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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

& Other Spring Stories

This post is sponsored by & Other Stories. When they asked if I would write a little blog and pick out some of my favourite items from their site I said yes quicker than the stampede for the free bar at a wedding reception. Remember those days? Got to get in quick before all the good stuff goes or you are left with the emergency box wine and some cheap Cava brought back from uncle Dave’s timeshare in Magaluf…

& Other Stories is one of my all time favourite high street stores. They just get it so right in terms of quality and design. I can rarely leave that store without a purchase or 2. I remember the thrill of the Regent Street branch opening. It’s just a such a cool shop. I always stop in when I’m passing.

I won’t ramble too much, lets get on with my selection…


& Other Spring Stories

& Other Stories does one of the best ranges of blouse around. Always first with the trends. Want a puff sleeve? They’ve got you, Fancy a big collar? look no further. I know a lot of people think they do dresses best, but I have to say I think the blouse department is their forte. I picked this cute cropped (but not too cropped) Short sleeve floral number that goes great with just a pair of old jeans.

& Other Spring Stories

1. Floral Print Puff Sleeve Blouse
2. Twisted Chain Pearl Necklace 
3. Woven Straw Leather Trim Tote Bag
4. Relaxed Tailored Press Crease Trousers 
5. Adidas Vegan Supercourt Trainers 


& Other Spring Stories

I feel a bit 1950s housewife in this dress. In a good way. Add a pinny and I could be in ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ Minus Nicholas Lyndhust and a hole in the wall. I do have an unnatural affection for a ditsy print floral dress. Add some chunky sandals to bring it more up to date. A quick word on sizing for & Other Stories. I find it comes up slightly small, so I usually go up a size (so as 12, I take a 40). Although saying that this dress is a 38 and it fits perfectly.

& Other Spring Stories

1. Ditsy Print Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress 
2. Twisted Sphere Hoop Earrings 
3 . Croissant Button Alpaca Cardigan 
4. Chunky Sole Leather Strap Sandals 
5. Half Moon Leather Cross Body Bag 


& Other Spring Stories

I know the world and his wife now owns a pair of Veja Trainers, but back when, & Other Stories were the first mainstream shop to stock them (as far as I know, certainly the first place I saw them outside of small boutiques and online). I have found Vejas to be quite stiff and a bit of a pain to break in in the past, but I can confirm that the suede ones are instantly comfortable, so I plumped for this cute pastel style for the Spring. Take your regular size in Veja.

& Other Spring Stories

1. Pointelle Knit Floral Embroidery Cardigan 
2. Tortoiseshell Print Cats Eye Sunglasses 
3. Embroidered A Line Cotton Blouse 
4. Favourite Cut Crop Jeans 
5. Veja V10 Suede Trainers 


& Other Spring Stories

Along with Blouse, the other item I think & Other Stories does SO WELL is cardigans. Jumpers are good too, but their cardis are the best. Throw over your summer dress when the weather doesn’t allow for a bare arm. This blue one I have on above has Croissant buttons! I mean, who doesn’t want a cardi that does up with breakfast items?

& Other Spring Stories

1. Voluminous Puff Sleeve Midi Dress 
2. Chunky Rope Chain Bracelet 
3. Cropped Cable Knit Cardigan 
4. Croc Embossed Leather Sandals 
5. Padded Leather Cross Body Bag 

I hope this was helpful. I know a lot of you are as enamoured by this brand as I am. Don’t forget you get 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter. This is the reason I have about 8 email addresses!

Kate x

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