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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Summer Jacket (something for all weathers)

The elusive perfect summer jacket. For some reason, this is always tricky. It’s very hard to find that delicate balance between something that’s both not too warm, yet not too flimsy for the UK weather. I don’t think there’s one definitively perfect jacket. Everyone has their own needs and wants so I’ve gone for six of my favourites for you to choose from.

I assume many of you have a lot of the items (or similar) that I’ve chosen this week. I am repeating a few that I’ve featured before to show you different ways to style them. This is also purely for selfish reasons, as a lot of these I already have in my wardrobe, so this is helping me work out what to wear them with. Sometimes I use this blog as a much less sophisticated version of Cher’s electronic wardrobe in Clueless.

That’s kind of why I started doing Instagram, actually, to wear what I had in my wardrobe. My dad told me about an article in the paper he had read on how to work out what you do and don’t wear in your wardrobe. The trick is to turn all the hangers the wrong way round. Then, every time you wear something, you put it back the right way round. After six months or so you can then see all the things you don’t wear by checking the hangers. I went one further than this and took a photo of myself in the mirror so I could document all my outfits.

I think you really need to give it a year to go through all the seasons, and there are going to be things you might only wear for special occasions, but I still live by the rule that if I haven’t worn it for two seasons in a row, then it’s time to pass it on to someone else who will get more use from it. I’d like to tell you this curbs my spending, but unfortunately it doesn’t. But when I sell my clothes on it does give me the means with which to replace. So that’s sort of sustainable and also helping the economy, right? 


If it’s good enough for la Moss, then it’s good enough for me. I know I’ve featured the khaki jacket on many occasions before, but it really is a wardrobe essential in the summer. Khaki quite literally seems to go with everything. Except maybe more khaki, you don’t want to look like you’re on some kind of urban army mission. But a lightweight khaki jacket will see you through the whole of summer and you can use it for layering purposes in the winter too. These Mango shorts are my favourite shorts of this season. I have them in the light denim. The sandals I bought from Dune and I can attest they are very comfortable. There are some who reported they made fart noises when walking – happy to confirm this hasn’t happened for me! Real farts, now that’s another matter entirely… 

summer jackets khaki jacket

1. & Other Stories statement collar blouse 
2. Say What You C large personalised straw bag 
3. Kin linen cotton workwear jacket 
4. Mango black denim mom fit shorts 
5. Dune Lockstokk leather sandals 


I kind of wanted to leave out the denim jacket as it’s so obvious, but there’s no getting around it. The denim jacket has been, and always will be, my go-to summer jacket. Especially when it comes to finding something to wear over a dress. I’m yet to find anything that works better than the classic denim jacket. The oldest thing in my wardrobe is a vintage Wrangler denim jacket that I bought when I was 19 in the week I moved to London. 1992, Camden Market. I still wear it every year, although now it’s being held together by patches, stitches and a healthy dose of hope. It may fall apart eventually but it will never go out of style. 

summer jackets denim wrangler jacket

1. Pink City Prints Sky Trellis Lolita Dress 
2. The Well Worn handmade Coco scarf 
3. Wrangler Icon denim jacket 
4. Birkenstock Arizona leather sandals 
5. YGN Collective woven shopper bag 


So, what to go for if you’re more of a jeans and T‑shirt girl, but you fancy something to perk up your basics? A printed pattern jacket could be your friend. I love this cute short-sleeve one from Lollys Laundry. Mango also do a great kimono-style one that would be perfect for chillier evenings. What am I saying? All evenings in the UK are chilly, even in the height of summer. These Raey ‘Dad’ jeans I have had for four years and they’re now finally back in stock at Matches. They are the best ‘boyfriend’ style jeans I have. Size down though, they do come up big. 

summer jackets printed quilt jacket

1. Isabel Marant Etoile ruffled cotton blouse 
2. Lollys Laundry Freya Jacket 
3. Lola the Shop recycled woven tote bag 
4. Raey ‘Dad’ fit jeans 
5. Arizona Love trekky sandals 


If you’re a long time reader, firstly thanks. Secondly, it’s the five-year anniversary of the blog this week. Thirdly, you will already know how I feel about Protected Species waterproof jackets. They are 100% waterproof but also totally stylish. The holy grail of rainwear. A fantastic small UK brand too. I think my favourite is the City Walker, but the Tour jacket runs a close second and covers more surface area when you’re caught in a massive downpour. 

summer jackets waterproof

1. Protected Species City Walker waterproof jacket 
2. & Other Stories nylon bucket hat 
3. Joanie Clothing for your love t shirt 
4. Whistles Hollie button front jeans 
5. Barbour short wellington boots 


I’ve had a few emails recently about doing an ‘event dressing’ blog soon. I don’t know what events you are all going to; my ‘dressing up’ diary is completely empty. Although I am going to the Hampton Court Flower Show tomorrow which I’m very excited about. Yes, flowers excite me now. It will happen to you all. Mark my words. I think I will go for a frock and maybe a blazer there, so let’s use this section for some smarter ideas. I do love ME + EM for a really well-cut dress. I love their dipped hems and the fact that most of their dresses have sleeves. 

summer jackets blazer, me and em dress, gold handbag

1. Verno Jewellery gold and pearl swallow necklace 
2. & Other Stories gold leather braided handbag 
3. ME + EM Garden floral tea dress 
4. Hush tailored blazer 
5. Sezane gold leather Gloria sandals 


sezane summer jackets

Finally, a love letter to Sezane. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop online. I love all the new summer range and I like how they detail the sizing. Each item has a guide as to what size to buy depending on what fit you would like. I bought a couple of shirts a few months ago that I love, but now I’m thinking the Will jacket could see me through the summer. They can also custom embroider up to ten letters on the front. I do love a bit of monogramming. Doesn’t help with the resale though. If there’s anyone with the initials KH that wants to buy a pair of Gucci trainers that are just a tiny bit too big for me, hit me up. 

1. Sezane Will cotton canvas jacket 
2. Celine two tone sunglasses 
3. M&S boyfriend ankle grazer jeans 
4. River Island surf landscape shirt 
5. Grenson 22b sneakers

I think next week we should revisit summer dresses, I’ve seen a few new ones I’ve got my eye on.

K x

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