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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

5 Easy Autumn Dresses

What season is it? Autumn! What do we want? Dresses! When do we want them? Now! I always want dresses though to be honest, doesn’t really matter what season it is. They are just so easy. Get up, put on dress, shoes and coat — off you go. I particularly like Autumn dresses as they are what I would call a ‘full coverage’ dress. Ideally with long sleeves and only a sliver of ankle on show. This means you only have to worry about fake tanning up to the knee (remember, we don’t wear tights until at least 20th October) Plus they will hide your secret leggings. I’ve mentioned these before, and once you know you will wonder why you never thought of them before. Basically it’s just wearing leggings under your dress. Get some cheap ones from Primark and just cut a bit of the bottom to get your desired length. They will keep you warm and yet give the illusion you are braving a full bare leg. Genius .

I’ve picked out 5 easy styles of Autumn dresses for you. I did want to include a few from the H&M William Morris Range, but looks like they sold out in minutes. Being smug I did bag a couple and they are great. Sorry! Never mind, there are plenty more dresses in the shops that could work for you, hopefully I picked something for everyone.


With this one, you don’t really even need to shave your ankles. Add a boot and you can get away with a hairy pasty leg and no-one will ever know. Love the colour of this & Other Stories dress. Brown is very in this season you know, it doesn’t have to be dull, look for more of a rust colour than a sludge brown. Add gold accessories. My friend Scarlet makes great jewellery based on nature. This Gold Acorn is my current favourite. Perfect for this season.

1. & Other Stories Ruffle Tier Maxi Dress 
2. Love Scarlet Little Acorn Necklace 
3. H&M Double Breasted Coat 
4. Top Shop Bee Western Boots 


I love a floral dress. There are some people who say that they can’t wear florals because they look like a Nana. I say, No! , You really can wear florals. It’s all about what you wear it with. Yes, that can even include a cardi. I love a cardi too. Don’t be afraid of a cardi, they are your friends in this weather. The trick for me is to wear your floral dress with some butch boots. Chelsea boots will work a treat.

1. M&S Floral Print Drop Waist Dress 
2. Annouska Gold and Diamond Letter Pendant
3. New Look Black Chunky Rib Cardigan 
4. Top Shop Kiss Chelsea Boots 
5. & Other Stories Gold Chain Flap Bag 


I don’t know what it is about polka dots that I like so much, but I definitely have a ‘thing’ for them. My polka dot dress collection currently stands at four and counting. Surprise, Surprise, this one is from Ganni again. It has fancy sleeves, and ruffles!. It screams Flamenco lady emoji, but can easily be dressed down with trainers or a buckle boot and a decent biker jacket. I’ve said it before, but Ganni dresses are really flattering. They somehow skim the mum-tum and make you feel good about yourself. For me, that alone is worth the price-tag. I bought these Calvin Klein Fugly trainers last week. They are almost a direct copy of the Balenciaga Triple S Trainers, but 80% cheaper and 50% lighter. I picked up the Balenciaga ones in Liberty the other day, nearly did myself a shoulder injury. God knows how you could wear them all day.

1. Ganni Crepe Bell Sleeved Ruffle Dress 
2. APC Geneve Shoulder Bag 
3. Whistles Faux Fur Biker Jacket 
4. Calvin Klein Jeans Maya Trainers 
5. Office Amory Buckle Leather Boots 


A seasonal dress edit this yer would not be complete without some animal print. It never really goes out of fashion, but it’s REALLY in right now. Can’t move for a bumping into a leopard, a zebra or a snake. This one from Mango is a bit different from most. I like the colours and the ruffles. Add a grandad cardi and go the full snakeskin with this western style boots. The handbag is a touch of class by Carloe London, a new London-based handbag company that I’ve recently discovered.

1. Mango Snake Print Ruffle Dress 
2. Cos Textured Wool Cardigan 
3. Carloe London Edie Box Bag 
4. Office Analyze Western Chelsea Boots 


I have a friend who often emails me when she sees a dress she likes online. Without fail they are ALWAYS shirt dresses, so this one is for you Nadine. Yes, they are both animal prints again. Told you there is no getting away from it this year. Really, you all just need to embrace it. I really like the tie front waist on this one from Mango, there’s a good chance that it would hide a multitude of sins.

1. & Other Stories Flared Shirt Dress

2. Mango Bow Leopard Print Shirt Dress 
3. Carvela Still Chelsea Boots 
4. ASOS Emilia Ankle Boots 

Hope you are feeling at least one of these styles of Autumn dresses. Pair with your favourite new coat and away you go.

K x

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