Readers Questions: Capsule Wardrobe And A Few Fancy Frocks

No real ‘theme’ to this weeks post as I have had emails from two friends asking for help with ideas for outfits. I thought I’d write out some thoughts here to share with the group just in case it can help any of you lot too. The gist of the questions were ‘What can I wear to a hen do abroad?’ and ‘What can I wear to a London Wedding/ Posh Event?’

I’ll probably do a bigger ‘summer wedding’ post in the next few weeks as I know many of you will have some of those coming up. My days of being invited to weddings every other weekend are pretty much over. When you get past 40 you are more likely to be invited to a divorce party, or a low-key second wedding. Done a few of those. Always have to keep yourself in check when talking to others, “Do you remember the first one, that was way more fun wasn’t it?’, whatever happened to the first wife/husband? Oh, they ran off with him next-door? Shame, I kind of miss them’…

Anyway, let’s start with the query from Rachel. It was essentially, “What does one buy for a capsule wardrobe for a city break with the girls, who are mums, but also quite stylish?  Must be very high street as cash not flowing.’ (Oh and I literally only have a white jacket and a blue striped ruffle shirt, M&S that you suggested once and that I wear a lot!, to add to the mix)” . Challenge accepted and understood. When I go away for a few days and need to pack light, I try and stick with a ‘theme’, as it makes life easier. So concentrate on 2 or 3 colours that can be worn together. As Rachel already has blue and white, let’s go for that and add a touch red to brighten things up a bit.

So, I’ve gone for 3 looks, all can be mixed and matched together. First we need some good jeans and a versatile blazer. Don’t be afraid of doing a double denim, it looks good, honest, plus you should always pack a denim shirt as they go with everything. These are the H&M jeans that I have and I keep getting asked where they are from. They are the best high street jeans I’ve had in years.

Capsule Wardrobe

1. & Other Stories Denim Shirt
2. Mango Structured Linen Blazer
3. H&M Straight Leg Jeans
4. M&S Cross Body Bag
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

For the next look you could also wear your denim shirt and blazer with these trousers and wear the sweater and T-shirt below with your jeans. You’ve got at least 3 days worth of outfits here, so long as you don’t spill pasta sauce down your front.

Capsule wardrobe

1. Mango Denim Jacket
2. Mango Striped Cotton T Shirt
3. Topshop Navy Trousers 
4. & Other Stories Sweatshirt
5. Vans slip on Trainers

Lastly, let’s add a skirt or a dress if you fancy something a bit more dressy. You can add trainers for day and sandals for night. Throw over the blazer or the denim jacket. Your denim shirt can also be worn with the pleated skirt, as can any of the t-shirts.

Capsule wardrobe

1. Whistles Printed T-Shirt
2. Mango Tulle Skirt
3. Top Shop Wrap Dress
4. River Island Leopard Sandals 

Now, we are back at home. Rachel needs something to wear to that London wedding, but doesn’t want to spend too much cash. Sinead is fed-up with bringing out the same Vivienne Westwood dress for every dressy event, She’s just been invited to the TV Baftas (lucky her) and is looking for a fancy frock that doesn’t cost more than £500. Ideally much less! Both of my ladies are mums and don’t want to look like someone out of Towie, they want some class. Tits or legs girls, never both. Let’s start with dresses for the Baftas. If by any chance you are also going, maybe not buy any of these as you might find yourself face-to-face with a lovely blonde lady wearing the same thing. Awkward.

Posh Frocks

1. Saloni Printed Silk Crepe Dress
2. Top Shop Unique Evelyn Dress
3. Next Glam Wrap Sandals
4. Jimmy Choo Suede Platforms
5. & Other Stories Metallic Clutch
6. No. 21 Satin Shoulder Bag 

For Rachel’s London Wedding, she could also make use of any of the above, but could consider separates? I like this as you get more value for money. Once the wedding is done you can wear the jacket and skirt individually and dress them down with trainers or flat sandals. This M&S Skirt is very similar to the one I bought there last year that I have worn loads. Will definitely bring it out again this season. It’s very flattering on the old mum-tum.

Wedding Outfit

1. River Island Frill Sleeve Top 
2. M&S Floral Lace Midi Skirt
3. Mango Contrast Bag
4. Top Shop Contrast Satin Blazer
5. M&S Pink Bow Stilettos 

I hope this was useful to you. I’m happy to do more posts like this if you think they are. Let me know if you have anything you might need help with. I’m not a stylist by any stretch, but I love to put outfits together and doing them for others sort of stops me spending money on myself*.

K x

*Blatantly NOT true, I just bought those Top Shop Navy trousers and now I think I NEED another pair of checkered Vans. I lent mine to the moody pre-teen when he was the same size shoe as me. Now he’s 2 sizes bigger and the shoes are totally wrecked. When will I ever learn?








15 thoughts on “Readers Questions: Capsule Wardrobe And A Few Fancy Frocks

  1. Thanks again for the superb advice, sublime suggestions and numerous emails 🙏 . Thank god i got in there before you start charging for this kind of thing 😉. Sinead xxx

    1. You are welcome, and if none of them work, remember I still have 2 Viv dresses lingering in my wardrobe. Both only been worn once! A crying shame…

  2. Love this! I have a short break coming up next weekend and was just thinking about what outfits to wear! Thanks also for tip on M&S bag, I’ve been wanting a bag like this without a designer price so have just gone and placed online order! Anyway must toodle off and try my outfits on ready for packing! Yay!

  3. Amazing amazing amazing – the best bit being I already have the & Other Stories top and H&M jeans, so totally me and I’m buying the rest immediately. Thanks so much, keep up the good work!! Love it x x x

  4. I’ve just discovered this through instagram posts. Your blog is fab…. thank you a million times. I want to buy everything (although the £495 orice tag on the sublime blue and green silk dress has sobered me somewhat!)

    1. That one’s for a super special occasion! Check out the ‘Dress You Up’ post for more affordable options on dresses x

  5. Absolutely love your posts! Spot on outfits! They just make sense. Inspiring too. Where do you find the time! Bravo.

    1. Thanks Karen! I am not entirely sure how I find time. It just happens (usually!) x

  6. This. Post. Is. Fab. Need to pour over it properly tomorrow. Great great advice! 👊❤️

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