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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Keep it Corduroy

This week, I have been mostly wearing Corduroy, and some knitwear that some might find questionable, but for the purposes of todays blog we are concentrating on the corduroy. I got a massively sweet deal on an olive green/sludge brown Corduroy suit from Zara in the sale. The trousers now look to be sold out, but the blazer was still in stock at the time of writing this (see below). I wore it to work on Monday and I felt rather smart, if a little bit like a 1970’s throwback, but I’m quite happy with that.

Corduroy is the perfect fabric for this weather. It’s nice and thick and warm, but also really soft, a perfect combo in my eyes. It’s not just for Jeremy Corbyn or your old Geogrpahy teacher who smells like Coffee and Rich Tea biscuits.(which is also how I imagine Jezza to smell like), it can work for you too. Here’s what I found in the Corduroy arena and how to style it up…


This is an easy one, and there are many options around right now. I featured these &Other Stories culottes a few weeks back, they’ve gone down a treat with a fair few of you who made the purchase. There’s also a great selection at Urban Outfitters and these amazing ones on sale from Matches. I always favour my trousers cropped as I quite like my ankles. Is that weird? I get my husband to take up 90% of my trousers. He’s whizz on the sewing machine, which is very handy. I’d go for a nice chunky knit, feature sock and thick soled brogues…

1. Whistles Chunky Cord Cropped Trousers
2. Mango Chunky Knit Sweater
3. Prada Leather Flatform Brogues (on sale)
4. Topshop Sporty Ankle Socks


This one really is the domain of the 1970’s school teacher, so let’s continue along that theme and add a printed geometric blouse and a camera bag. I love this Marc Jacobs bag, they are doing them in a load of colours now, plus you can change up the straps if you fancy a change. This is the Zara blazer I bought. I think I mentioned before, but Zara appear to have changed their sizing, for the better. I was a large, but now am definitely a medium and I certainly haven’t lost any weight recently!

1. Zara Corduroy Blazer
2. Mango Bow Tie Neck Blouse (on sale)
3. & Other Stories Cropped Corduroy Trousers
4. Marc Jacobs Small ‘Snapshot’ Bag
5. & Other Stories Python Embossed Leather Boots 


These remind me of being a small child. I loved a cord skirt when I was about 8, along with a Clothkits jerkin and Holly Hobby party dress. In fact, I’m pretty sure I even had a corduroy Holly Hobby party dress that my mum made for me. Not sure I could get away with that these days, a skirt would be easier. I’d keep it simple with a cashmere polo-neck and a tailored coat. I just added these Gucci shoes because they are so so pretty.

1. Pure Collection Cashmere Roll Neck (on sale)
2. Mango Masculine Structured Coat
3. Gap Navy Pencil Skirt (on sale)
4. Gucci Leather and Pearl Pumps 


A more casual look to end on, I had to add it as I love this Alexa Chung Bomber. still a few sizes left at 60% off. Wear your casual corduroy with jeans and a sweatshirt. Don’t forget the Vans. Everyone needs at least one pair in their wardrobe. I like wearing Vans a lot, they make me feel young. I’m not young.

1. Alexa Chung Cropped Corduroy Bomber Jacket
2. Whistles Red Cotton Sweatshirt
3. Vans Old Skool Trainers
4. TopShop Moto Hayden Boyfriend Jeans 

Just to end on, as we’ve been talking about the 70’s — Here’s my 70’s look, I reckon from 1979. Look at the collars, and the knitted dress. Or  is it some kind of waistcoat/skirt combo? I look like an Elf…

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