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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

5 pairs of trousers that aren’t jeans or joggers

There were a lot of requests for this one – trousers that aren’t jeans or joggers. It was actually a bit tricky. I’m so married to jeans these days that it was hard to steer clear of denim this week, but I am totally over the whole lockdown loungewear thing. I will only wear joggers now after 6pm, or on Sundays. I have a lot of pointless ‘times’ rules. Morning coffee has to be before 11.30. Afternoon coffee has to be before 4.30. Wine can’t be poured until 6, except on weekends, or if we go out for lunch, or if we are on holiday. Quite a few exceptions for that one.

I miss holidays. Specifically, I miss all-inclusive holidays somewhere hot. Never again will I get cross at the length of the queue for the buffet. I will not roll my eyes at the strange Dutch man wearing Speedos trying to get into the jacuzzi even though it’s clearly shut. Not once will I complain about the ‘resort dance’ the staff do every day at 4pm around the pool. Give me the plastic wristband. Give me the alcoholic slushie from the swim-up bar. Give me the themed nights, the dash for the best sunbeds, and most of all give me that glorious feeling of sitting on the balcony in a towel after a day of sun and a shower, eating Lays, drinking warm wine out of a plastic cup and smelling slightly of burnt flesh…Happy days.

Sorry, I digress. I’m saving up for that holiday. Maybe next year. I’m thinking Jamaica (…no she came of her own accord… ). But right now, we are talking about trousers. Not jeans, not joggers and not holidays but real, proper trousers that you can wear to work, or anywhere you feel like going these days.


Chinos have to be the ultimate relaxed-but-still-a-little-bit-smart trouser. Find the right pair and they will last you forever as they are certainly not a style that will date. Pair with trainers for a casual look or loafers for work. If you work in an office, are you starting to think about going back? I know a few friends who have been in an office this week, so I assume the big return to work for a lot of people could be on its way soon. I wonder how you feel about it? I left my office job last year to set up on my own so I won’t ever have to go back. I don’t miss it much, to be honest. Mainly just the chat.

I did my first job outside the house this week. First time in a year I’ve done something music related that hasn’t been virtual. There was testing, face masks and social distancing but it felt really good to be back doing the fun part of that job rather than just sat behind a computer sending emails.

trousers that aren't jeans or joggers

1. Black Star Arizona Organic Cotton T Shirt 
2. Mint Velvet Leather Stud Cross Body Bag 
3. Mango Floral Print Quilted Jacket 
4. Arket Cropped Stretch Chino Trousers 
5. Converse Garden Print Trainers 


Most of my trousers are cropped. Either intentionally bought that way or shortened. I just like a flash of the ankle. Either encased in a sock (see last week’s post for more on socks), or bare once the temperature allows. I’ve got quite good at taking up trousers that I feel are too long. The easiest way is to use some hemming web. You just have to make sure you get it in the right place first time before you iron, as it’s a bugger to fix if you get it wrong.

trousers that aren't jeans or joggers

1. Etre Cecile Organic Jersey T Shirt 
2. Ganni Check Print Leather Bag 
3. Weekday Rumi Cream Viscose Blazer 
4. Reiss High Waisted Cropped Trousers 
5. Office Fire Off White Leather Loafers 


You should already own a pair of khaki trousers, if you’ve been following the 15 Piece Spring Wardrobe from a couple of weeks ago. A very useful spring/summer option. I think this colour just goes with so many things. Wear with a pretty blouse, or maybe a sweatshirt. The right pair of khakis will work very hard for you. This pair from Cos are the ones I have from about 4 years ago. Great fit, true to size, decent thickness of fabric. Nothing too flimsy and linen-like here.

I don’t mind linen trousers, but don’t come at me with a drawstring waistband. I won’t hear of it. I need buttons on my trousers. I like the option of a belt. This slim Gucci number is the ONLY belt I own. Cost per wear probably about 50p now. But I did buy mine at the duty free. Oh, the duty free! That’s another thing I miss about holidays. The airport, where time and money have no meaning…

trousers that aren't jeans or joggers

1. & Other Stories Floral Print Silk Blend Blouse 
2. Mango Ultra Light Quilted Jacket 
3. Gucci Slim Leather Belt 
4. Cos Relaxed Cotton Khaki Trousers 
5. New Balance 327 Trainers 
6. Vans Old Skool Liberty Prints Trainers 


For me, the wide leg trouser is strictly a spring/summer, dry weather item. It’s no good dragging around a flappy bottom in the rain, you’ll end up with 4 inches of wet at your hem. None of these are euphemisms (but they should be). I also find it hard to work out what footwear to go for with a wide leg in the winter, as boots look odd and trainers can work but only certain types. I think they look best with chunky sandals, and it has to be warmer than about 20 degrees for me to get my toes out.

I think the one beauty treatment I haven’t done in the past 2 weeks is to have my annual pedicure. Time to get that booked in before we head off to the Brentford Riviera …

trousers that aren't jeans or joggers

1. Arket Stand Collar Blouse 
2. Peanuts x Eclipse Navy Tote Bag 
3. Toast Cotton Linen Wide Leg Trousers 
4. H&M Relaxed Fit Premium Blazer 
5. Kin Lauren Multi Strap Leather Sandals 

Navy Trousers

Navy trousers are a perennial wardrobe staple for any time of year. I much prefer navy to black when it comes to trousers. Black trousers often feel a bit too ‘worky’. A bit too Jane Norman circa 2001. Navy ones also feel somehow smarter. Don’t be afraid to mix navy with black though, I really like them together. A head-to-toe navy outfit feels very chic, a‑la Sienna Miller. But then again, she looks good all the time. In anything.

trousers that aren't jeans or joggers

1. H&M Gingham Frill Blouse 
2. Marc Jacobs Small Traveller Tote Bag 
3. Whistles Barrel Leg Navy Trousers 
4. Kin Navy Workwear Jacket 
5. Kurt Geiger Chunky Weave Sandals 

I hope this helped if you’re looking for a smarter option on your bottom half. I don’t have any firm plans for next week’s topic, so if there’s something you’re keen on,do let me know. You can always email me on [email protected] as the comment section is still frozen due to an overriding spam of people trying to sell me Russian sex aids.

K x

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