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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

A Pop Of Red

I’m sure lots of you have been adding a little bit of scarlet into your outfits for some time now, as the ‘pop of red’ trend started gaining traction at the end of last year and it’s definitely a style idea that is going to be around for the foreseeable. Luckily, it’s a really simple thing to get on board with and it ‘lifts’ your look a little above the ordinary. Plus on these grey days we all need a bit of colour in our lives to lighten the mood.

I was lucky enough to go away to Morocco last week (I wrote about that here) and the colours over there really were an assault on the senses. Bright blue is probably the colour we saw most, especially the sky; oh, the blue skies! I miss those so much in the interminable grey, drizzly winter months that we have here. But red is the Moroccan national colour, so I’ve mixed a lot of red and blue here as a little ‘homage’ to our trip. I haven’t included any red fez hats here, but Edward brought quite a few back for him and his friends so, if you’re in the West London environs over the next few months and you see five spotty youths roaming the streets looking like Tommy Cooper, you’ll know why.

Let’s crack on and see how you can add a pop of red into your life without looking like a comedian from the 1970s…


If you’re hesitant about red, start with the socks. You might not even see them until you sit down, but once you do, and people spot them, they will think ‘Hey, she’s calm, she’s cool, but underneath she’s a red rebel who deserves our respect’. Possibly. Add a leopard print bag for some outward pizzazz to match the inward rebellion. Also note that Genevieve Sweeney is my favourite maker of all socks. Her knee-highs are worth checking out – they don’t fall down.

  1. Arket knitted cotton jacket 
  2. Whistles denim Hailey shirt 
  3. Uniqlo wide straight leg jeans 
  4. Ganni XL leopard print shopper bag 
  5. Genevieve Sweeney organic cotton socks 
  6. Grenson Nina leather loafers 


Red jumper, classic chinos and a denim jacket. It’s a winning formula all round in my book. I bought this Sessun jacket last year and it became my most worn spring/summer jacket. I did gatekeep it for quite a while, but I’m sharing now for all to see. It’s the perfect length, weight and fabric. Also good for layering (add another jacket on the top) at this time of year.

  1. Chinti and Parker cashmere mix jumper
  2. Sessun Leone denim overshirt 
  3. Hush Imogen cotton chino trousers 
  4. Sezane Claude leather handbag 
  5. Not Another Bill personalised leather phone case 
  6. Ivy Ellis cotton vintage quarter socks
  7. Adidas Gazelle blue suede trainers 


Another quiet way to add some red to your look – just go with the shoes. You don’t have to steal them from a witch crushed under a house, as you can buy them in many high street shops. I think we are seeing the return of the more dainty loafer this year too. Chunky still works, but for the days when a sock is not mandatory, a more delicate loafer is the way to go. I’m not sure we will see those sock-free days just yet, though. I can’t bear a cold ankle, so we have to be at least in the high teens temperature-wise for me to forgo my hosiery.

  1. Arket cable knit cotton jumper 
  2. M&S chain pattern hair scarf 
  3. Uniqlo premium linen stripe shirt 
  4. Hush Katie baggy straight leg jeans 
  5. Massimo Dutti woven nappa leather bag 
  6. Aligne indigo denim pocket utility jacket 
  7. Boden Iris snaffle leather loafers 


For my bolder ladies, why not push the boat out and go for some red outerwear? I picked up this jacket from Zara Man last month (I got a small, which would be about a 12) and I love it. Don’t discount menswear when it comes to good jackets, as they sometimes have a way better selection than the ladies department, and you won’t see everyone else wearing the same one as you. I also love this classic Harrington-style number from Amazon: a bargain at just under £20.

  1. Acne Studios appliquéd chenille cardigan 
  2. Walker & Hawkes Harrington jacket 
  3. COS tapered arch jeans 
  4. Andersons black leather belt
  5. H&M small curved shoulder bag 
  6. Adidas Samba OG trainers 


Not the lager (although I won’t judge if you choose that) but why not try switching up your classic blue Breton striped top for a red and white one instead? Looks great with denim but, to me, everything looks great with denim so that’s no surprise.

  1. Levis Iconic denim jumpsuit 
  2. Wilson Jewellery enamel clover necklace
  3. Seasalt organic cotton stripe crew neck top 
  4. Uniqlo round mini crochet bag 
  5. Aligne Gilda maxi trench coat 
  6. Massimo Dutti mesh ballet flats 


As with the socks, you can simply add your pop of red with the addition of a few choice accessories. A necklace, some earrings, a scarf or a bag. Maybe not all at once as that might be a bit ‘Playschool’. In fact, word of warning, I wouldn’t team red with more than one other primary colour, or you run the risk of being mistaken for a character from Balamory or (God forbid) The Wiggles. I don’t know if kids TV has moved on since mine were little, but I sincerely hope it has for the sake of anyone with toddlers. Stick with pairing your primary reds with more muted tones. Khaki works great, as do grey and navy.

  1. Arket heavyweight boxy t shirt 
  2. M&S powder coat hoop earrings 
  3. Whistles wool button through tank top
  4. Citizens of Humanity Peyton cropped cotton trousers 
  5. Anya Hindmarch Ketchup leather trim felted bag 
  6. ME + EM wool blend sharp longline blazer 
  7. New Balance 9060 trainers 

I should have said this earlier, but don’t come at me and say red doesn’t suit you. There’s got to be a shade out there for everyone. If very much in doubt, just go for a lipstick.

K x

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