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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Bright Rainbows for Dull Days

People, it’s STILL January! Thankfully there are only a few hours left, but by God, it’s been interminable this year. I mean, as if the lack of a paycheck wasn’t enough  it had 5 Mondays in it FFS! At least there is glimmer of hope on the Horizon, February is short, March is the start of Spring and the evenings get lighter, then it’s practically summer, so, happy days!

In the meantime, let’s cheer ourselves up with some colour. Some Rainbow stripes will perk you up no end, I promise. As luck would have it Rainbows are having a bit of moment, a ‘micro-trend’ if you will. There’s something out there for everyone (and every budget). Let’s take a look at some colour, I’ve even thrown in a sofa (MY sofa) for good measure!

Hope you get a chance to pop some colour into your life in February, Mayeb the sun will even come out!

K x

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