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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Best Dressed Guest

I’ve been asked by a few of my ‘readers’ to write a post on ‘Event Dressing’. Firstly, I love the term ‘readers’, reminds me of the letters page in Smash Hits.  Secondly I do not love working out what to wear to dressy occasions. I am definitely more of a casual girl. I like the things I buy to work for me, I often find when I buy something specifically for a wedding or a party that it rarely gets worn again and I don’t like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party dress, but I tend to dress them down with boots of trainers. I don’t get on well with heels and that often throws me into a panic when it comes to a wedding or a posh event. But, even though this is my blog, I must think of others every so often. So for once I have included some heels for you, but don’t worry fellow flat-lovers, there’s also quite a few options for you too.


One of my readers did email to ask if I could do a post on what to wear to the races. I have never been to The Races. Apart from the Walthamstow Dog track back in the day, but I don’t think that was the kind of races she was on about. So, in short, I have no idea. I’ll take my cues from the scene in Pretty Woman when Vivienne goes to the Polo in a Polka Dot Dress. I mean, if a Polka Dot dress is the go-to outfit for a cheap hooker who wants to look like a society girlfriend, then it’s got to be a good choice for the rest of us, right?

I have a fairly good collection of spotty dresses, the one I got from Anthropologie last year is probably my favourite. Mine is cream, but they now do it in Navy, which I think I like even more. Must. Not. Buy. Same. Dress. In. Different. Colours.

1. Rixo Multicoloured Sport Crepe Dress 
2. Rixo Jemima Spot Bag 
3. & Other Stories Polka Wrap Tie Front Dress 
4. Vivienne Westwood 3 Strap Roman Sandals 
5. Mango Red Suede Bow Shoes 


By ‘Party Jumpsuit’, I basically mean one a little bit smarter than your average boiler. These are all in ones that you could wear to a wedding. If I was going to a wedding soon I couldn’t think of something I’d like to wear more than a jumpsuit covered in Poodles! Not even joking, I love it. A nice wide-leg patterned jumpsuit would work a treat for any smart event. Sidebar, If you like the look of these Ganni Shoes but are short on cash, check out Office’s homage to them.

1. Finery Floral Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit
2. LK Bennett Poodle Print Silk Jumpsuit 
3. Sophia Webster Rainbow Stripe Suede Block Heel Sandals 
4. Ganni Suede Bow Kitten Heels 


Pretty in Pink is one of my favourite films of all time. In fact all teen films either starring Molly Ringwald or written by John Hughes are in my top film lists. Sorry, I’m just not that highbrow. The only disappointment to that film was Andi’s final prom dress. All her outfits and ideas up until that point were excellent, but then she made a weird high neck, off the shoulder thing.

Still, she got Andrew McCarthy in the end, so it all worked out. Before you ask, no she shouldn’t have ended up with Ducky. Apparently that was the original ending to the film, but test audiences didn’t buy it so they had to reshoot. Andrew McCarthy had meanwhile shaved his head for another film role so had to wear a wig. Which, if you watch again you can totally tell! Sorry it you haven’t seen the film. I’ve totally spoiled it for you now.

Anyway, how about a nice pink dress to wear to a spring/summer wedding? Pair with a Cream blazer and blush shoes.

1. Warehouse Chiffon Tiered Maxi Dress 
2. All Saints Aleida Ecru Blazer 
3. Self Portrait Ruffled Chiffon Dress
4. Boden Primrose Ankle Tie Suede Shoes 
5. J Crew Penny Strap Suede Sandals 


If dresses really aren’t your jam, then this is the look for you. A great colourful suit is a winner, plus it can be worn separately so you should get good price per wear out of this. Definitely no need for a heel either if you’re going for a more boyish take on dressing up. Pair your suit with a great pair of brogues or some box fresh fancy trainers. This Green co-ord from Told You is basically just a fancy pair of pyjamas, how good is that?

1. Arket Light Pink Wool Hopsack Blazer 
2. Arket Light Pink Wool Hopsack Trousers 
3. Rogue Matilda White Leather and Leopard Brogues 
4. Told You Floral Print Satin Blazer 
5. Told You Floral Print Satin Trousers
6. The Outnet Axel Arigato Metallic Trim Trainers 


Last, but by no means least, the classic option of the Floral Dress. This is probably still my favourite option. Ideally I’d go for looser fitting style. Not quite a buffet dress buffet dress but almost. I mean, where are you most likely to find a buffet? At a wedding of course. You’ll need the space for that extra portion of potato salad followed by a profiterole chaser. You can wear any of these dresses with your white trainers too, so again, getting your money’s worth.

1. Ganni Floral Print Georgette Dress 
2. ASOS Suede Half Moon Clutch Bag 
3. Staud Satin Pouch Bag 
4. Lily And Lionel Indian Sunset Dress 
5. J Crew Stella Heeled Sandals 
6. & Other Stories Strappy Block Heeled Sandals 

I hope you’ve got some ideas from this post for all your summer events, and if you haven’t seen Pretty In Pink, sorry I ruined it but it’s still a great watch. Also try St Elmo’s Fire, 16 Candles, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Say Anything and The Breakfast Club while you’re at it.

K x

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