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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

EVENING SUITS (or What to Wear to The Party if You Don’t fancy a Dress)

I thought I’d do a bit of an alternative to the fancy party frocks we’ve been subjected to recently. I love a good dress more than the next person, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it, or you might want to spend your party dress budget on something you can get a bit more wear out of. So I give you Evening suits.

A good tuxedo jacket can see you through for years. I have one I got in the sale from Maje at Selfridges about 6 years ago and I wear it pretty much anytime I have to go to a smart evening event. I only discovered two years ago that the sleeves zip all the way open , so it sort of becomes a cape, so now it’s got even more options. Of course you can wear your fancy blazer over a dress or a skirt, but how about wearing the trousers to the party instead?

As usual I’ve missed all the work Christmas parties again this year because this time of year is the busiest time for me. Not complaining though, I don’t much like enforced fun and I’ve been working with Coldplay, Stereophonics, Michael Bublé and Noel Gallagher this week. PLUS I got to meet Matthew Mcconaughey AND I engaged him in conversation instead of just staring and giggling. Alright. Alright. Alright…


Now Reiss isn’t a place I usually shop to be honest, I find it a bit too ‘worky’, BUT if I was to invest in a new evening suit I would probably head there first as it’s what they do best. Classic, Timeless designs that are great quality. You could literally wear this for years and it wouldn’t date. If you’re feeling brave, or in my case, if you’re absolutely sure you’re not going to be taking that jacket off, then pair it will a silky lace camisole top. Add some statement earrings to top it off just to liven up the look.

Reiss Velvet Suit

1. Reiss Velvet and Satin Blazer 
2. Oliver Bonas Lobster Statement Earrings 
3. Mango Lace Camisole Top 
4. Reiss Slim Fit Satin Trim Trousers 
5. Malone Souliers Heeled Shoes 


Here’s a slightly more budget friendly version of the classic tux from River Island. Yes, River Island. I always thought it was a bit naff, but recently I’ve found some great things in there (hello jeans), and their suits are really good. Look way more expensive than they are, which is always a good thing in my books. Add some actual expensive shoes, because as I’ve always said, you never get too fat for shoes, so they should fit you forever, worth spending money on. Of course I would match the gold in the shoes to a bit of gold in a shirt and more on a bag because that’s how I roll.

Tuxedo ladies suit Evening suit

1. River Island Satin Lapel Tuxedo Blazer 
2. Hill and Friends Tweency Leather Bag 
3. Oliver Bonas Fan Foil Print Blouse 
4. River Island High Waist Tuxedo Trousers 
5. Gucci Jordan Embroidered Loafers


Maybe you’re going to a neighbourhood drinks party, or my personal favourite, a cheese and wine party, and you want to be glam, but not too glam. Then why not try a pair of Velvet jeans with a non-matching Velvet blazer? But back to the cheese and wine. It’s perfectly acceptable at this time of year to eat an entire baked Camembert to oneself. Or, my new favourite, those cheese bakes they sell in Lidl, Mature Cheddar and Cider is the best one, PLUS the dish they come in makes a very good cat bowl after you’ve done eating all the cheese. Win. Win.
H&M Velvet Blazer Evening suits

1. H&M Velvet Relaxed Jacket 
2. H&M Party Hairclips 
3. Oliver Bonas Embroidered Alphabet Sweater 
4. John Lewis & Partners Velvet Skinny Jeans 
5. ASOS Pointed Velvet Mules 


I still love wearing trainers with a suit. I know it’s a bit All Saints circa 1998, but I think it’s stood the test of time, Unlike the combat trousers worn with heeled Timberland boots and a vest, I Never (ever) got on board with that one. This Monsoon suit is a perfect easy lounge suit. Yes, you’re basically wearing a tracksuit, but come on, it’s blue Velvet tracksuit! Chuck on a silk shirt to fancy it up a bit.

Monsoon velvet Evening Suit

1. Monsoon Tilly Velvet Jacket 
2. Zadig and Voltaire Suede Rock Clutch 
3. Arket Tie Neck Satin Blouse 
4. Monsoon Tyra Velvet Joggers 
5. Golden Goose Glitter Trainers 


This is probably my favourite of all these suits. I know I fear sequins as a rule, but I would LOVE to wear this Evening Suit to a party. I know I’d feel totally at ease. Flat shoes, Rock t Shirt, nice designer bag in an accent colour. Job done. Now I just need somewhere to wear it. I do have a few lunches happening next week. I much prefer a lunch to a party. You get to eat, drink, sit down AND be home and in bed by 10pm. What’s not to like?

Evening Suits Glitter Sequins

1. & Other Stories Sequin Jacket 
2. Chloe Mini C Shoulder Bag 
3. New Look Slogan Rock T Shirt 
4. & Other Stories Tailored Velvet Sequin Trousers 
5. Vivienne Westwood 3 Strap Roman Sandals 

Do you favour trousers over a dress for a night out? Or are you more a festive frock kind of girl?

Next week, I think I might go cosy jumpers and loungewear, as let’s face it, I won’t be leaving the house much over this festive season. Let the cheese eating commence!

K x

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