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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Keeping It Casual — Fugly Trainers

There are 2 things that I predict will have a resurgence in 2018, those are Country/pop crossover music and Fugly trainers. The Country / Pop crossover thing comes after hearing the new Justin Timberlake track. I can’t get enough of it. My best song of the year so far. I am aware we are only one month in, but you get my drift, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I do have a penchant for Country so this song ticks all my boxes. JT AND Country — best combo ever!  The next big thing I predict for this year is the return of the ‘Fugly’* trainer. Now, I love the classic simple lines of a Stan Smith and they will never be forever replaced, but I’m kind of into the ‘Dad’ trainer right now.

This trend never really went away for a lot of people, Dads mostly. And Roadmen** but for the rest of us it’s not been top of the agenda since the late 90’s when we all wore Cargo pants and Air Max trainers. I blame the high fashion bunnies and their Balenciaga Triple S trainers. Even my 13 year old skater boy told me they were the ultimate fashion trainer, but at £600 a pop they are maybe a step too far for most of us. Plus you can’t get them for love nor money now anyway.

I have started wearing my Nike Airs a bit more often recently. I never really stopped wearing them to be honest, due to the fact they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE TRAINERS EVER. Which is a massive bonus to this trend. You can be high fashion and also get in your 10,000 steps a day without fear of a blister, although annoyingly, since I’ve been trying to do my 10,000 steps a day they now say it’s just as good to go for a 10 minute brisk walk. Rain on my parade why don’t you.

Let’s round up some of my favourite Fugly trainers and work out what to wear them with. A lot of Nike in here, as they do this style best. Also, you can customise them using NIKE ID, and you know what customising means? yes, you can be totally original and have them MONOGRAMMED. My love for monogramming everything knows no bounds. I *may* have just ordered a pair of personalised Huaraches. My kids won’t be happy, they think Huaraches are the ultimate Roadman trainer/ But I’m totally down with the Mumdem, so it’s all good. Here’s a selection of Fugly trainers for you to think about. Mark my words, you will all be wearing them before the year is out.


The original and still classic Nike Air Max. Who didn’t have a pair of these back in the late 90s? You no longer have to wear them with your Maharishi Combat pants and crop top though, now you can wear with your wide legged cropped trousers, furry jacket and designer T‑shirt.

1. Topshop Pink ‘Borg’ Teddy Coat
2. Topshop Wide Leg Cropped Jeans
3. Ganni Banana Print T Shirt
4. Nike Air Max 95 Trainers 


I’ve been laughed at by my boys for saying I think these are cool. What do they know? they may have previously been the domain of Vicky Pollard, but I think you just need to wear them in the right way. The right way being NOT with a fluorescent pink tracksuit, but with a good pair of jeans and some decent knitwear. Little tip for you, I think the most flattering jeans that H&M do are the ‘Vintage High Waist’ ones. They suck it all in and fit well around the bum. Size up at least one size though, as ever H&M sizing is all over the place!

1. & Other Stories Chevron Sweater
2. New Look Dallas Texas Print T‑Shirt
3. H&M Vintage High Waist Button Fly Jeans
4. A.P.C. Leather ‘Geneve’ Shoulder Bag
5. Nike Air Huarache Trainers 


Another Nike trainer, sorry! This post is absolutely not sponsored by them, although I wish it was. I would be very happy if Nike wanted to sponsor me as I’ve become a little obsessed of late. The Airforce is not necessarily a Fugly trainer, more like a chunky trainer. Good if you need a little extra height and any thick soled shoe makes your ankles look thinner. I like that. Pair these with  your trusty Shacket and a groovy slogan sweatshirt.

1. Joanie Clothing Bronte Sweatshirt
2. Topshop Classic Khaki Shacket
3. River Island Raw Hem Bella Jeans
4. River Island Grey Marl ‘Love’ T Shirt
5. Nike Air Force One 07 Trainers


Got to love a retro New Balance, the trainer brand that’s been in and out of style so many times I’ve lost count. This week they are definitely back in again, so dig yours out if you kept them from last time. Unfortunately I gave mine to my teen, who wore them into the ground. What is it with kids? they can literally wear shoes out in about 4 months.

1. New Look Slogan Jumper
2. River Island Double Breasted Brooch Button Coat
3. Weekday Ritz Wool Trousers
4. New Balance 574 Trainers


Thought I should throw in some designer and non-sports-wear brands just to finish up. I love Stella McCartney, I always keep an eye out for her stuff in the sales or hold off until I get a discount code. Also, keep an eye on your local TK Maxx as recently her stuff has been spotted in there too! How much love do I have for this Olivia Rubin dress? I’m saving up for it as I think it would be an amazing spring/summer wardrobe addition and would work well with the oldest surviving thing in my wardrobe, my Wrangler denim jacket, that I bought in Camden Market in 1991. I literally work with people who weren’t even born then…

1. Olivia Rubin Anya Silk Maxi Dress
2. Wrangler Denim Jacket
3. & Other Stories Suede Flap Bag
4. Stella McCartney Ecyplse Faux Leather Trainers
5. Kurt Geiger Linford Trainers 

What do you think of the Fugly trainer? Are you ready to swap your Stans for a chunkier model this year?

K x

* Fugly = Fucking Ugly

**Roadmen — Teenage boys that wear Black tracksuits, Puffer Jackets, Nikes, and Side Bags. Vape optional.

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