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Wears My Money

I mean, really…

Amazon Fashion September Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. We all know about the big pants by now so I won’t mention them again…whoops, just did. I’ll keep it simple this time with some easy wardrobe staples. These Spanx leggings that I only discovered last year. Where have they been all my life?  They are SO comfortable. They fit like a dream and they are nice and thick so your big pants don’t show through, very important. Take your regular size or go a size down if you want be be sucked in a little more.

I would pair my Spanx leggings with this simple white shirt by Selected Femme, the original 1460 8-hole Dr Martens lace up boots and a classic trench coat. I know this would incite my mother to say I look like Max Wall, but that’s fine. Anyone under 45 doesn’t know who he is anymore so the comparison is now not even valid.

Here are some more of my picks available on Amazon Fashion this month. A top tip for Amazon is if you see something you like, pop it in your virtual basket for a while as the prices can really fluctuate and you can get a flash deal bargain if you hold your nerve.