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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My top 6 Space NK travel essentials

This post is sponsored by Space NK. We know how much I love them already, so I shan’t go on about it too much. For this month’s feature I thought I would showcase six items I took away with me on holiday last week.

At home I’m all for a full 4 or 5‑step beauty programme, but when you go away, you can’t be doing with all that. Most beauty items need to fit into a tiny plastic bag and, personally, I don’t have the time or the inclination for a complex beauty regime when I’m on holiday. Less is more in every sense. We just need the essentials, so here are six of mine…


This is small but mighty. I don’t really like roll-ons, and aerosols are no good when you’re going on a plane, so I take this Aesop deodorant instead. It smells divine, which means it almost doubles up as a perfume as well as helping you stop ponging too badly. Win win.


I tend to wear SPF most days now, but on holiday a 50+ for the face is an absolute must. I like this Violette SPF cream the best as it’s also mattifying. It doesn’t make me break out and it helps stop the shine. It’s been one of my favourite recent beauty finds. Highly recommend.


You can’t take your big pot of moisturiser when you go away, so instead I take this little tube of joy. It contains vitamin C, which I usually use as an oil, but a 2‑in‑1 works better when travelling.


Usually nothing will separate me from my Elemis cleansing balm, and I do sometimes try to decant it into something smaller to take with me when I go away. But for ease I generally take this cleanser by The Ordinary instead. It’s got a similar balm-like consistency plus it’s only £8.30 for the travel size, which lasts for much longer than the actual holiday.


I got this Sunday Riley oil in the Space NK advent calendar last year and it’s a great alternative to night cream and retinol. Don’t be alarmed that it goes on blue, you just rub it in and that fades! It’s super nourishing and comes in a nice compact bottle.


Finally, we have to look after our lips. I do have an SPF balm for when I’m on a beach holiday, but I also love this tinted lip butter from Summer Fridays when travelling. At home too, but on holiday I find I wear less lipstick yet I still want a bit of colour.

Here are a few more of my faves from Space NK this month:

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