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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My Capsule Wardrobe — Packing for a Trip

I am aware a lot of you may still knee-deep in snow, clad in thermals, parkas and a sensible bobble hat, but this week I hear we may reach double figures once again. Also this week, I will mostly be packing some spring-like clothes into a suitcase because I’m going away for a short holiday. ON MY OWN WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN OR A HUSBAND! To say I’m a little excited about it would be quite the understatement. I’ve been keeping quiet about it as I have an irrational fear that the more I talk about and look forward to something, the more likely it is not to happen.

This fear stems from the first time I took my driving test. I was SO convinced I would pass, I had decided exactly what car I was going to get, saved the money (or half of it at least) worked out where I was going to go and who would sit in my passenger seat. Promptly failed. Devastated. Took me a whole year to take the test again. Second time around I told no-one, and passed. Ever since, I’ve taken this tack when I am excited about something. Consequently this gives the impression I’m not interested in much, but inside, I’m screaming with anticipation. Therefore I shan’t tell you where I’m going, just that it’s warmer than here and there are palm trees. The clues are there.

I have a system for packing when I’m away for a week or less. This doesn’t really work for beach holidays, I’m talking about city breaks and such like. The main criteria is to have colour theme, or at least a colour ‘focus’. This sounds silly, but I find that if you do pick a ‘feature’ colour then it’s easier to work out your outfits in advance. A bit like fashion Suduko. Everything you pack should go with something else.

Packing suitcase

The only place I fall down with this system is shoes. I always over-pack on the shoes front, because for me, shoes maketh the outfit and I need choices! For my trip Red will be the feature colour. This decision is based purely on my birthday Gucci loafers and trusty Disco handbag. All I need is to add items that go with them and a few that also feature the same colour. So, apologies if you’ve seen some of these items before, but I am mainly basing this post on things I already own, or similar if they are not still available. This is, in all honesty, another post that is mostly for my own benefit. Soz. I’ll break down the outfits into events, again, just to help me…


Airport style

Comfort is absolutely key here. My friend Sarah (@littlespree) has a specific onesie she always travels in, that would be the dream. Unfortunately I don’t have anything like that, so a sweat shirt and a decent pair of joggers will suffice. I will also take my Hermosa London bag on the plane as it literally holds everything, plus a leather jacket as it’s heavy, so better to wear than to pack, and a scarf in case of airline chills.

Packing leather jacket scarf joggers

1. & Other Stories Classic Biker Jacket
2. Vivienne Westwood Leopard Print Scarf
3. ME + EM Double Stripe Joggers
4. A Finer Thread ‘Out of Office’ Sweatshirt
5. Stella McCartney Silver Trainers (70% off)
6. Hermosa London Red ‘All Rounder’ Bag 


Could be lovely and warm, could be a bit breezy, who knows? I recently bought some white Acne Jeans from the Outnet. I’ve been on the hunt for some that are not too Liz Hurley for a while now. These ones ticked all my proverbial boxes and I can’t wait to wear them with bare ankle and a loafer.

1. Maison Labiche ‘Crazy In Love’ Stripe Top
2. Dorothy Perkins Khaki Shacket
3. The Outnet Acne High Waist Straight Leg Jeans
4. A.P.C. Wool Breton Stripe Sweater
5. Gucci Brixton Horsebit Loafers 


I quite often like to wear a sack dress when out shopping. It’s very easy for the on/off action. Slip on shoes are also a good idea here, you don’t want to be fannying around with laces when there’s shopping to be shopped. I’ll take my old checkerboard vans as they are most comfortable. I’d wear with my Shacket or Leather Jacket plus one of the red bags.

1. & Other Stories Star Print Midi Dress
2. True Rocks Medium Rose Gold Safety Pin Necklace
3. Ganni Roseberg Printed Wrap Dress
4. Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons 


I’ll take a blazer, As I’ve said many times before, a blazer will just smarten up any old outfit. I’ll be packing my Mos Mosh one as it’s not wool and won’t crease too much in the case, plus has those ‘sporty’ cuffs that I love. These ‘Casey’ River Island jeans are seriously flattering and comfortable. I’ve even had emails from people thanking me for alerting them to these bad boys! They stretch out a bit so don’t worry if they feel tight at first.

1. Mos Mosh Black Blazer
2. Gucci Soho Disco Bag
3. River Island Black Casey Slim Fit Jeans
4. Gucci Small Double G Belt
5. Boden Classic Spot Shirt 


Could involve some walking, so will need trainers and maybe a light bomber jacket. My favourite ever spring jacket is an Isabel Marant Etoile one I bought from Ebay for £40 a couple of years ago, this one from Levi’s is similar, I already own all these other items. Again, I know this is a very selfish post…

1. Levis Varsity Bomber Jacket
2. Celine Catherine Sunglasses
3. Zara High Waist Side Stripe Jeans
4. & Other Stories Stripe Oversize Top
5. Adidas Classic Stan Smith Trainers 

Do you have any good outfit packing tips? Do you pack a week in advance like me? or just throw it all in and hope for the best?

K x

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