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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

8 Outfits for August

I know technically it’s still July, but I’m going away this coming week and the blog will also be having a little summer break, so I thought I’d do a bumper summer edition to see you through most of August. We have finally booked the (massively overpriced) flights to Vancouver to visit the in-laws. That will teach me to leave everything until the last minute. But I am looking forward to going there again: it’s a great city, lots to see and do and eat. Good for long outdoor walks. Full of Canadians wearing lululemon. Always pleasant and ever so, ever so polite. 

I’ll keep the preamble short as we’ve got a lot to get through, but these eight outfits are based on things readers have asked me about recently, plus a couple that are just for me because I like them. At this point can I suggest that, if you enjoy reading these posts, you sign up to my email newsletter here to be informed of the next one. I will always alert you via the medium of Instagram but as I cannot bring myself to make reels dancing in and out of clothes or wafting down a street aimlessly, sometimes my posts don’t get served to you as often as they maybe once did. Such is progress, but the blog will always be here for you. Just not for the next two weeks… 


This one is just for me as I really like this Stine Goya dress and, as much as I try to be a little more ‘grown up’ in my clothes choices every now and then (see previous neutral post), I am always drawn to bright colours and patterns. I don’t even know why. The same happens in our house: my husband would gladly live in a minimalist white cube with nothing on any surface, but the reality is I am a magpie and I like to collect shiny bright artworks and paint walls pink. Plus he never throws anything away so together that does not make for a minimalist combination.

1. Albaray denim square neck dress 

2. Stine Goya Mavelin check midi dress 

3. Veja V10 lavender suede trainers 

4. D.A.T.E Vintage hi-top trainers 


Another one for me. Sorry, but we will get to your suggestions soon. One thing we like to do in Vancouver is go to a baseball game. Not one of us has a single clue what is going on, we just enjoy going to sporting events. Plus they bring beer to your seats via people wearing large beer backpacks AND they sell fresh, hot, mini doughnuts. If that doesn’t float your boat then I don’t know what will. 

1. The Upside cotton knit sweater 

2.Coach Willow camera bag 

3. Tombolo flamingo towelling cabana shirt 

4. The White Company organic cotton Brompton jeans 

5. Nike Blazer mid 77 hi top trainers 


Or it could be a party, something a little bit glitzy where you have an excuse to wear something shiny. Let’s just hope it’s not one of those two-tier weddings where the B‑list only get invited to the evening event, thus missing out on all the good food, the fun speeches and the free champagne but are still expected to bring a gift for the happy couple…

1. La Redoute metallic leather clutch bag 

2. Oliver Bonas metallic polka dot puff sleeve midi dress 

3. Warehouse sparkle jacquard tier midi dress (use code WMM15 for extra 15% off) 

4. Esska vegan Charlie heeled gold sandals 


I get asked a lot about swimming costumes, but as I only have two I can’t give you a full rundown on which ones are the best. I will say that I still love the Boden Santorini (especially good if you need a bit of extra support in the stomach and boob area); I have two of those. But I’m also keen on the low back and textured fabric style of this one from & Other Stories and this one from Hunza G. They are also a lot more comfortable. To be honest I am kind of past caring now if my stomach sticks out a bit on the beach. Also, as previously mentioned, these Mango shorts are actually BETTER than the Topshop ones of yesteryear. Slightly longer and the hems stay rolled up even after washing. Size up at least one size though.

1. M&S striped Hammam beach towel 

2. Hunza G seersucker swimsuit 

3. Aligne oversized organic cotton shirt 

4. BB+DD The Store XL canvas checkerboard bag 

5. Mango denim Mom shorts 

6. Birkenstock Arizona eva sandals 


Yes, I did have a message from a lovely reader asking specifically for a whole blog on ‘what to wear at theme parks’ – that would perhaps have been a little too niche, but it did warrant a bit of thought. Of course it depends where in the world this theme park is. For argument’s sake I’ve gone for Legoland in Windsor, because I loved taking the boys there when they were little. Edward claimed (when he was five) that he would meet and marry his wife at Legoland. He also promised I could come and live with them when I’m old and I can’t wipe my own bum. We shall see if either of those promises are fulfilled.

At the UK theme park you will need a showproof jacket for the log flume, and it might also be warm so wear shorts and a vest underneath, but take a sweater because this is England and it might not be THAT warm. Who can tell these days. Also have a bag with a zip so all your belongings don’t get scattered across the park when you go on the rollercoaster. And wear your most comfortable trainers as there will be a lot of walking involved. See, I really did think this through. 

1. Uniqlo slub jersey vest top 

2.M&S oversized hooded packaway parka jacket 

3. M Hulot Loe leather bum bag 

4. Uniqlo linen blend bermuda shorts 

5. Mango striped knit sweater

6. Reebok Lt Court trainers 


That’s not the ‘Cheers Tim, cheers Simon’ Sunday Brunch. Although in my other job as a TV plugger I had many a happy morning down at that TV studio. They used to squash all the guests in the same green room so there was ample opportunity for chats with random celebrities. I once had a long conversation with the actor Colin Salmon about how much we enjoyed a saxophone solo in our music choices. And Gene Simmons asked me if we had ever slept together – absolutely not! And Alex James from Blur was always very generous with his cheese products. 

1. Warehouse floral lace insert pin tuck top 

2. Le Specs oversized sunglasses 

3. M&S High waist raw hem wide leg jeans 

4. Honey & Toast half moon leather bag 

5. Converse All Star hi top trainers parchment 


Could be home or abroad. I love the classic combination of a black dress, khaki jacket and a smattering of leopard to add some interest. I’m very much looking forward to wearing similar in Vancouver to eat my all-time favourite hot crab dip with tortilla chips at a classic ‘Mom and Pop’ restaurant called Trolls in Horseshoe Bay. I don’t know what I will do if they ever stop serving that. It would be like the ravens leaving the Tower. 

1. Cos contrast panel black midi dress 

2.Oliver Bonas washed green cropped jacket 

3. Sandro smooth leather Yza handbag 

4. M&S Leopard print buckle mules 

5. Boden leopard print clog sandals 


Finally, festivals. I mean they are literally THE place to wear whatever the hell you like. If gold lamé catsuits are your bag, but you feel self-conscious wearing them to Waitrose, then of course you can wear them to Wilderness. What you do when you want a wee, however, is a problem of your own making and for that reason (among many) I am out. But I wanted to add this section if only to show you this amazing Isabel Marant raincoat. It’s on sale and I love it. I am not going to a festival anytime soon so I can’t justify it, but if I was I would wear it with my oldest Anine Bing jumper, shorts and most comfortable DM boots. DMs can be comfortable, you just need time and patience to break them in.

1. M&S square frame sunglasses 

2. Anine Bing Tiger sweatshirt 

3. Isabel Marant Etoile shell raincoat 

4. Hush black denim shorts 

5. Dr Martens smooth leather Chelsea boots 

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy your summer, whatever it is you have planned. I’m not exactly sure when I will be back with the next blog but if you are on my email list, you will be the first to know.

Kate x

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