own. A good pair of trainers will last you for years, I’ve got Nike Air Max’s from over 15 years ago that are still going strong. I only ever get rid of them once they start falling apart, or they get messed up beyond repair. As one of my number one priorities these days is comfort, I’m wearing my favourite trainers even more often now.

I have set myself a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps a day every day this month. I know it might not sound like much of an exercise target, but it does equate to around 90 minutes of walking every day. Super easy when the weather’s playing ball, but not as much fun when it’s pissing down. My favourite pair of walking trainers are an old pair of New Balance 574s (more of them later), mainly because they are a grey, so they don’t show the dirt and they are so comfortable. God, I’m sorry, I’m so dull these days. My 13 year old even said ‘You’ve changed’, ‘You only talk about ducks and Springwatch these days’. He’s right. That’s lockdown for you…

At this point I should mention the sock situation as I know a lot of people will ask. I always wear a secret sock or a trainer sock. I used to say the best secret socks were the cotton footsies from M&S, but I’m not sure what they’ve done with the design, but it’s just not as good anymore. Still OK, but we can do better. My current go-to on the totally secret sock front are the Vans own brand ones. Not as cheap as M&S, but they work and they don’t slip off mid walk.

For your high tops or your chunkier trainers then go for sports brand trainer socks. I find the ones made by Nike are the best., These ones and these ones are my favourites. I’m sure Adidas etc do similar, but those are the ones I have. So, without further ado, let’s get into my favourite trainers. All chosen for the comfort and joy they bring to me.


Had to start off with the classic Nike Air Max trainers. My love of these started in the rave days of the early 90’s with a chunky pair of the Air Max 90s, a pair of 3/4 length black leggings, long sleeve Stussy T‑shirt, silver bum bag and a bleach blonde perm shaved under one side. You can picture me now at Dance 91 down at the Picket’s Lock Sports Centre in Edmonton…

I still favour that classic design, I never got on board with 95 or 97 versions, they were a bit too ‘lads, lads, lads’ for me, but I am really loving the new 270 React style. They will probably be my next trainer purchase. Wear them with anything and the comfort factor is 10/10. True to size.

1. Rixo Marie Floral Dress (on sale)
2. ME + EM Statement Georgette Midi Dress 
3. Nike Air Max Chunky Trainers 
4. Nike Air Max 270 React 


From one of the oldest pairs I have, to my most recent discovery. I was drawn to the Adidas Ozweego as they look a bit like the Balenciaga Triple S trainers, but are nearly £500 cheaper. I actually do have those Balenciagas and although I’m still into them, (hello, fashion victim at your service) they are so heavy! and not exactly practical for my latest bird watching excursions. The Osweego trainers have that fugly Dad style that I favour but are super light and SO bloody comfy. Get your regular size. I wear with ‘Balloon’ trousers, my new favourite trouser style. Check New Look for these jeans. I have the same style in Khaki Trousers but they seem to have sold out now unfortunately..

1. TopShop Black Broderie Short Sleeve Shirt 
2. H&M Salmon Midi Dress 
3. New Look Balloon Leg Jeans 
4. Adidas Ozweego Trainers 
5. Adidas Stripe Ozweego Trainers 


I’ve lumped these two in together as they are very similar styles. Similar price too, usually not more than £65, and often you can find them on sale. Unlike a lot of trainers they also come in a big variety of colours. so if you’re looking for a unique combination, you might well find it here. Both are great for all day wear and work a treat with a floral dress. Especially my current favourite ones from Kemi Telford (below) and Justine Tabak (above right). I would take your regular size in the Saucony Jazz, but go up half a size with New Balance, they tend to come up a bit small.

1. Kemi Telford Vintage Flower Dress 
2. H&M Cotton Midi Dress 
3. Saucony Jazz Original Trainers 
4. New Balance 574 Trainers 


Another style from Nike that have been around forever but fell out of favour for a few years. Back on track now and an excellent pair to wear with jeans. These Whistles jeans are one of my favourites and are now on sale. It’s the exposed button fly that gets me everytime. Sales are on all over the place right now but I still haven’t felt the urge to go to an actual shop. In fact seeing all those people wrestling to get into Primark on the news this week left me cold. It’s bad enough queueing to get food, but I’m not waiting in line to buy a pair of £3 leggings that I can’t even try on.

I’ll give it a few weeks, then I might venture over to Chiswick to browse the local boutiques. For the high street chains, it’s definitely online shopping for the foreseeable future. I’d much rather make my clothing decisions in the comfort of my own home.

1. Louise Wade 3D Swallow Necklace 
2. Arket Heavyweight Cotton T Shirt 
3. Mango Floral Print Jacket 
4. Whistles Hollie Button Front Jeans 
5. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Trainers 


Again, I’m putting these two together as they are very similar. Both at the much more expensive end of the spectrum. Golden Goose are particularly pricey, but they are SO COOL! and because they have a small secret wedge sole built into the shoe, they elevate your ankles, thus giving the illusion of having much more shapely legs. It’s a very clever trick that you’d never think of until you’ve tried a pair on and see the difference it makes. Air and Grace do a similar thing with their soles too.

Both are also surprisingly comfortable even with this wedge thing. I once wore my Golden Goose trainers on a very long hike in Vancouver. Admittedly if I’d known the hike was going to be that long, I might have re-thought my footwear BUT they cleared the course with no injuries or blisters. Both true to size.

1. Wild Hearts Wonder Tiger Sweatshirt 
2. Disko Kids 1970 Sweatshirt 
3. Dorothy Perkins Bermuda Denim Shorts
4. H&M Linen Bermuda Shorts 
5. Air & Grace Mini Cheetah Alto Trainers 
6.Golden Goose Glitter Slide Trainers 


Now, I know not everyone finds these that comfortable, maybe I have slim feet as I’ve heard others complain that they find them tight across the top of the foot. So maybe if you are wide then steer clear. For everyone else, go for it. There are some good deals on Vans checkerboards right now. For me, they will NEVER go out of style. I literally wear them with everything and I’ve walked miles and miles in (from left to right above) Vancouver, Lucca and New York in them without any issues. This year I won’t be going anywhere far flung in my Vans, but I’ll wear them over to the big field behind the canal as always.

1. Hush Pippa Khaki Jumpsuit 
2. Arket Linen Bucket Hat 
3. Basket Basket Leather Trim Bag 
4. Vans Black and White Checkerboard Slip Ons 
5. Vans Red and White Checkerboard Slip Ons 


I couldn’t really do a trainer blog without an inclusion of the classic white Stan Smiths. I know they have perhaps been usurped recently by the influx of trendy trainers, (Veja, I’m looking at you, but you were simply not comfortable enough for a spot on this post) but if you’re looking for something simple and easy to wear with anything, then you can still turn to your Stans. They are the perfect trainers to dress down a smart outfit.

If I was going anywhere near and office anytime soon I would wear this outfit. Obviously without my Gucci bag as it got raffled off for charity last week. Thanks to everyone that entered, we raised £11,660 for Show Racism The Red Card. Fantastic result and congratulations to Rachel in Leeds, I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.

1. Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag 
2. Cos Relaxed Organic Cotton T Shirt 
3. Whistles Black Crepe Boyfriend Blazer 
4. & Other Stories Silk Trousers 
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers 

Looks like we’re in for a lovely warm week this week. Shorts and Sandals at the ready!

K x

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