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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

GUCCI : Champagne on a Cava budget

My love for Gucci knows no bounds. Not since discovering Chelsea Girl as a fashion obsessed pre-teen have I been so enamoured by one particular brand. Unfortunately it’s bloody expensive, I would expect no less, but it doesn’t help when you want EVERYTHING.

The way I get around it is to save up and buy the shoes and the bags. Shoes and bags should always be the most expensive items in your wardrobe artillery. They will make your cheap knock-off high street threads look infinitely more classy. Plus, a real bonus, you’ll never get too fat for your expensive shoes and bags. Sometimes the worlds biggest Spanx won’t help you squeeze into that Vivienne Westwood dress you worked every evening and weekend at the Hammersmith Apollo to pay for back in the ’90s (when I say you, I mean me, again…) On the subject of Spanx, how are you actually supposed to pee when you wear them FFS? Through that tiny hole? It’s nigh on impossible, and the squeezed fat has to go somewhere doesn’t it?, usually up in an unsightly roll under your armpits…

I digress, let’s get back to gorgeous Gucci. Luckily for us the high street knows no shame and will brazenly plagiarise. It’s like having the finest Champagne on a Cava budget, although if it is cheap champagne you’re after, get yourself down to Lidl (with your Waitrose bag-for-life obviously, we all have standards) they do a really decent bottle for £14.99…

Starting with Denim, look at these babies…


Left: Gucci Embroidered Denim Jacket £2950
Right: Zara Embroidered Denim Jacket £59.99

How about a matching skirt…


Left: Gucci Embroidered Denim Skirt £1110
Right: TopShop Embroidered Denim Skirt £35.00

Amazing embroidered dresses…

Left: Gucci Embroidered Wool Silk Cape Dress £2950
Right: Zara Black Embroidered Dress £49.99

Beautiful baby pink tulle skirts…

Gucci and Zara Pink Tulle Skirts

Left: Gucci Pink Tulle Skirt £745
Right:Zara Pink Tulle Skirt £25.99

Stunning floral embroidered jackets…


Left: Gucci Embroidered Jacket £2120
Right: Zara Embroidered jacket £69.99

Finally, the classic pussy bow blouse…

Gucci and HM pussy bow blouse

Left: Gucci Embroidered oxford scarf shirt £585
Right: H&M Blue Pussy Bow Blouse £25.99

Add a little bit of handicraft and who’s to know you would never pay £500 for shirt?

Rose patch

Rose iron-on Patch — £2.20 from Etsy

God bless our high street and all who shop in her. I will have to start some kind of crowd-funding project to raise the  £2000 I need to buy that most beautiful  bag at the top of this post though. Who’s in? Anyone? Anyone?

K x

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