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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Outfits inspired by ‘The Split’

Due to popular demand I give you Outfits inspired by ‘The Split’. Have you watched this BBC divorce-lawyer drama? If you haven’t, I suggest you do. All three series are available on the BBC iPlayer. You do kind of need to watch them all in order to know what’s going on. Series 3 is the best. No spoilers here, as this blog is obviously all about the fashion, not about the plot. But to give you some context if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about three sisters. Hannah and Nina are lawyers, so they are always super smart. Rose is a nanny so her look is more casual. We will gloss over the fact Rose wouldn’t be able to afford the clothes she wears, that’s artistic license in the same way Carrie from ‘Sex And The City’ would not have $40k worth of Manolo Blahniks on the salary from one column a week in a newspaper.

I’m not going to give you ALL the exact outfits they wear, mainly because I don’t know a lot of them, but also because most of them are not available anymore. What I will do is take inspiration from their looks. For some more of the exact outfit details have a look at a US site called Shop Your TV which has already done a lot of the hard work for you.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some outfits inspired by ‘The Split’. I have (as ever) tried to give you a few more options at various price points in the scroll bar under each outfit set. Enjoy…


Oh Rose, you are so lovely. I think the character and the fashion sense of Rose is my favourite of them all, so I shall start here. Her lovely dress above is from small brand O Pioneers who do a fine array of vintage Laura Ashley/Little House on the Prairie-inspired frocks. See also Johanna Sands, The Well Worn and IRIS who all make some lovely retro-style dresses. I love how Rose wears her pretty florals with a pair of battered old Converse – a true example of not saving things for best and just wearing your nice (expensive) things for any occasion. I think we can all take inspiration from that.


1. O Pioneers Bessie floral print midi dress 

2. Iris Shae floral midi dress 

3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star floral print trainers 

4. Golden Goose Slide distressed leather and suede trainers 


1. The Well Worn William Morris print Felicity dress 

2. Warehouse paisley print mid dress 

3. Hush Skye hi top trainers 

4. Converse Chuck Taylor high top trainers 


My first thought is that I could absolutely NOT wear those stilettos all day, but I guess if you have been wearing them for years you get used to it? I do know a lady lawyer who only ever wears 5‑inch stilettos, even to the pub with jeans and a T‑shirt. She says she can’t wear flats anymore as her feet have been trained to live in heels over the past 20 years or so of wearing them. Hannah doesn’t go a bundle on prints for work – she favours a well-fitted, knee-length dress and a classy tote bag. In Series 1 & 2 she had a Mulberry, while in Series 3 she went for a slightly more affordable Coach tote.


1. L.K. Bennett Liya tailored pencil dress 

2. Jigsaw fluid twill Brook blazer 

3. Chiara Boni layered pleated scuba dress 

4. Mulberry Bayswater leather tote bag 

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren pointed leather stilettos 


Ahh Nina, she’s not all bad, she’s just troubled. I felt for her. I hope she’s on the path to happiness now. I also very much enjoyed her love of a good printed blouse. She did a pussy bow, sleeveless, high neck, patterned, you name it, she had them all. Not all of them stolen either, one assumes. Never underestimate the power of a good blouse and a well-fitting pair of trousers. I figure her to be a fan of Whistles, Reiss and ME + EM, but you can also get a good range of nice blouses for less at Oasis and Warehouse.


1. Warehouse floral tie neck blouse 

2. Reiss chain print satin blouse 

3. Weekday Zinc pleat front tapered trousers 

4. Liberty London Ipsis Marlborough tote bag 

5. Gucci Marmont leather GG buckle belt 

6. Grenson Fleur leather loafers 


The ill-fated camping trip was almost the only time we saw Nina and Hannah out of their work ‘uniform’ and even then we all wanted to rush out and buy a lightweight parka, or was that just me? Rose had a waterproof by Stutterheim, but Rains do very similar ones for a little bit less. To be honest, I’m more interested in Rose and her signature high-waisted flared jeans worn with a cute top and espadrilles. That went from Series 1 all the way through to the finale. I think she’d be a fan of & Other Stories and, if feeling flush, SezaneRixo for her lovely blouses.


1. Rixo Dallas floral print cotton blouse 

2. Atelier large Sam tan leather saddle bag 

3. Reiss Isabel regular wide leg jeans 

4. AND/OR Festival khaki parka jacket 

5. Castañar canvas wedge espadrilles 



Hannah’s pleated trench coat from Sandro was almost a character in its own right. Would the pleats still work if you had to sit down in it for any length of time? Why did it get slung over the banister in their amazing house instead of in a cupboard? Surely in a house that size (Clapham, apparently) they had a coat cupboard. Although saying that, even in our tiny house we have a coat closet and as I look around the kitchen now I can see three jackets just slung over chairs and one that’s on the dining room table. Anyone who says they put their coat away as soon as they get home is either a freak or a liar. P.S. Coast do a similar pleated trench for A LOT less than Sandro.


1. Sandro pleated Vino trench coat

2. & Other Stories shell button blue silk blouse 

3. Coach leather Willow tote bag 

4. Scenico stretch cotton midi skirt 

5. Whistles suede mid heel pumps 


This was THE scene where we all wanted to wear a Vampire’s Wife dress to a lovely outdoor summer wedding. Both Rose and Hannah’s dresses were from there. Unfortunately, £800+ on a dress we might not wear more than three times is a stretch too far for most of us, but don’t forget you can hire such things. Check out Hurr, My Wardrobe or By Rotation for a fine array of event dresses you can borrow for a few days. There’s also a lot of good ‘homages’ on the high street now for a fraction of the price.


1. Paisie graphic print halter neck dress 

2. The Vampires Wife Villanelle floral print dress 

3. New Look red floral ditsy print tiered dress 

4. Zoran pink suede block heel sandals 

5. Office gold snake block heel sandals 

6. M&S Ankle strap heeled sandals 

I hope this was enjoyable, I will be on the lookout for more TV series we can take some fashion inspo from again soon.

K x

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