It Was All Yellow

How do you know if something is a ‘trend’, a ‘thing’, a ‘movement’? Well, let me tell you. The way I knew was when I turned up for work last week wearing a yellow jumper and at least 5 other people were wearing the same colour. Three of those people were men to be fair, but for the purposes of this blog I am glossing over that. A trend is trend, no matter if you are male or female.

I have to say I never thought yellow was my colour, but there are so many shades around that there really is something for everyone. I favour more of a mustard, but I think in the summer when the days are longer, sunnier and I have mastered the art of fake tanning once again, that I will go for a more sunflower shade. If the idea of yellow still makes you think you’ll look like Big Bird or a runny egg, then maybe just an accessory? Or even just a pair of yellow laces to perk up your hiking boots. I assume you’ve all got the hiking boot memo by now. That’s also a trend that isn’t going anywhere. I’ve had inside intel that a LOT of brands are working on new style hikers for next winter, so you won’t regret yours if you’ve bought this year concerned it might be a one-season-wonder.


It was this Cashmere jumper from John Lewis that sparked this whole blog post. I featured it last week and it’s now on sale for £90. It’s the softest, warmest, chunkiest cashmere jumper I own. But that was last week. Since doing my research I have found there is an absolute wealth of honey hued sweaters out there. I told you this was a trend. I think my favourite is this Whistles funnel neck. You would definitely get noticed in this one. By the way I bought these Raey Jeans the other week. I feel like my search for the perfect boyfriend jeans is now over.

  1. Whistles Oversized Funnel Neck Sweater
  2. Stella McCartney Star Faux Leather Camera Bag
  3. Raey Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans
  4. H&M Striped Jersey Top
  5. Air & Grace Alto Black Star High Tops


How about just an accent of yellow? Or a hint of daffodil? or a smidgen of sunflower ? (honestly, I’m really digging out the thesaurus this week to come up with alternative words for this colour, please bearwith). I’ve found a few tops that give more of nod to this trend if you don’t feel you can dive headfirst into a sea of pineapple. Honestly, I’m not sure I can keep this up. I’m running out of adjectives already. Also, I know the Grenson Nanette Boots are like Hens teeth, but have you seen their new Bridget Boot? I’m keen.

  1. Baum Und Pferdgarten Boa Short Jacket
  2. Pannyy Leather Betula Boat Bag
  3. Cos Crop Cotton Pleated Trousers
  4. Arket Cotton Silk Check Shirt
  5. Grenson Bridget Tan Leather Boots


Personally I’m way too pasty right now for a full on yellow dress. For me it has to be high summer to really get away with it. But if you are lucky enough not to look like a ghost without the sun or a shit-ton of bronzer, then go for it. I do LOVE this Baum and Pferdgarten blue and yellow checked dress though. Similarly (and for a much cheaper price) this New Look Yellow check pleated skirt has got my name written all over it. Wear now with your chunky boots of choice. Wear later with trainers or sandals.

  1. & Other Stories Wool Blend High Neck Jumper
  2. New Look Yellow Check Pleated Skirt
  3. Studio B Baum Und Pferdgarten Yellow & Blue Check Dress
  4. Ganni Edna Suede Hiker Boots


I still kind of regret NOT buying that bright yellow faux fur coat I tried on in a shop in LA last year, but I though it was the wrong season to be buying a big coat (stupid, there’s never a wrong time to buy a big coat). it also would have put me over my luggage limit. Plus maybe yellow fluff would have made me look like Big Bird after all. It is possibly better to choose a jacket that has just a hint of yellow rather than an all-over eggstravaganza. I saw this one in H&M this week, the perfect spring coat I think you’ll agree.

  1. Alexis Amor Valentine Caramel Sunglasses
  2. Hush La Vie En Rose Sweatshirt
  3. H&M Double Breasted Check Coat
  4. & Other Stories Cotton Twill Culottes
  5. Saucony Jazz Original Yellow and White Trainers


If you’re feeling like you can’t bring yourself to do the full-on banana trend, then just add some butterscotch accents (I opened that thesaurus again, I’m sorry and I promise, we are nearing the end now). How about a scarf, to light up your face like a ray of sunshine? or a beanie hat to add some lemon to your look? or some corn coloured shoes to put a spring into your step. Honestly, that’s it. I have nothing else to give on the yellow words front. Remind me never to do a post based on one colour again…

  1. & Other Stories Cashmere Knit Beanie Hat
  2. Boden Evie Pointed Flat Shoes
  3. John Lewis and Partners Flora Lace Up Trainers
  4. Acne Studio Toronty Wool Scarf
  5. Liberty London Iron On Bee Patch
  6. Malone Souliers Maureen Satin Mules
  7. Kin Erica Box Bag

I’m sure you’re all aware, but I am duty bund to remind you that some of my click-through links are what’s called “Affiliate Links’, this means they track the sales and pay me commission on a small percentage of the products that you buy. I’m talking an average of about 6% of the product price. Certainly not enough to give up the day job, let alone retire on, but a nice little perk of doing this blog. Of course you can choose not to click the links and search the sites yourself. I won’t hold it against you. Well, actually I might, but that’s my problem.

Until next Sunday…

K x

16 thoughts on “It Was All Yellow

  1. Mellow Yellow-thought you may have gone for this title but it always had to be Coldplay!
    Nice selection as always, I found a buttermilk cashmere @H and M which I may buy when I was checking out the coat. Also some yellow leather gloves from John Lewis.
    Amazing what you find when you just put a colour in the search. I’m stalking the cashmere from John Lewis, hoping it may drop again.

  2. I’ve just found your blog and I love it. There’s such a variety and it’s so easy to follow. Thank you 😊.

  3. This is a brilliant blog post and inspired me to click the link on the New Look checked skirt, it’s in my basket! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, thanks

  4. Great blog. Love yellow. I have the Ganni Julliard in bright yellow but haven’t really worn as struggle with a coat over it as it’s so chunky!!
    Kate, your links don’t seem to be working. X

    1. I have my IT man looking at it (reluctant husband) but they are all
      Working fine for me soo don’t know how to fix it!

  5. Great post Kate. Love your blog & a bit of yellow … I too struggle with the chunky knit and coat combo … how to fit the sleeves into the coat and not look like the Michelin man !! … any suggestions of wide armed coats !

  6. I’ve been wearing yellow for the past 6 years, it’s something everyone sees me in a lot of the time! I’m a sucker for anything sunflower, marigold, bright mustard and pale pastel yellow

  7. HI Katie,

    Love your blog! Just bought the tiger patterned dress from ASOS so thanks for that. Any idea where that street style picture of the lady wearing the amazing yellow midi skirt comes from? That is my dream skirt…


  8. Well chuffed that yellow is ‘cool’. I have a slouchy American Vintage yellow jumper bought 2 years ago from The Dressing Room. Husband hates it but I’m going to go dig it out the drawer…..

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