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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Short Sleeve Shirts and Shorts. Try saying that quickly. It’s up there with Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers. What is a Peck anyway? and how can you actually pick pickled peppers? Who cares? We are talking about Shirts and Shorts. A perfect holiday combination I think, and as holiday time is almost upon us I thought this was an apt post for this week.

Shorts are tricky. Getting the right length is hard. You don’t want to show too much flesh, but  also don’t want to look like a surf dude. I know Billie Eilish can carry that look off, but she’s 17, I’m 46. (If you don’t know who she is, get with the programme Grandmas). The perfect shorts length for me is at least 3 inches above knee length and always long enough to fully cover the arse. So I’ve tried to find those that work within that parameter.

Short Sleeved shirts are one of my summer go-to items. I find them to be a more flattering and a somewhat smarter alternative to T‑shirts sometimes. I also love to wear them with jeans. To be honest this post did start out being about Jeans and Shirts, but then the weather perked up and I liked the tongue twister title. Maybe I’ll do jeans again next week if anyone’s keen?


Let us start with the classic summer in the city look of linen shorts and a white shirt. Perfect for a city break, and even, dare I say, office appropriate for hot days. I’ve written about office-appropes summer outfits in the past. I am very much live and let live in the wardrobe department but I can’t help but frown upon boob tubes and flip flops in the workplace. I saw both of these in our office this week. But to be fair I am about 20 years older than most of the people who work there, so I’m probably totally out of touch, and it’s clearly now fine to look like you’re going to the beach and then onto a nightclub. Personally I prefer to cover-up a touch more. So linen shorts and a decent shirt would do me just fine.

1. Rayban Tortoiseshell Wayfarer Sunglasses 
2. Mango Light Denim jacket (on sale) 
3. &Other Stories Cotton Button-Up Shirt 
4. Hush Straw Star Detail Woven Bag
5. M&S Pure Linen Pleat Front Shorts 
6. New Look Black Suede Strap Sandals (on sale) 


So, before you start searching the internet for good denim cut offs, I would urge you to to first take a look in your wardrobe and see if you have a pair of jeans that you can chop off yourself. The ideal jeans to make into shorts are the ‘boyfriend’ style. You need baggy jeans or else the shorts will be too tight on the arse. That’s fine for jeans, but with shorts not so much. Maybe raid your husband / brother/ male friends wardrobe as oversized is the key. Just cut off to the desired length then wash. Putting them in the washing machine will get the edges fraying nicely. Pair with a cool Hawaiian style shirt for instant holiday vibes.

1. Top Shop Hawaiian Print Shirt 
2. Le Specs Oval Frame Sunglasses
3. & Other Stories Raw Edge Denim Shorts 
4. John Lewis & Partners Large Jute Shopper Bag 
5. M&S Flatform Strappy Comfort Sandals (on sale) 


Another one that’s good for the office, or being out and about in the city. Everyone should have a good pair of black shorts in their summer wardrobe. Something that I realise is actually lacking in my own. I did have a great pair a few years ago from Topshop, but alas I don’t fit into them anymore. So I think I’m going to go with this pair from Weekday as they don’t seem to be too short and look nice and loose. Loose is always a key for me when buying shorts. Also good to note is that Boden do a lot of their shorts in 3 different lengths. More places should do that, it’s a really good idea. Sidebar… I love this Equipment shirt from The Outnet. It has Bees on it!

1. The Outnet Equipment Silk and Cotton Blend Shirt
2. Chloe Mini C Leather and Suede Handbag 
3. A. Emery Ankle Tie Leather Sandals 
4. Weekday Lyon Loose Fit Shorts 
5. Seven Feet Apart Original 172 Leather Trainers


Some of my best shirts are men’s shirts. if you’re not looking for something fitted, and I’m never looking for fitted these days, then always check out the men’s section. They often have a much better selection. Topman and TKMaxx are my too go to places, ASOS men’s  has a good selection too. You could wear it open and layered over your perfect white T‑shirt. If you wear done up, go for the ‘French Tuck’ as that will disguise any excess stomach you might have. Believe me, it works.

1. Topman Floral Slim Fit Shirt 
2. Weekday Recycled Voyage Sunglasses 
3. Baukjen Roll Cuff T Shirt 
4. M&S Linen Rich Shorts 
5. Chloe Sonnie Canvas, Suede and Leather Trainers 


This is just an excuse to feature my favourite swimming costume again. The Boden Santorini is the ONLY costume I’ve felt truly comfortable in recently. I bought it in plain Navy last year, but I might splash out and get it in another colour for this summer. Also, I love these Warehouse soft denim shorts, and H&M have a ‘Stranger Things’ collection going on right now too. I haven’t started the new series yet but my 14 year old watched the whole thing the day it came out and says it’s pretty scary. This coming from a boy who watched the Blair Witch Project on his own and didn’t even flinch. That film scarred me for life.

1. Mango Striped Bow Sleeve Shirt 
2. Boden Santorini Swimming Costume 
3. Warehouse Pleated Button Denim Shorts 
4. Vince Brown Leather Espadrille Sandals 
5. HM X Stranger Things Pool Slides 

Let’s hope we all get a chance to wear our shorts in the coming weeks whether we are going abroad or staying at home. My youngest son pretty much wears shorts from April — October. Takes after his Grandpa Gary who does the same!

K x

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