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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Jumpsuit Joy

The jumpsuit won out by just 4% of the votes on the Instagram poll as to what theme you’d like to see this week. It was like Brexit all over again. I was veering towards the jacket option to be honest, but I will go with the democratic opinion, as should always be the case. Unlike Brexit, I did like both options on this poll, and a quick scan of my wardrobe showed me that I am indeed a jumpsuit fan through and through. I’ve dug in the archives and found photos of me wearing one from almost every category, so I really am an advocate of the all-in-one.

I think I like them in the same way that I like a dress. They are a one-piece full outfit. Easy to style, as you don’t have to think too much about what to wear with them. All you have to worry about is what others think of them. Please, please, please don’t be put off wearing things just because you worry what other people might say. You must always dress to please yourself, not anyone else. Since putting photos of myself on the internet, I’ve had many a message from people (always women, I might add) saying how much they DON’T like what I’m wearing. If anything, that criticism only serves to make me want to wear those outfits more.

I have been asked to find styles that suit long bodies, short bodies, long legs, curvy figures, ladies with large boobies. I’m afraid I can’t be too specific as to what will suit each of these, but what I would say, as I always do, is if in doubt, size UP. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to jumpsuits as, unless you’re going for a skintight Joan Jett look, they almost always look better with a bit of wriggle room.


M&S boiler suit from a few years ago and trusty Gucci bag

This is your classic “Oi love, you coming to service my boiler?” comment generator. Therefore that makes it one of my favourites. Do plumbers even wear boiler suits? I don’t think they do. The nice man who fixed the shit pipe back onto the wall of our house didn’t wear one. That was quite the scene, on Boxing Day last year, when a mighty wind picked up outside and the rain lashed down. Our toilet pipe came off the wall at the side of the house and crashed into the garden. It was quite literally a Shit Storm. Did I put on my boiler suit and clear it up? No, I made my husband do it and just pointed out the bits he’d missed as I sat inside with a tin of Quality Street.

1. Hush washed linen khaki boiler suit 
2. Mango pocketed cotton jacket 
3. Marc Jacobs leather ‘soft box’ bag 
4. Autry unisex Dallas white trainers
5. Le Bonne Shop ‘girlfriend’ socks 


Cos boiler suit also old. This was in Vancouver the last time we went back in 2018

I don’t have a photo of me in a sleeveless jumpsuit because I don’t own any, so this short-sleeve one will have to suffice. As ever, blame the bad 90s tattoos that I’d rather everyone didn’t see. Unless I’m on the beach on holidays, then they are fair game. BUT if you are sans tattoo regrets then this is a call-to-arms! A sleeveless jumpsuit is perfect for summer as an alternative to a sundress if you’re out and about but might need to climb over things, or ride a bicycle. I love riding my bicycle but floaty summer dresses are a no-no when it comes to a grubby chain. I love this simple black jumpsuit from Monsoon with the cute ruffle detail on the straps.

1. Alex Monroe gold plated bumblebee necklace 
2. The Mercantile Nancy light brown sunglasses 
3. Monsoon ruffle strap wide leg jumpsuit 
4. Ichi Holly Zephyr printed jacket 
5. Saltwater retro leather sandals 


The Iris jumpsuit I bought last year. so good.

This jumpsuit that I bought from Iris Fashion last year is my favourite patterned jumpsuit of all time. They did bring it back a few weeks ago, but I think it sold out again quite quickly. Maybe keep an eye on their site in case they get more in. My second favourite is one I wore for the Free People blog from earlier this week. Both surprisingly flattering. I would have thought that a busy pattern might not be so forgiving, but it really is. This one from Joanie clothing fits the bill too. I love how they now show their clothes on fuller-figured models as well as the traditionally sized models. I think that really helps to envisage how an item might look on you. It would be great if more brands would do that.

1. Joanie cotton ditsy floral printed jumpsuit 
2. ASOS cherry hair ties 
3. ALS London Izla red leather satchel 
4. Jigsaw light denim trucker jacket 
5. Sezane Olympe leather sandals 


Denim jumpsuit from Next that I can’t fit into anymore. Bag from Hill & Friends

I thought I’d found my perfect denim boiler suit when I bought this one above from Next a few years ago. Unfortunately, my stomach had other ideas. As of last year, the bottom buttons were busting at the seams. Instead of beating myself up to try and slim back into them, I just sold them on to someone who can enjoy them (and do the last two buttons up). I clearly didn’t take my own advice with sizing up and paid the price. I blame cheese. This means I’m on the hunt again for the perfect denim boiler. This one from Ro and Zo is my current frontrunner.

1. Ro & Zo denim jumpsuit 
2. Mango houndstooth kimono style jacket 
3. Honey and Toast leather bag 
4. M&S cool comfort strappy vest 
5. Vans checkerboard slip on trainers 


Jumpsuit, old again, from Fatface. Shoes from Air & Grace

Ahh, the jumpsuit with no discernable waist. Possibly the best kind of jumpsuit. No fear of button popping here, especially if it has a zip. You’ve got to love a jumpsuit with a zip. Especially when you’ve got a bladder as weak as mine. I haven’t even got an excuse anymore. I have to blame age as I haven’t given birth for over 14 years. Ladies, don’t be like me. Keep up those pelvic floor exercises or you too will have to stop and cross your legs every time you feel a sneeze coming on. I’m definitely going to have to start Pilates again and retrain my ‘core’…

1. Whistles zip front jersey jumpsuit 
2. Le Specs oversized sunglasses 
3. Gucci Marmont multicolour logo handbag 
4. Whistles jersey boyfriend blazer
5. Boden Amelie sandals 


Dungarees from Levis, Jumper by Free People. Shoes from JW Anderson

I know, not officially a jumpsuit, but I couldn’t let a post about all-in-ones go by without another quick mention of one of my favourite items of clothing. I won’t bang on about them again too much. Check out the full ‘How We Wear Dungarees’ post for more inspiration. In the summer I love to wear them with a white blouse. It’s a classic look.

1. River Island slim leg dungarees 
2. Lollys Laundry Lulu kimono jacket 
3. La Redoute broderie cotton blouse 
4. Philip Hog Emma trainers

I hope you feel inspired to dig out your jumpsuit and give it whirl again this week. Next week will be ‘Summer Jackets for all Weathers’.

K x

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