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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Don’t be Afraid Of Dungarees

Now, I know this one isn’t going to be for everyone but come on Eileen, you don’t need to be afraid of dungarees. One of my first ever blog posts, nearly two years ago now, was in fact extolling the virtues of the dungaree, (can you have a dungaree singular? probably not) but last year I neglected them somewhat, maybe I fell out of love a little bit, maybe all I needed was a new pair to re-ignite the flame. That is exactly what happened when I bought a new pair last month from Madewell at the new John Lewis in Westfield. They are now one of my most favourite things and have been my weekend go-to ever since. They are slim fit and, dare I say it, quite flattering…

I know there is the feeling amongst some that dungarees are not acceptable attire for anyone over the age of 8, but I beg to differ. I’m 45 and I’m fine with a bib and braces. I think the trick is to keep it simple and keep it to the weekend. Weekends are the perfect time for a one-piece. Going to the tip? perfect, Gardening? even better, Walk to the pub? ideal, Standing on the sidelines at the football? definitely, Arguing with your partner in Ikea? mandatory…Wearing dungarees while presenting in a meeting at work? not so much. At my age I really don’t think I can get away with that sort of caper in the work place anymore.


I like to wear my dungarees with plain T Shirts, fancy shoes and a touch of sparkle in the form of layered necklaces. My new favourite jewellery brand is Kirstie Le Marque — they make cute diamond necklaces at affordable (for real jewels) prices. These are my Madewell jeans, if you can’t get to the John Lewis in Westfield then you can get them online at Net-A-Porter, but the price is higher. Also you can try the Madewell site where they are even cheaper. I know they ship to the UK but I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know if you get stung by import duty. if anyone reading this has successfully ordered from there let us know!  My current favourite plain T‑shirt is the Boden Boatneck T shirt and these Air and Grace espadrilles are feeding my leopard print habit once again!

Madewell Dungarees

1. Madewell Stretch Denim Fitted Dungarees
2. Kirstie Le Marque Diamond Lighting Bolt Necklace
3. Kirstie Le Marque Chunky Diamond Star Necklace
4. Weekday Green Bomber Jacket
5. Air and Grace Eulalia Leopard Print Espadrilles 


Dungarees CAN be feminine. Ignore your family when they tell you that you look like Kevin Webster, just add a nice lace blouse and a pair of tan sandals and smile, safe in the knowledge that you will never show your builders bum crack. Add a basket bag to complete the look. Etsy is great place to find straw bags. I bought these Top Shop Sandals in the midst of researching this blog. I can attest they are both super cheap and super comfortable. Zero toe rub. Keepers.

Dungarees Basket Bag Lace Top

1. Etsy Large French Basket with Leather Handles
2. J Crew Stretch Cotton Jacket
3. Top Shop Slim Leg Dungarees
4. Monsoon Jenny Lace 3/4 Sleeve Top
5. Top Shop Tan Leather Strappy Sandals 


I use the term ‘Sporty’ loosely here, I basically mean a pair of trainers and possibly a fancy trackie top or a zip up hoody. You have to go zip up with dungarees as you don’t want too much bulk underneath. This pair from Whistles are slightly cropped, so perfect for showing off your fancy sneakers. I love Maison Labiche T‑Shirts, I know a lot of companies are now doing the embroidered slogans on T‑Shirts, but tis company is the original, Blue Jean Baby is a lyric from ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John, which as, fact fans, our first dance at our wedding. Didn’t actually realise at the time that it’s nearly 7 minutes long!

Whistles Cropped Dungarees

1. Whistles Black Denim Cropped Dungarees
2. Isabel Marant Zip Up Tracksuit Top
3. Maison Labiche Blue Jean Baby T Shirt
4. Vans Retro Hi-Top Block Colour Trainers
5. Vans Old Skool Trainers 


Of course I had to put some stripes in there. We all love a striped top don’t we? you just can’t go wrong. I think at last count I have 18! Yet I bet if another one came along I could still squeeze it in the stripy top drawer. A Breton stripe and denim is like a weekend uniform. Something you can just pull on and not have to think about. Why not switch the jeans for dungarees. try it, you might just like it.

dungarees sandals

1. White Stuff Boyfriend Carpenter Dungarees
2. & Other Stories Tie Sleeve Stripe Top
3. Weekday Kate Striped Top
4. K. Jacques Leather Wraparound Sandals
5. & Other Stories Woven Tote Bag 

What are your thoughts on Dungarees? Love them or loathe them?

K x

P.S. I finally broke my Golden Goose Deluxe Brand seal this week. Bought these amazing ones when I went up to visit Black White Denim. I love them! and, yes, I got the inevitable comment from the family about spending a stupid amount of money on trainers that look dirty…

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