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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Last Days & Lace

Last night was number 1. son’s year 6 leavers party, which I helped organise (along with only 4 other Mums, out of a class of 45 kids, but that’s a whole other rant for another day) It brought it all home how fast time goes. It feels like only a minute ago he started nursery, now he’s a moody pre-teen who spends most of his time locked in his bedroom with his guitar trying to work out all the riffs on the latest Muse album, but I’m hoping that, as he’s a boy, he will always love his mummy, because that’s what boys do right?

The difference between the boys and the girls was apparent last night , the girls were all out in their finery, full length gowns, high heels, make-up, dressed to impress. The boys were more interested in running around like loons, drinking the mocktails and sucking all the helium out of the balloons to make each other laugh.

Get used to it girls, some things will never change…

I wore a most excellent recent sales buy from good old Marks and Spencer, it’s still available for £36.00 here (but only in a size 10, which in reality is a size 12 in M&S) my trusty Zoe Karsson T‑shirt (little tip for you re: Zoe Karssen, TK Maxx often sells her old stock on the cheap, so keep a eye out if you ever feel like spending an hour rifling through their racks) My favourite classic Stan Smiths and the Mango Bowie denim jacket I urged you all to buy on Instagram this week.

I loves me a bit of lace, especially worn with a denim or leather jacket and dressed down with trainers — here’s some ideas for you, all things I either own or now want to own after writing this!

1.Whistles Navy Lace Midi Skirt £140.00 (the most like my skirt I could find)

2. Zoe Karssen white T‑shirt (on sale!) €33.00

3. Adidas Cork Sole Stan Smiths from Net-A-Porter £70.00

4. Mango Denim Jacket (with Bowie logo on back!) on Sale for £19.99!

1. H&M Girlfriend Jeans (the best jeans I’ve found on the High Street recently) £19.99

2.Warehouse Black Lace Blouse — on sale for just £15.00! 

3. Isabel Marant ‘Beth’ sneakers (that I really want now !) Net-a-Porter £225.00

4. Monica Vinader Capri gold cuff (love MV!) £280.00

5.Whistles Black Leather ‘Agnes’ biker jacket £330.00

until next time…

k x

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