“Please don’t do loafers. Please don’t encourage people. They couldn’t be more wrong. They are ugly for a start. There’s nothing fashionable about them, they are not unique, characterful, pieces of art that so many shoes are. They don’t support individualism, but are rather the uniform of the wannabe upper class. They are nearly as bad as jumpers worn over shoulders and polo shirts with the collar up. So unbelievably wrong. Rant over.” 
Thanks for that Ali, I very much respect your opinion, but on this occasion I simply cannot concur. Wouldn’t it be a dull old world if we all liked the same thing? I agree that Loafers did used to be an item reserved only for the Hooray Henrys and Sloane Rangers, but I think they have had a resurgence over the past couple of years. Thanks, mainly to the genius of Alessandro Michele. They can be simple, but they can also be colourful and characterful. I believe there is a loafer out there for everyone’s taste (and budget) and it’s all about how you wear it, right?
Of course, I am massively biased and this post is also somewhat selfish as I got a pair of Red Gucci Loafers for my birthday (yay!, not like I’ve been going on about them forever or anything!) I’m just thinking of ways to wear them, so that’s as good a place to start as any…


This one is my outfit that I plan to wear soon. I have THE loafers, which I knew I was getting as I bought them myself but made my husband pay for one shoe as a birthday present. I covered the other! I have this great Mos Mosh blazer and a very similar pair of jeans to these Levis ones. Also, the other week on the shopping trip with the now-not-a-pre-teen I bought this shirt from & Other Stories. I bought it because I knew it would work with the shoes that I hadn’t bought yet. Are you keeping up? this is how I roll. It’s a GREAT shirt! Roll on spring so I can go for bare ankle with this look instead of the current thermal knee high socks.

1. & Other Stories Ascot Ruffle Blouse
2. Mos Mosh Black Ribbed Cuff Blazer
3. Levis Wedgie Fit Jeans
4. Gucci Red Brixton Horsebit Loafers
5. Mango Pebbled Cross Body Bag 


The ultimate classic. Yes, they could be considered conservative, but they are simple, smart, effective and will never go out of fashion, because they’ve never really been IN fashion. Pair with a classic trench, a high neck lacy blouse (also once a stalwart item for the Sloane Ranger) and a nice bright bag to bring it all together.

1. Monsoon High Neck Borderie Blouse (on sale)
2. TopShop Circle Lock Cross Body Bag
3. The Outnet Acne Cropped Jeans
4. Topshop Batwing Trench Coat
5. Topshop ‘Kreme’ Ring Leather Loafers 


A twist on the classic. I have this pair of studded Zara loafers from about 5 years ago that I still wear now. I’m happy to report there are still some studded numbers out there, my favourite ones are the Isabel Marant ones. You could wear them with the Mango coat that looks SO much like Marant (but is less that a quarter of the price) and this River Island Jumper that is also an excellent ‘homage’ to Isabel! I’d always rather spend my money on expensive shoes, but go high street for pretty much everything else.

1. River Island Cream and Black Fringe Jumper
2. Mango Herringbone Coat
3. Iris and Ink Leather Shoulder Bag
4. Topshop Washed Black Mom Jeans
5. Isabel Marant Frenzay Studded Loafers 


If you want something a bit more showy, then these are for you. Adding this category is purely an excuse to lust over these new Gucci Bee and Star embroidered loafers. I mean, they are just everything I love all rolled into one shoe! But I cannot. I have spent far too much recently and I’ve got a holiday, 2 kids ‘residential’ trips, and a speeding fine to pay for this month. As of now my spending on myself has to be curbed somewhat! I’d pair the fancier loafers with a very simple outfit. Focus on the shoes. Happy to see Mango have another great jumpsuit back in stock. I bought a similar black one in there 2 years ago and will definitely be wearing again once spring come around.

1. Mango Khaki Jumpsuit 
2. Marc Jacobs Studded Navigator Bag (50% off)
3. New Look Black Longline Coat
4. Gucci Embroidered Jordaan Loafers 

I won’t be offended if you still don’t like loafers, I mean, my husband still thinks it’s OK to wear Crocs about the house and I’m still married to him…
K x