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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Firstly, I’m not entirely sure of the definition of a Staycation. Does it mean not going away from your house? or does it mean having a holiday in your own country? Either way, School is out for most people by the end of next week, so you might be thinking of actually going somewhere. Although, there hasn’t actually been any ‘school’ for my kids since March. The eldest has been in a total of 3 times, each for less than 2 hours.They know more about random footballers on Fifa than they ever will about Algebra and Adjectives. Roll on September…

But before then we are actually going on a Staycation holiday. 2 in fact! We’re off to South Devon on Saturday for a week, I think I must have bagged the last Air B&B in existence, and then to Northumberland for a few days in August. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to being somewhere else for a while. New fields to walk on, new scenery to look at, new takeaways to eat. Same family to talk to, but you can’t have everything.

So this blog is basically what I plan to take with me to wear. Therefore there will lots of things here that I have featured before as they have all ended up in my wardrobe. Believe me, it’s not just you that ends up buying things featured on here. It’s a dangerous game researching clothes that I would like to wear every week. I have had a rule ever since I started this blog, if it’s not something I would wear myself, then it doesn’t get featured.

It’s almost exactly 4 years since I started this blog by the way. So, Happy Birthday Wears My Money! Thanks to everyone who’s been here since the start (basically my Mum and Dad, yes my Dad reads this, even though he’s not exactly my target market), and to everyone else who’s come on board since. If this is your first time reading, then welcome. I hope you enjoy and that you join us again in the future.

Right, let’s get on with my packing…


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am an absolute dullard. No longer are there nice lunches and an office in Kensington, they have been replaced by daily walks over the field by the canal. You might think I miss the old days (pre March). I don’t. I mean, I REALLY don’t. I love my morning walks. I love the fresh air, the exercise, the clear head and the outside chance I might bump into the older lady who also walks, but wears just a bra and a a pair of shorts.

Before you say ‘But Kate, surely it’s a work out top’, I say to you, ‘No’, it’s definitely a lace bra, flesh coloured, so even more of double take the first time I saw her. But if that’s what she wants to do then fair play to her. When I go for my holiday walks I SHALL be wearing a top half. Probably my Newtone T Shirt and will add my Coach Barbra Sweatshirt if there’s a slight chill. My favourite walking trainers are New Balance. Check out the Trainer blog for all the other comfy trainers I recommend, and don’t forget your shorts, more about shorts here.

1. Coach Barbra Streisand Sweatshirt 
2. Newtone Joy T Shirt
3. Top Shop Balloon Shorts (come in and out of stock A LOT so keep checking) 
4. H&M Lightweight Hooded Jacket 
5. New Balance 997H Trainers 


Listen, because I’m now officially middle aged then of course I bought a National Trust Membership. I plan on dragging the kids around many a stately home or a beautiful landmark this summer. I can see the eyerolls already. But just because I act like an old lady, that doesn’t mean I have to dress like one (especially the one who doesn’t bother with a top half). I’ll go for more of a grown up suburban goth look, black dress, shades, touch of leopard.

Now that I have longer hair I’ve developed a keen interest in fancy hair accessories. My current favourite is the sort of ribbon scrunchie things. I tried tying an actual ribbon on my ponytail but it just fell off. These things combat that. If hair ribbons falling off isn’t the actual definition of first world problems then I don’t know what is!

1. & Other Stories Cats Eye Sunglasses 
2. TopShop Black Poplin Dress (oversized! go down a size) 
3. Beauty Bay Satin Bow Scrunchies 
4. & Other Stories Leopard Cardigan 
5. Cos Chunky Leather Sandals 


It probably is blind optimism that I think there’s even an outside chance of wearing a swimming costume and not a parka on a beach in the UK this summer, but you just never know. It could happen. If it does happen then there is only one costume I will wear. That’s the Santorini from Boden. Honestly, it’s the best one piece I have ever bought. I now have 2 of them in different colours as I just don’t ever need another style. Take your regular size and don’t be alarmed if it takes a while to get into it. Once you’re in, it hides bulges and gives good shape. Now we just need some warmth and some sunshine.

I’m also in love with my new towelling Cabana top from Tombolo. Unfortunately they don’t sell anywhere in the UK yet and the shipping and import tax is expensive, so I would suggest if you’re thinking about it that you find a friend in the US who can send it over for you.

1. Boden Santorini Swimming Costume (some colours on sale) 
2. Nike SB Tropical Print Hoodie (on sale) 
3. Ginga Prive Rio Junco Tote Bag 
4. Tombolo Flamingo Cabana Top 
5. Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandals 


Inevitably there will be a few of these on your UK Staycation. so it pays to be prepared. Hoods on jackets are good, but add wind into the equation and they don’t always cut the mustard. You need a good bucket hat to cover your head when rain strikes. This one from & Other Stories is ideal. Yes, I shall be taking a pair of Grenson boots. They are still my favourite all weather, all year round boots. I don’t see the Nanette style going out of favour anytime soon, so a good buy for now in the sales if you can nab a pair in your size.

1. Barbour x Alexa Chung Crop Wax Jacket 
2. & Other Stories Nylon Bucket Hat 
3. River Island Blair High Rise Jeans 
4. The Upside Cotton Sweatshirt 
5. Grenson Nanette Leopard Boots 


At weekends and on holidays I always tend to turn to the all-in-one. Be it a boiler suit or a pair of dungarees, I just want something easy to wear. Granted, not easy to go for a wee in, but you get used to it. I’m not sure if there’s been a rush on dungarees, or if it’s just me that likes them, but they seem to be in short supply right now. Time was you could buy a pair in any shop, now, they appear to be as rare as Marmite. Although, fellow marmite lovers, you can buy the big tubs on Amazon. I have stocked up and now have enough to get me through the next pandemic.

1. ASOS Bandana Scarf Hair Band 
2. Levis Vintage Dungarees 
3. New Look Tall Acid Wash Jumpsuit 
4. Nike Blazer 77 Hi Tops 

Have a lovely week, and if anyone has any tips on good places to go and see near Salcombe in Devon, please let me know. You can email me on [email protected]

Kate x

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