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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Staples: The Black Leather Biker Jacket

If you don’t own a classic black leather biker jacket then you need to go away and have a quiet word with yourself right now. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a post singing its praises. Shame on me for that. Your classic black leather biker jacket is probably the most timeless and most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. It can be worn in all seasons, all weathers and with almost anything else you own.

I bought my first leather jacket at Kensington Market (circa 1988) with the £50 I won from a local art competition. I designed a curtain print for a caravan, since you asked. God knows why I won, or what the judges were actually looking for, but it was the 80s, things were different back then. £50 was a really decent chunk of cold hard cash in those days and definitely enough for me to purchase said jacket. I toyed with idea of tassels, (because I was in love with Bon Jovi), I also fleetingly considered suede, a‑la demi-goths All About Eve, but I went for the classic and I loved that jacket with all my heart for years and years. Later on I painted the New Model Army logo on the back of it. Later still, I left it on a train on the way back from the Edinburgh festival. I mourned the loss of the that jacket for months. I still miss it now to be honest.

I’ve had my current black leather biker jacket for 5 years. Got it for a song in the Selfridges sale from Maje. I’ve worn it a lot, as with all good leather, it gets better with age. A top tipfor you if you buy a spanking new leather jacket and it looks too shiny and neat, just go out in the rain with it on, a few downpours and it will soften up nicely.

black leather biker jacket

Just to illustrate how you can wear your leather jacket with pretty much anything. Let’s start with the casual classic outfit of jeans and a T Shirt…


1. All Saints Coniston Leather Biker Jacket
2. Rockins Star Print T‑Shirt
3. The Outnet J Brand Skinny Jeans
4. Boden Large Tassel Bucket Bag
5. Top Shop Amelia Studded Boots 

If you want to be a bit more girly, but not too twee, then wearing your leather with a dress or a skirt just toughens it up a bit. This dress is from New Look! it also comes in Red and Blue and that Finery leather jacket is on sale and it’s an absolute classic design. If I didn’t already have one, I would totes be buying this!


1. Finery Onslow Leather Jacket
2. New Look Long Sleeve Midi Dress
3. Charlotte Olympia Leopard Cat Bag
4. & Other Stories Leather Sandals
5. Maje Suede Studded Sandals 

Check this one out, M&S doing a bacofoil pleated skirt! (another wardrobe staple), I bought mine from H&M last year, will definitely be digging it out as soon as the bloody weather starts to play ball again!


1. Top Shop Leather Biker Jacket
2. Top Shop Printed T‑Shirt
3. M&S Silver Pleated Skirt
4. & Other Stories Red Bucket Bag
5. Gucci Ace Heart Trainers 

Finally, pair your leather with another one of your wardrobe staples, the wide leg cropped trouser. A failsafe semi-smart look and no mistake. The Outnet has just had a fresh drop of Equipment shirts. Get in quick, these are the BEST shirts money can buy and they have them all at minimum 50% off!


1. Mango Black Leather Biker Jacket
2. Equipment Printed Silk Shirt
3. Next Cropped Wide Leg Trousers
4. Abbott Lynn Rose Gold Watch
5. & Other Stories Round Sunglasses
6. Dune Flatform Brogues 

I also note that painted leather jackets are back in fashion, clearly I was 25 years ahead of the trend with mine! Topshop have jumped on board and offer a few one-off items..

Now, go and either dig your old leather out or have a think about which one you will purchase. You won’t regret it, I promise.

K x

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