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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon October Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. You may have noticed that it’s ‘Prime Day’ today and tomorrow, so I’ve tried to add some things that have great discounts on these days, along with the usual random things I have recently ‘primed’. First and foremost, we must mention the no VPL pants. They do what they say, are really comfortable, have a glamorous grey cotton gusset and don’t fall down when you wear them with a skirt. They are a great companion to your everyday big pants. Both of which are in the sale.

Things I have that I can recommend, but are in no way related to fashion include: The Ring doorbell (currently half price) If you have rogue teenagers who come and go as they please, then this gadget at least lets you know when they went out and when they came back. It’s also proof of nearly 40 teens entering the house on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago when the promise was ‘honestly, no more than 10 are coming’.

If you like a frothy coffee then you need this. I have bought this for myself, my dad and my brother and it will change your coffee drinking life by giving you perfect frothy milk every time. Also now on sale.

For my hair styling ladies, the GHDs are in the big sale. I have ordered the rise volumising hot brush as it’s been recommended by a few of my friends. I will report back.

Oh, and to be really dull, I’ve wanted one of these fold away Joseph ironing boards for a while, so I got that too.

Here are more of my Amazon picks. Some of these prices show the pre-Prime day price, and sometimes the deals come and go, but I think if you put something in your basket it will alert you of a price change.

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